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Eat, Pray, Love

Posted in reading, travel with tags , , on June 4, 2010 by darcyarts

I have my prejudices, brainwashed as I am by the ever lingering idea of an outsider life, a rock n roll aesthetic.

I picked up a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love knowing it was a memoir that involved travel to three places I’d love to experience.

Other than that I thought it might be a little lame and Oprahish. Not that Oprah is bad, or has poor taste but anything that millions of people want to read strikes the rebel tone in me and I avoid it.

I guess I believe somewhere in my not too deep thought that if it can please that many people all the spicy sauce must have been eliminated at it’s creation.

I will admit I formed this anti-Oprah book stance without the benefit of having read any of her touted selections. Bad me.

Eat, Pray, Love is not an Oprah book. Or is it? Gilbert’s new memoir Committed is featured in O magazine. I must avoid reading this until I finish EPL.

I have found Gilbert very likable and the things she has to say are very  interesting. She allows us to see her quirks and is not ashamed of being a very emotional person. Some of us are by nature are effusive, in possession of big appetites and prone to want to work out every detail until things are perfect even though we know “perfect” is a false concept.

This read is very pleasurable. Gilbert delivers.

We are in India now, at an ashram, long term and there is a destinct absence of perfection in the efforts made by Gilbert to see the light. That’s why she is so appealing. She whines and fumbles and longs for past lovers all the while functioning brilliantly as a thinker, a writer and a soul struggling to gain balance.

It’s just very cool.

A quick trip to reveals lots of material that I look  forward to reading. I’ll save a really thorough investigation for another time. I could spend alot of  bucks over at Amazon but I’ve pledged to cool it for a while. I’ll keep my eyes peeled when I next visit the Discovery Shop. Whoohoo. Good reading.

Pizza and Pastries

Posted in reading with tags , , on May 27, 2010 by darcyarts

I’m pretty sure If I mention pillows one more time someone will slap me but I’ll just slip in a plug here for my big donut with cherry icing:

This evening, wet and chilly for the end of May, I must confess that after a full day’s work on projects mentioned far too often I am reading another interesting memoir.

I though this one might be a little Oprahish but I’ve found Elizabeth Gilbert is a witty Cancerian and she’s visiting places to which I am drawn.  Though this is like a mega hit book that’s not a good enough reason to avoid it.

I am loving Gilbert’s descriptions of her lusty enjoyment of Italian foods. Pastries and pizza. Yumm.

I read on Amazon that they are making a movie of this book and that Julia Roberts will star. Hum. Maybe. I hope she doesn’t burst out in that crazy laught too much.

I’m avoiding the nightly viewing of Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann. It’s just too sad to see the oil spew and related wipe out damage. Too, too sad. I know I have to face reality but sometimes it’s tough.

Back to my book.

Amazon Lists and Warm Wooly Work

Posted in Art, constructions, reading, shopping with tags , , , , on April 17, 2010 by darcyarts

Fell to sleep very early last night after a few hours of reading.

The quiet was nice. I’m reading Marianne Faithfull’s latest recollections.

My daughter adores Marianne and I admire her for having the sense to prefer Keith to Mick deep-heart wise. She is a woman of substance and I love biographies. Amazon got me last week with a trio of books that are roughly related to the 60s. I will be reading:

A Day in the Life: One Family, the Beautiful People, and the End of the Sixties is about a couple of well-borne young people who lived in that time and gave birth to Jake Weber, my favorite from Medium.

Blue Jean Baby: One Girl’s Trip through the Sixites LA Music Scene is low key and very memoirish. It should be fun.

Here is my Amazon purchase list. I have to stop buying books. But I sell many of them as soon as I’ve read them.

Today I will spend some time in my little kitchen sew space. I finally managed to return my focus to the pillow making work. It helped that Frank was gone part of the day. If he’s not here then I can’t moon over him and dote and  . . .

I’ll finish the stitching on this peace sign and add the beautiful trim I bought for it.

I had created a flat peace sign, just sowing the peace sign over a round pillow. It came out very hefty because the fleece I used was very stretchy. I need to cut some of the heft out. I wanted to try a pillow of the shape itself.

I think it will be okay.

I love these colors. I love color period. I can get into to so much trouble when I let myself dream about all the things I could do with beautiful materials at an art store or at JoAnn’s but I am firmly committed to using what I’ve got now whenever possible.

