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Good Fun Work

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I’ve been busy working, but my work takes me out for supplies and trips to the post office and it’s been nice.

BandageHelloKitty1The  Hello Kitty bandage was stuck to the asphalt near were I parked my car on my last trip to the post office.

I had to snap a photo. I love these accidental images.

The last time I watered the strip of garden that runs along the northern fence water sprayed from a hole in hose onto this spider web.


Afterward, it looked like it was hung with diamonds.


I hope the spider didn’t mind. I think he hid out for a spell but he’s back this morning.

Chimps are still coming to life in the sewing work space. I grabbed a few more bags of super silky stuffing, finished sewing on heads, united them with their torsos. Today I’ll stitch the arms and legs into place, straighten a smile, set their caps.

Next week I’m expecting to create a plush rocket for a man in the Netherlands. Fun, fun, fun. I love custom work!

The long awaited hat roll out at DarcyArts. Etsy is just days away. Saturday morning they’ll be ripe for picking!

I spent the yesterday’s a.m. hours putting together two hats that came out well.

HandCakeboxFrontAI’ve been thinking about what I will call my hats of this shape.

I’ve decided to call them Cakebox Caps.

This is a design I have wanted to create for a while. I saw a cap,  worn by a musician in a Charles Mingus documentary, with a hand and arm wrapped around it.

This is my take on the open hand hat. I’ve stitched the elements onto the band/base of the cap.

handCakeboxSupaCLI really like this one. I can do endless riffs with this basic idea.

I found some material a few weeks back with these soft beige, pink, white and pale green mandala designs.

I’ve been waiting to make a cap from it.

SoftmandalaSide This beautiful trim was found in a thrift store not long ago. I love this cap, too.

SoftMandalaCLThe caps are made with a variety of band sizes. This mandala band is 3.5 inches in height, not counting the dome curve.

The open hand cakebox cap is five inches so it sits boldly on the head.

The bands of five inches will cover the ears and that makes the perfect for the chilly regions of the country.

GirlySkullFrontThe band on the Girly Pirate Skull cakebox cap is six and a half inches which makes it long enough to roll.

It’s a cool touch and makes the design more accomodating for a variety of heads.

I love being a milliner!!!! ♥♥♥


Iggy Hat and Dumbledore

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I got the printed silkscreen print of Iggy on to a cap.

IggyCLLooks good. These caps are so soft and warm. If you are in need of head gear for the fall/winter try one.

All the things I’ve been working on will be in the DarcyArts shop on Etsy this Saturday morning!

I’ve been working my buns off and I’m thrilled with the things I’ve created. Lots of ideas for new hats and caps are brimming in my head.

Okay, I just had a major shock.

I googled Darcyarts on etsy and the first listing was for an Etsy shop named Darcyart. She started her shop four days after I started mine in January 2008. Is this good or bad?

I’ll think about the positive aspects.

She’s in Connecticut, a graphic designer. I think I like her. She’s a Pisces and looks really cute in her avatar pic.

Back to the hats.

I’ve got nearly half the  hats and caps listed but in suspended animation over at Etsy. I’ll chip away at creating my listings on breaks from Chimp cWhiteStarFullonstruction.

I placed careful stitches in this white cap to anchor the rainbow yarn onto the body over the stars.

I want to try more elaborate yarn decor in the future, drawing on the Mexican, Mayan, Huichol Art that inspires me.

Those designs will be more time consuming so I mayhave to put them off until next year. I’m thinking positive and imagining that I willbe really busy creating the caps set to hatch next week end.

This little medieval looking pleated cap is cute. I’ve done the original in denim but it would be nice in a softer material. Renaissance Faire peeps, hit me. I do custom orders.

HatsFall 086I like this olden cap thing. I spend much time in Harry Potter flicks hypnotized by Dumbledore’s caps! I just love the texture and color and the little sparkly elements!

I will make my versions as soon as I can get to it. Will anyone wear them?

That brings me to another topic.

I am finding myself a real would-be champion of hat wear. What can I do to convince people to take up the cap? Not just on the rare occassion but everyday that the weather permits.

