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Black and Orange Creeping In

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I think I might get into the old trad spooky swing of the coming holiday season. I love autumn colors and Halloween is the capper of Autumnal harvest festivity.

I was moved to do Halloweenie Big Plush Donuts. I love orange so I started there. It’s low-key high contrast and I do like the look. 

In the next few days I’ll do donuts with black icing and really cool orange skull beads, some with white little ghosties and or skulls hand cut from fleece pieces. The iconic black arched-back cat would look good on the orange. Maybe I’ll get to it.

I’m super stoked to have plenty of work, orders to fill and a head full of ideas. All you folks out there keep adding great touches to my creations with your requests. It is a great symbiosis.

This morning is all about stuffing big plush squid with the organic catnip I’ve grown in the garden all summer.

I am still harvesting bags full of fresh catnip and it drives the kitties wild. The plushie toys are plenty big for kitty to really wrestle with and adoringly rub their kitty heads all over.

I believe we recently had an incident of kitty thieving. A package I sent to Austin, with two red catnip squiddies was snatched off a porch before the buyer had a chance to get home and claim it.  The morning I took that box to the post office I noticed the two folds on the bottom of the box didn’t quite meet. There was a gap between the pieces. I had taped it securely but you could really smell the aroma of the fresh kitty-tempting herb.

“It’s a good thing there are no cats in this building,” I said to the clerk. “They’d be all over this box.”

Most people who leave feedback on their catnip squid orders tell me their felines are all over the box the minute it enters the house. That’s what I call success.


4 20 Donut Day Drool

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Last season’s green onions are doing their thing. The blossoms are a lovely shade of pale purple. It looks particularly fetching beside the pale orange petals of the flower-shaped whirlygig.

This photograph is from our last sunny day. Rain has fallen in goodly fashion this week. The plants are loving it. My catnip crops are thriving, too.

It’s good to grow my own so I can offer kitty lovers cat toys stuffed with fresh organic catnip.

Today I will remember the warm as I wrap a big custom pillow order and, in addition, send off my first first donut!!!!!!

I am utterly stoked. I love making these pillows. I swear, I will not eat donuts but I will create big soft plush versions for the delight of the people!

My first is going to Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. Australians have been avid buyers of my big red catnip Squid.

Thanks for digging squiddies and donuts down under!

This morning I selected my Voodoo Donuts T-shirt for the day’s attire and then found that Big Donut sale at Etsy. Cosmic? You be the judge.

As I drove back from dropping Frank at the college I daydreamed about making my first bacon maple bar pillow and sending it to Voodoo with one of my business cards. Maybe I will.

Thick Clouds

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There sits a deep blanket of clouds above this morning. The wind is blowing and rumour has it rain is in our immediate future.

I will be getting to work today on my giant peace symbol pattern and cutting material though right now I am severely tempted to go check out the sweet clean dumpster where I found my rusty old tire chains last week.

There maybe something cool that I should grab before the rain comes.

I noticed when out in the yard yesterday that we have a couple of iris readying themselves for bloom.

They are planted along the wooden fence you see here. For a few weeks each spring they make a pretty purple show. There are a few yellowish flowers that sneak in. They are my favorite.

The catnip is raging already, three buckets full.

We’ll have a bumper crop for my kitty catnip squid toys over at DarcyArts.

The homegrown is far superior to the catnip at our local health food store. The last time I was forced to buy it it was full of foxtails, stems and had little aroma.

I want the kitties who receive DarcyArts toys to be pleased and ecstatic. Most cat owners rave that the kitty is on to the squiddie the minute they open the box. Ah, success! Check out these satisfied customers.

Spring Flirts

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The sunny warm weather will leave us today. The clouds are gathering. The happy pinwheel I bought yesterday will get soaked by rain.

These four large birds were hanging out in a tree not far from our yard.

We are two doors from the river so I guess the turkey buzzards were taking a break from their morning hunt.

They are so much bigger than they appear in this picture.

It took me a minute to remember to hit the zoom focus.

Tuesday, I just had to get out in the bucket garden and take a look at what was going on.

I had discovered that catnip, cat mint, is a perennial. It’s growing in and will provide a new crop for the DarcyArts catnip squid.

I think kitties can smell the fresh catnip from a long way off. Happy customers claim their cats are on the squid before it’s even out of the box.

The plants are coming back to life in the big old bins.

Rain is on the way. Hope the storms don’t throw any hail down.

I will work on two really cute ninja squid this morning. I’ve given them rhinestone eye sparkles. The idea is my sons.

He thought my pink and black squid looked like a ninja.

The squids I made yesterday are pink with black masks. I’ll ask him if they look like ninjas. They don’t have a black body suit just a mask. I’ll post pix here Saturday.

Frida head gets a body today . Also earrings and clothes. Time to get busy.

Squids Before Awards

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Super busy today with stuffing squid to put into the mail on Monday. I mailed a dragon to Massachusetts Saturday.

Three additional creations from my Etsy shop sold yesterday. Yeah! I’m working. It’s real.

rpsquida1The rose pink squid came out so nicely and someone could not resist. She sold in a couple of days.

I’m working on a big red squid today.

When finished I’ll settle in to watch the Academy Awards.  Cinema is creamy.

Watched Frozen River last night. Melissa Leo, a long time fave actress is nominated. It was a very good film and not a downer. Misty Upham is great in the film, too. Young Charlie McDermott, who plays Leo’s teenage son, is sweet and full of vim. Aries actors always catch my eye.

I am rooting for Milk and Sean Penn though I hear it’s Mickey Rourke’s and Slumdog Millionare’s year.

Still, in the wake of the empty-hearted passage of Prop 8, I think the academy members may have to give it to Milk or suffer a bad conscience.

Do the Right Thing!

I managed a quick photo shoot with my favorite bitty gnome in the few days of sun we had. A walk to the mailbox revealed the perfect light conditions and viola!

gnomewdandelionverticalaclwatermark1Here’s a cool shot with a beautiful dandelion.

Everybody loves this guy because he looks so happy!

Catnip Squid in Australia

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Yesterday my mind was expanded by the thought that I was shipping a catnip squid to South Australia.

Someone with the great name of Clemmie Weatherall bought a big red cat toy from my etsy shop.

When I checked my views this morning I realized that my Squid Family Trio had been featured in an etsy Treasury.

 Pretty neat.