I’m making a dent in it the stock on these shelves. I’ve used up all my caramel (top shelf in picture) and chocolate colored fleece cutting patterns for future donuts and maple bars. I’ll be back creating fresh donuts soon enough.

There are more shelves in the kitchen. Only half the size of my fleece stash shelves but stuffed nevertheless with strippey material for doll stockings and cute things for their skirts and blouses and hair.

I’m ready to rock and I will definitely be doubling down by doing pillow production and my doll making simultaneously. I find it is beneficial to change it up over the course of a day.

Maybe I’ll work on the May Day Sylph’s lips and hair after I’ve tightened up and finished the peace sign.

Most of the materials I’ve brought home for doll clothes and doll bodies, too, have come from my favorite thrift stores.

There are such rich things to be found. Nice muslin, thick, vintage and preferable to what I’ve found at JoAnn.

Cute socks make really nice little shirts for my dolls. I’ve got an Elmo sock/shirt I’ll use soon. Things with hearts and sparkles. I keep my eyes peeled for the good stuff. There’s so much of it out there waiting to be recognized.

Good Vibes and New Books

Posted in constructions, cute, etsy, plush critters, reading with tags , , , on January 21, 2010 by darcyarts

Lovely day. We must be in between rain storms. Only a few light spots of drizzle this morning in Redding.

After delivering Frank to school I stopped by Target to check out stacks of cubby hole boxes and drawers. I need to store my rag doll bits in plain sight so I can  more easily compose their elements.

After balking at the price per unit of the boxes I decided to use the heavy cardboard box that once surrounded our HDTV.  It can be cut into something to fit perfectly into the space I’ve reserved for the storage unit.

A trip to Ellis Art brought me this gift. Last time I scored a huge stash of moss green paper.

Yesterday I scored a small mountain of thick and beautiful pink paper. Used as packing material for art supplies, Ellis throws this stuff away. I have no qualms about asking if I may take it home. I will use it for some kind of art or I could cover the HDTV box shelf with it and have a cheery pink storage unit.

Today I start a custom dragon plush critter. It is actually a draik. I am told a Draik is a Neopet.  I think they are virtual internet pets. Cool.

An approximation of this little guy will be a lot of fun to see come into the 3-D world. It is a present for someone special, said the buyer. That makes it a double work of love.

I am so pleased when people entrust me with creating gifts. I want to join in the spreading of good vibes.

I have lots of work to do so it is time to get to it.

When I take a break I have two very new books to read.

I love psychedelic history and the tales, biographical and autobiographical, of musicians.

New Head Goods Arrive

Posted in Art, dreams, music, writing with tags , , , , , on October 28, 2008 by darcyarts

I had a real treat waiting for me when I got home last night, I mean besides, Frank.

Two books I ordered from Amazon had arrived.

One is a rock novel, Say Goodbye: The Laurie Moss Story,” about a woman who grapples with fame in the music biz.

Lewis Shiner, a man who lives in Durham, North Carolina wrote the story. It was published by St. Martin’s Griffin press.


Here’s a jacket blurb:

“Shiner has written a fine novel about rock ‘n’ roll by believing more in muscian’s human nature than in their mythologies.” — Mark Athitakis, New York Times Book Review.


“Like Tom Perotta’s The Wishbones, Jessica Hagedorn’s The Gangster of Love, or Nick Hornby’s two novels, it’s an emotionally credible account of how rock’s grandiosity affects down-to-earth lives.” — Eric Weisbard, Village Voice.

And lastly:

“Rock and Roll literature? It seems like an oxymoron, but Shiner pulls it off.” — Laura Morgan, Entertainment Weekly.

I have long desired to pull it off, myself. I spent years trying to get a coherent story out of my head. The imagining, envisioning stage was delightful and I could do it anytime and any place I wanted.

I met two characters that bounced boldly and bawdily out of the ether and demaned to be given life.


Musician twins Stevie (left) and Dee Darcy (right) rocked my world. I named my future creative enterprises for them.

The story went from scratch to hundreds of pages over the course of that long experiement.

It allowed me to see how much I didn’t know, how truly immature I am and worse how much I lean toward the romantic and soap operatic. So, I spent another few years recoiling from that self-revelation, getting distracted by paid scribe work which killed my playtime thrill with it as a giddy refreshing enterprise. Such is life but only temporarily.