I want people to love hats.

Dumbledore has quite a few versions of his wizardy skull cap.

Engineered by some sweet hands, all.

I loved this extravaganza, too. I think I love Luna.

her eyes are dreamy.

DarcyArts Hat Preview

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It’s been deliciously cool for August in Redding. The last few days were a gift to my senses.

Also cool, is the fact that I am working toward meeting the goals I’ve set for the coming weeks.

I’m getting the hats photographed for listing them in the DarcyArts shop.

They will be in the shop next weekend!!

HatsFall 001

August 15th is the premiere date for my line of super comfy, warm and snuggly hats and caps.

HatsFall 010I am working with texture and image to create a unique offering of head gear.

HatsFall 022I’ll have the framed image caps and a the rainbow bill caps and pillbox caps.

RainbowHats 002I tend to make things in bold colors though I’ll have some more sedate things as well.

The moss green caps are really sweet.

I added a little streamer and floral element to the moss green cloche hat.

MossGreenClocheSideMossGreenCapThe moss -colored cap with the striped band is my favorite. I’ll wear one this fall, for sure.

It’s really thrilling to visit the thrift shops these days. I’ve got my eye set on rich colors, textures and really fine materials that are unique. I can visualize how they will be combined to bring off something that you won’t find anywhere else.

I’ve got a closet full of wonderful things to thrill hat lovers.

Treat you head right! Keep it warm this winter. Stop by DarcyArts August 15th!

Girly Skulls

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Still finishing off the details of the reworked workspace, Sunday, I moved on to using the reincarnated cutting table.

CuttingTableThat’s my Lou Reed block print on a paper towel hanging off the brick on the left.

All this glorious space was just waiting to be used.

I pulled out some really cute cloth to try a design I’d dreamed up a few days before I began the big space overhaul.

This patterned material has a repeating image of  a sparkling girly skull and crossbones. The girl skulls are smiling and sporting a black bow. They have black-heart eye sockets and are surrounded by swirly curlyques.

But why go on like this. Here’s a photo image of the end result.

GirlySkullCapAPretty darn cute, eh? I love this hat.

I decided I would cut just one from the bolt and sew a frame around the image.

I am going to try these in various color combos — on black with a grey or dark pink frame, on pink with a black frame.

All my caps are super warm and comfy. That may not be such a welcome image this time of year, especially in places like Redding where we are feeling the 108 degrees, but check the DarcyArts shop mid-August for the premiere of my fresh line of head gear.

I’ll give you an exact date early in the month.

GirlySkullCap 006

All you folks in the cooler places by the sea — I’m looking at you San Francisco — spread the word. You can have your caps all year round and yes, you will be digging them.

GirlySkullCapMedPrior to this cute skull find I decided I would try the framed image cap with my Iggy Pop Raw Power image.

I’ll have to cut Iggy off at the shoulders. He won’t mind. He’s a mighty man who’s done great work. His manhood is assured in a number of ways. Oh, stop.

I used the embroidery hoop silkscreen technique on pieces of Tshirt material to make patches. Handy people can buy them and sew them onto anything they want adorned with Iggy.

The fabu photographer Tricia Cluck recently purchased an Iggy Patch to make a special gift for a beloved two year old.

IggyCapCropI think this cropped version of the Iggy image would look great on just about any color.

Trisha Cluck works with artist Jesse Mosher, a maker of rock images himself and a fellow etsian.

Mosher has been inspired by a lot of the same people I admire.

One of my favorites is his black and white Keith Relf. Ever heard of Keith Relf? He’s was the singer/harpist for one of the greatest Bristish bands, eva.

The Yardbirds, were meaty with guitar sound pioneer Jeff Beck and for a nano second, blues purist  Eric Clapton (snooze) and the magnificent and super attractive (still is) Chris Dreja. The rhythm section with the churning groove fewas made up of fine drummer Jim McCarty and original bassist Paul Samwell-Smith.

The Mosher image is simple and beautiful and I wish I had the bucks to buy it. Buy my hats people of the world and I’ll spread the cha chang.

