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Toward the New Year

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After finishing a last-minute Big Pink Sprinkle Kawaii style Donut order Saturday I’ve had time to rest and relax. I’m starting to feel like myself once again. For a while there I felt as if I was being sucked into a vortex of stitchery. I could see nothing else.

I reset my game, got organized, and actually had time to reflect on my handicraft. I felt pretty good about all the creations I’ve sent out into the world this season and said my little prayers that they arrived safely, on time and have found their way  into loving lives. ♥

The days ahead will find me enjoying the holidays.  This week as dear ones gather we will have delicious chili verde and fresh tortillas on the menu, sirloin-based beef stew, sharp cheddar cheese and homemade biscuits and lots of naughty sweets.

I’ll be making Soft Boys and soaking up cinema as I look forward to the high of the awards season.

In January the Golden Globes will be broadcast on the 16th, the Screen Actors’ Guild awards, the 30th.

The Academy Awards will be February 27th.

The Social Network, The Fighter, Black Swan, The King’s Speech and The Kids Are Alright, are the top of the list for Best Picture. The Academy Award nominees will be announced Jan. 25th.

I like that list a lot but must admit to having a bit of dread about seeing Black Swan. A sexual psychodrama revolving around ballet and all its dysmorphic junk strikes me as a little creepy.

The Kid’s Are Alright was pretty cute. I love Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore whose character dressed a lot like I do.

The Social Network was really a very entertaining rocket ride. Jesse Eisenberg was captivating. Once again, I gotta bow down to Justin Timberlake’s talent.

I cannot wait to see the magnificent Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush in The King’s Speech.

It will be good to see Helena Bonham Carter outside her Bellatrix drag. Could she be distantly related to Led Zeppelin’s mighty drummer?

I do not like to see men hitting one another in the face for cash and I suffer from post-traumatic Trip-to-Boston syndrome but the actors in The Fighter are too good to miss.  Melissa Leo is grand, Amy Adams, too and Mark Wahlberg always rocks it.  Frank (4.0 once again this semester) and I will travel down to Anderson Prime 11, our number two pleasure palace, and see this flick this week.

This morning a trip into the kitchen work space revealed that my picture of Robyn Hitchcock had fallen off the window. I’ll take that as a sign that Robyn needs to be included in my next batch of rock dolls.

Yes, I see Brian Eno gazing over at us. I’m ready. Soon, Brian, soon.

I’m thinking of pairs — Brian Eno and Bryan Ferry.

Sets and mini sets of film-related dolls — The Royal Tenenbaums (thanks, Jordan) which might include a Wes Anderson doll. Making that happen would bring me back to a request that actually got me started on Etsy. A young man blew my mind by telling me he loved my painted portraits. Then he asked if I’d ever paint directors.

I was sorta sucked away from painting (but will return!) but I do think of the Soft Boys and Soft Girls as portrait/ memorial dolls. They are my mid-century inspired, secular retablos or laminas.

The dolls have put my hand back into portraiture and they will happily lead me back into painting. I want to paint portraits of the dolls. It’s a little loony but my process is my own.


Tasty Treats: Eno and Liza with a Z

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The wait was on. Checking the mailbox was tinged with impatience and a little angst by Friday. Saturday jackpot!

The Brian Eno biography arrived! On Some Faraway Beach: The Life and Times of Brian Eno by David Sheppard, frequent contributor to Mojo, is here.

EnoBookMojo sez: An extraordinary tale of how rock’s most infamous non-musician became pop’s most articulate spokesman and in-demand producer. . . .  David Sheppard’s near magisterial biography, written with Eno’s co-operation though largely unsanitized, meticulously unpicks the thinking that motivates a genuine modern music original . . . .

As Sheppard makes clear in this superblyresearched and written book, eno earned his right to popular music sainthood three decades ago.


My fave blurb: An honorable authorized attempt to do justice to a mind bogglingly restless and prolific subject . . . . With his uninhibitied fondness for sex and intriguing cultural hypotheses, Eno comes across in On Some Faraway Beach as an archetypal man of the 70s.


Speaking of the 70s, Frank and I watched Liza with a Z last night. The primo entertainment jewel, from 1972, was just the thing for a Saturday night. That girl could really strut her stuff. I love her best braless  in the shining red mini-dress (Halston) and red platform heels.

Ahh, Bob Fosse, Ahh, tall mustachioed gay dancers.Ahh, funk and the aesthetic of  blaxploitation.

Liza’s audience looked so old and old school New York but her stage presence and her cultural politics were all very edgy and adorable.

Liza, beautiful Pisces, is now 63.  She killed at the Tony’s. Good show Liza May. She still wears outrageously oversized false eyelashes better than anyone!

An Astrological Aside

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I have always had a strong attraction to Taurus men. I wasn’t able to define this phenomenon in the early days but as I continued to experience it’s power I realized it was undeniable.

Now that I know, I posit the theory that even back in grade school the sweet-tempered boys that attracted my attention were most likely Taurus boys.

It started early. It happened through film, photos as well as in person.

In cinema, I loved Gary Cooper and Jimmy Stewart.

In my elders’ pop music era I loved Perry Como, then Bobby Darin, then Roy Orbison’s beautiful voice.

In Cream, it was all about jack Bruce. Gee, what’s that I see just south of the right side horn of Jack’s SG ?

 In the Buffalo Springfield, it was Richie Furay.

 Here is Richie with his girl, Nancy. She wrecked my teenage dreams. Taurus men are loyal and he’s still with her. At the Springfield’s last concert I gave Richie a satin scarf from the thrift store. He kissed me on the cheek. I was in a daze for hours.


In Roxy Music, it was Brian Eno. Brilliant men are hot.

In Queens of the Stone Age it is Josh Homme, a true musician and great voice.

This is a photo by Nick Wilson.





 Here, I made him up in the style of Mel Odom.  I painted the eyes to look dreamy and the lips are accentuated in Odom’s style. 

It’s all about the eyes with Mel Odom.






Mel Odom is a very interesting illustrator. He has done a lot of very sexy images like this red-headed couple. He also makes beautiful collectible dolls with a super old school, Hollywood, gay aesthetic.


 I’d finally get my very own Taurus.

 Jack White with his hair combed back?

Naw, but Frank (Santa Barbara, 1979) was definitely all that and a big, big bag of chips. Nice shoulders, too.

Still is.



Here we are as New Wave hot bitches thinking about “Baby’s on Fire.”


On the pro Art front Hi-Fructose Vol VIII out this month has some really interesting things in it.