I intended for this painting to be Stevie and Dee in the canyon where they lives but it turned out to be Dee and an adolescent relative. Doh!

Here is a lovely Klimt picture and rich brick-colored beads stuffed in a section of my handy, hold-everything student lamp. Another redhead.

Recently, I decided that I would read everything I could to put myself back into the rock-novel head space.

I started reading the 33 1/3 books and they are really a direct return to places and spaces in my life that music occupied.

I’m one of those people who spent a great part of my life obsessed with music. I love it and many of the stylie things that have come from it appeal to me.

Bob Dylan was one of my early fashion idols. That slick style he adopted after his trips to England in the early 60’s was unparalled.


Bob in polka dots and an op art handkerchief and young Richard Manuel, still all shiny.

Rock n Roll was just the slice of pie that I grew up drooling over and I long to make my vision come through it’s lense.

Yeah, things have changed over the decades. Rock as a defining term has gone through some degree of transformation. I need to digest that, too.

This girl came late to the Rock party but she has it in her bones:

Being a Chicana she’s also a perfect seguey into the other book I received.

What a great coat Kat von D has on here.

Okay, tommorrow Cine Mexicano.

Now I’m In Bad Trouble

Posted in music, writing with tags , , , on September 29, 2008 by darcyarts

Continuum’s “33 1/3” books? Okay, I’d heard about them vaguely. I’ve run into references here and there while reading through Amazon reviews of other books. I may have even picked on up sometime in the book store and flipped through it dismissively. But last night something happened.  I think I turned a corner and now may be hooked.

Each book is an intensive look at a particular album, it’s times and process. Each is written by a different person, some are musicians, some are writers some aren’t. Some employ a bit of fiction, not to pull the wool over your eyes but as a function of their narrative, like John Niven’s “Music From Big Pink,” and some lean more toward an academic style. You never know what you’re going to get which makes choosing sort of a gamble but one that is comparable to the thrift-store thrill.

Since each is unique it will be impossible for me to reject the whole series based on any one book. I can always read opinion/reviews on Amazon and blogs but in the end it’s all subjective. The reader goes in with certain expectations, certain prejudices.

Here is a blog dedicated to the 33 1/3 series. Mojo has a message board about 33 1/3 books.

One reader review faulted the writer of the Led Zeppelin Four essay for delving too heavily into the mystical/occult but geez, that was the territory Mr. Page was exploring.

I’ll try to be open to each book and expect only that I learn something. Yes, I expect I will occasionally be annoyed, disappointed, confused even, but it still seems an exciting prospect to read this series.

I have ordered “Music From Big Pink”, “Trout Mask Replica” and “Exile on Main Street.” Once I begin to read them, which I hope to do in October, I’ll form my own opinions and let you know.

The real trouble is that there are at least a dozen that I could easily read — Love’s Forever Changes, Bowie’s Low, Velvet Underground with Nico, MC 5’s Kick Out the Jams, Pixies’ Doolittle, Beastie Boys’ Pauls Boutique, Dusty Springfield Dusty in Memphis, Elvis Costello’s Armed Forces, James Brown Live at the Apollo, Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland, P.J. Harvey’s Rid of Me and Jeff Buckley’s Grace.

There is one on Richard and Linda Thompson’s “Shoot Out the Lights!” They also have works from Celine Dion to Slayer! Belle and Sebastian, Joy Division, U2, Wire, A Tribe Called Quest, The Smiths, Minutemen and oh, yeah, Dylan.

There’s a wealth of tomes on some of your favorite albums. Led Zeppelin 4, Black Sabbath Master of Reality (written by John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats), Lucinda Williams, Patti Smith, Horses on and on and on. They are fairly affordable. Amazon sells most for just under $9. I almost bought David Bowie’s “Low” but it will have to wait until next time. I expect to be disappointed with the “Low” book because I know, regardless of how many words are dedicated to covering Eno’s role, there will not be enough Eno to suit me.

Now and in the fabulous future one never needs to wonder what reasonably priced gift to choose for me. I’ll be accepting cheap used copies of any and all 33 1/3 books. I’m no perfection-expecting elitist.

PopMatters and Pitch Fork both have quite a few reviews of various 33 1/3 books. There are at least 50 of them.

Here is the 33 1/3 wiki.

An accidental discovery for you bloggy Bob lovers: BobDylanEncyclopedia.