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Travel is Good for the Soul

Posted in family, nature, travel with tags , , , , on June 13, 2011 by darcyarts

It had been a while. I really needed to take part of a day, in this case, a few very early morning hours, and get myself to the sea.

Last week on my son, Brian’s big day — graduation from law school — I managed to get myself from the Santa Rosa foothills to Highway 12 and then head west. 

The last time Frank and I visited the coast was last August when we met up with friends from 70s San Francisco.

That was a beautiful trip. We had breakfast in Tomales. Yum.

This trip Frank had to stay home for elder care and school.

I missed him. We both love the ocean and I know he needs a periodic fix of sea air and negative ions, too.

I brought home lovely beach detritus and filmed the ocean waves at the turbulent point of Wright’s Beach.

It is my favorite because of the beautiful, smooth, multicolored pebbles created by all that crashing, powerful water. Each wave deposits another layer of treasure.

Passing through Sebastopol, home of Guayaki mate, I thought of our summer “geezer fest”. I  thought of Kevin and David’s homestead. Someday there will be goats.

It was a rainy weekend but the beach still looked heavenly.

The West Coast is a long, gorgeous, visual feast.

During our 2010 trip Frank and I had made our way to Bodega Bay. It’s pretty upscale. 

The state park feel is more my speed.

I wanted to find Wright’s Beach and after tripping along Highway 1 only to turn around before the scary construction zone  through a rebuild of a a corroding cliff, I found the spot.

Wright’s beach is only about 10 or 12 miles from the turn off onto Highway 1. Now I have it memorized.