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Tax Time Try Outs

Posted in projects with tags , , , on March 25, 2010 by darcyarts

I’m busy! Taxes are going to be very different this year than last. I’ve received and lived on the meager amount of retirement bucks squirreled away while employed. I created a very small business and have to do the math on that enterprise.

I’m trying Turbotax. So far it’s easy. I like the little tote box that counts up your return as you go along. Kaaching!

The taxes will have to wait until I get the first part of a new custom order done.

I’m finishing off two more big fat pillows  in the shape of letters and numbers. The I get to make peace signs and hearts. ♥


Battle for a Lazy Day

Posted in food, nature, reading with tags , , , on April 12, 2009 by darcyarts

You might think “battle” is too strong a word but it is a struggle for me to just put my feet up and chill out. Not because of outer forces. It’s strictly an internal struggle, a clash of desires.


I may feel like lazing about, reading another book about the Rolling Stones or more rarely, watching TV. Then I feel the pull of all the things I could be doing.

I could finish the appeal letter that must be sent to the employment development people. The one I started only after an EDD rep said  “Don’t be intimidated! This isn’t Russia or China or . . .” I can’t remember the other countries he mentioned but he did light a fire under my ass.

He was right it’s just a process and it’s my right to pursue it through all the snakey avenues.

I could be sewing the puppy I promised my daughter for her 22 birthday. I have to recut the material. It didn’t turn out well on the first try though I came up with a cute nose.

I could work on photos for Etsy or do new photo sessions with tiny figures.

I could stop admiring my new Joey Ramone portrait, put it away and start the Arthur Leepainting.

I did laundry. I did a photo session with little figures.

robotwheartredflowerswtextI took a Amazon-sold book to the post office and then cooked brunch.

Does this sound like chilling?

Late Saturday afternoon, I read. I actually sat in a chair, put my feet up and read.

Whoo hoo.