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In the Middle

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There are signs that I may have fallen down the rabbit hole of holiday sales season 2010. It’s a rush and at the same time that it is just a little bit frightening.

I am well into fulfilling an order for 11 big double chocolate donuts and I’ve got a Stevie Wonder doll to start.

Will the velocity of sales at the DarcyArts shop increase?

Will it be a gas, gas, gas, cranking out my little lovelies for all the fans of DarcyArts? Yes, it will.

I think I’ve got the hang of spreading my energies evenly over all the tasks at hand. It’s freedom of movement  that comes from employing the carousel method of creation. I ride a different painted pony every few hours.  I switch it up — sew, cut, stitch, stretch. When my eyes need to stretch their vision to a far horizon I’ll run an errand. Get myself  to the health food store, JoAnn store for more stuffing, or check the thrift stores for the things on my list. 

Then back to work. After the morning  NPR programs are finished I’ll turn on the sweet trashy Bravo TV shows or HGTV as background noise. I look up occasionally to see whats going on but keep my eyes on the project at hand.

When I need a little outside energy I’ll have another cup of tea and play some good music to push me through — Josh Homme’s Queens of the Stone Age, some good old Rolling Stones, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Love, Robyn Hitchcock, Iggy Pop.

I’ve been slowed a bit by a virus my honey and I picked up  last week. My immune system is doing its job of kicking its ass. I have not been really down with it. At first it felt like I was being invaded by a load of tiny aliens but I’ve been able to work plenty and sleep plenty.

I’m still up early, before the sun shines, Checking for orders, setting up my work for the day. I get my materials ready, have a glass of tea, and this week, eat way too much carrot cake.

Things are rolling along. I am so happy to be working at producing things that I dreamed up, so pleased that I finally managed to make something out of nothing. February 2, 2011 will be the second anniversary of quitting my day job.

I feel good about the things I do. I have an open mind. I’m learning all the time and I am making people happy.

No more sour apples.

Photos of the Modern World

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Here’s one of the photographs, well five of one of the photos I took at the magnificent Nordstrom in downtown San Francisco last year.  It had been so long since I had been in the belly of the beast. I was able to take in the mind-boggling splendour of conspicuous consumption with almost virgin eyes.

Redding is no shoppers mecca unless you like thrift stores which I do, but you get my point.

I mean , look at this! This is high art set design for the modern consumer. This young “black” mannequin is surrounded by skulls and other narly, hip  iconography. P.S. in the interest of commerce I am selling prints of this photo here.

artandpix-1476.jpg There were other flawless mannequins on a mission. Shop here pre-teens! You know you have to have these things. 

In the sparkling atmosphere created on the third floor of this house of worship all you need is this tantalizing visual persuasion.

nordsmirror1.jpg Dazzling!

If you like this sort of thing check back at for more of my consumer culture pix.

Deep in the heart or the astrological chart of many a crafter resides the sign Gemini. Busy, busy hands, the brain constantly moving over new territory, always trying something new. Your friends tell you you are very clever. They are impressed with the depth of your cutural knowledge and your way with a crochet needle. Your fashion sense is quirky and appealing. A new pair of glasses thrills you.

I’m an Aries but I have Gemini Rising. As I’ve spun through life I have been filled with the desire to try my hand at so many things. Some call Gemini fickle, so enamoured are we of moving on. 

In order that I not become disillusioned, because heaven knows we all need our illusions, I have come to the conclusion that I just have a circular methodology. When it comes to creation I have myriad choices assembled before me in my work space. It’s like a giant lazy susan. I just reach out and spin that baby to the very thing that stimulates my creative urge at the moment.

I’ve gotten better at finishing and sticking with things. It’s a thrill to see things come to life, to rich color and so I use my Mars in Taurus to nail it down.

It’s more the ideas that fill up the lazy susan these days. Bundles and piles of notes. Try that, check these out.

There are scribbles and diagrams and lists everywhere.

I admire the single mindedness of others. Like Etsian Cupco. 

If only, I sigh.

Instead of worrying that I leave things unfinished, instead of feeling guilty about having started five projects simultanueosly, I just look at it all as my creative carousel. It’s my favorite ride.