Taking a trip down a well trodden lane, I loved the Yardbirds well. They rocked.


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I found some rainbow fleece and have been super charged about making caps with it.


I think the universe was in approval. Synchronicity lit up the day yesterday. The best cosmic echo was seeing a double rainbow above a Cambodian monastery while watching a Discovery Channel Sunrise in HD. Rad and inspiring.

I’m making a rainbow cap with a bill next.

I could Manic Panic my hair purple, pink or orange to match a portion of the rainbow caps. Pigtails, I think would look good with this style cap.

Summer time is simmer time. Love, Love, Love. ♥

Kitchen Day

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I dreamed a variety of cap styles Sunday and Monday when the Moon was in Pisces, sweet watery creative energy. I pushed through chores and construction while the moon was in Aries, Tuesday, Wednesday.

RedCapI let myself go and actually managed to create some good models.

I used scraps from an old blouse for the band on the red cap and part of a scarf for the white bill-less cap.

OmCapI have so many ideas for caps and so much material to use.

Thursday the moon slipped into Taurus. I told myself it was okay to let it ride. Concentrate on the senses, be a little lazy and indulgent.

ChocPbutterI baked a couple dozen fat chocolate peanut butter cookies. Went to the store later and bought pre-made salads, macaroni, potato, 4-bean, so I could take it easy the rest of the week. I bought magazines and read them. I have a belly full of cookies, cherries and tea.

I brought home some beets. How shall I cook them?

CookiesKitchen 003Next up is moon in Gemini. Communication.

I’ll keep on riding the cycles.

I’ll spread the ideas over time and construct head gear and critters in the coming weeks.

Chimp faces, chimp bellies, rainbow cap, fuzzy pink wool cap, pleather cap, chimp arms, chimp legs, chimp feet.

Then I’ll make a huge papier mache buddha, maybe paint it red, string  a mandala of tiny, shiny golden lights around the head. I give thanks for the double rainbow, for imagination and creativity and for the chance, the seed of possibility, nestled in the heart of things.

Cap and Yarn

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It’s cap mania here at DarcyArts.

After finishing the last three chimps in the first set of 10 I’m using my early morning hours to work on caps.

I confess I’ve had a hat jones for years. While working it out my efforts were split between pretty good and really bad.

Making the chimp mail caps is good practice.

Chimps8.9.10Thank you, Mail Chimp folks!

Here are the two styles I’m rocking right now. I think the red cap is a sort of Greek fisherman’s cap and the other is of middle eastern influence.

RedwPurpStarHatsThe lilac stars and yarn on the white cap look great.They were put on very carefully with little stitches. The yarn is a rainbow in cool colors so I had to change thread and needle for each section of color.

I’ll take proper photos when I get my head.

I’m on the hunt for a head form. I should probably make my own in my papier mache but I  must proceed with caution. An all new, papier mache project tempts me. I must resist it’s siren call until the time is right.

Discipline must be applied to avoid having too many projects  going on at once. The carousel spins, I move from horse to horse, trying to out run burnout and boredom. Gemini Rising.

Don’t change horses . . . That’s the  goal for the rest of the year. To finish one long project before I start another.

Update: I think I’ve already cheated. Chimps and Caps are overlapping. Rumor has it I have 10 more chimps to go.


But I love the caps! They are so soft and warm and cute. I am hoping to swaddle hipster heads in them this fall. They will be available in the DarcyArts shop in September.

Ideas for decoration are brimming in my imagination. My notebook is stuffed full of drawings, notes, directions.

Look upon the mountain of yarn I bought at the last Discovery Shop craft goods sale.

YarnPileBI went for the warm colors.

This yarn is for decorating my plushy caps. Crocheting is not my thing. I can’t sit still that long.

I’d like to build images with this stuff. I have projects in mind.

FuzzyStringI bought this bag of punch embroidery thread, too. It’s nice and fuzzy.

It is fragile though, not good for holding things together.

Jessica bought a bag of this stuff a few years back.

Here are more colors all watched over by Bryan and Brian. Dig the tiny pink cadillac.