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Happy Cat!

Posted in etsy, nature with tags , , on October 19, 2010 by darcyarts

Ah, let me share the pleasure of evidence of another satisfied feline.

Etsian plmoses10 shared these fabulous pix of his Kitty, Demi (love that name for a pretty black cat) getting familiar with the DarcyArts Giant Red Catnip Squid.

That squid is in serious trouble. Get ’em kitty.

The wise crafter, as well as the wise feline, makes use of every scrap.

Demi is going for the big squid.

It looks as though she has toyed with the mini-squid and then moved on.

I like the colors here. Black, white and a burst of red.

Doesn’t it make you feel good?

Good work, Girl.


Kitty’s New Friend

Posted in nature, socialization with tags , , on May 10, 2009 by darcyarts

My grandmother’s cat, Sam, has a new friend.

Sam often camps out on the red rug in front of the open door. He enjoys the smells of the vegetation, puzzles at the rain, the wind, falling leaves.

SamHe watches the squirrels run crazily through the front and side ya. They rarely stop their manic motion.

Neighbor cats wander by some days but Sam’s new friend is a bluejay.

This bird is smaller than some, less bright blue than some. Does that mean it’s a female?

It drops onto the cement drive and hops about right in front of the screen door peppering it’s hello dance with loud cries.

BlueJaynSamYou can see the bird on the far left through the screen door.

I swear it’s no accident. It’s not that Sam just happens to be there. The bird really seems to be communicating with Sam and Sam replies.

Sam will hear the bluejay. He will cry to have the door opened. He’ll sit down and then the bird will alight and begin her birdie squawks, bouncing closer to where Sam sits captivated by the performance. He catches site of the bird and squeaks in a very strange way. Quick little cries that seem almost involuntary.

It’s happened almost everyday this week.

BJnSamBMy photos caught the bird at a bit of a distance but she starts out right near the screen door.

I guess their exchange has been going on for awhile. I just never realized the dual intention to hang out, to communicate.

Frank is far more tuned in to animals. He noticed that a larger bluejay habitually bedeviled the calico cat who comes to lap up water that has leaked from out garden hose.

That bluejay behaves more aggressively. Dive bombing the calico in retaliation for attacks the cat has made. Maybe it’s a game for all of them.

It does seem fairly gentle especially in comparison to the vicious rumble that woke me up in the wee hours of this morning.

Two critters were engaged in a rough tussle, sliding and slamming around on the back walk way near our bedroom. One creature was making a frightening noise — a seething sort of hiss that rose to a strange, short bark. It wasn’t a dog, unless it was a rabid one. It sounded like a wolverine.

They other participant was easily identifiable as a cat who, from the sound of it’s fearful shriek, got the worst of the damage.

“WTF was that?” I said.

Frank, observer of the local wildlife, was pretty sure the bad ass in the duel was a raccoon.

Aside from the occasional procyon assassin it’s very pleasant here and I love it when it feels so very Beatrix Potter.

Being Catty

Posted in etsy, plush critters with tags , on February 25, 2009 by darcyarts

I love it when catnip squid buyers send me a picture of their felines enjoying the squids!

ifb_fullxfull5500866Etsian, howdoyoudeux, sent this picture of her cat.

Here is the message that accompanied the snapshot.

“A huge success! And a wonderful valentine’s gift for our furry sweethearts. One immediately began gleefully beating the snot out of the squid with front and back paws, while the other taught a serious lesson to the tissue paper the squid arrived in. They’ve both played with it every day since, which is saying something for fickle cats. Thank you!!”


This cat above  looks a lot like my granny’s cat, Sam. Well, except for the long hair on Sam, cat of the north.

samwsquidSam sez, “Go ahead, punk, make my day.”

Happy Cats

Posted in Art, etsy, plush critters with tags , , , on February 10, 2009 by darcyarts

Oh, joy! Another satisfied customer.

happysquidrecipientThese happy felines live with the proprietor of the Etsy shop AFMetalsmith .


kittyonpaperThis is why I enjoy every minute of putting together the catnip squid kitty toys.

You can  see  new pictures of my granny’s cat Sam rolling with his squid. They are posted on my catnip squid listing over at Etsy.

I love making things that will be used. With each stitch I imagine the cat on the other end and the good times they will experience. Cheap thrills, yes, but don’t we all deserve them from time to time?

I wonder if these kitties will happily share the squid. If not, the paper can be quite compelling.

The lady at AFMetalsmith does her work in Central Massachusetts and it is fine work .

I love the Celtic designs. Heck, I love lots of it. Here are a few of my faves:

Two heart themed-pieces.

Red and orange stones are my favorite.

There are many great designs rendered with a sure hand.

Life Gives You Lemons

Posted in nature with tags , , on January 31, 2009 by darcyarts

lemoninstudioAt the health food store, Thursday, my goal was to purchase some dry cat food.

After grabbing the large purple bag adorned with stars and moons, very new-age, I walked up the produce aisle to pick up some wheat grass, also for the cat.

There I saw a shopping cart full of the most beautiful lemons I have ever seen.


Lemons may be sour but aren’t their blossoms the sweetest? The oil of their skin smells so fresh.

That basket of rich yellow lemons evoked memories of rows and rows of citrus trees in the bright southern sun. The blossoms, nestled among the deep green leaves are the perfume of my childhood.

Do Whales Have Cyclops Friends?

Posted in Art with tags , , , , , on June 22, 2008 by darcyarts

I wanted to start the day with something different. Away from the cruelty of man and towards the sea of whimsy I ran.

My painting of a pink whale and his sailor friend had been sitting, nearly finished but the sailors face was all wrong. I just wasn’t satisfied. This morning I had a flash. This sailor is a one-eyed critter. One eye, one big eye, that is open to both worlds.

This pair are very friendly. They love to float on the waters, slip through the tides.

As I drove to work Saturday after four days off (ah, delight) I was thrilled by the sound of the thunder and amazed by the massive and frequent lightning strikes. My pleasure in nature’s rad display was short lived when the two columns of smoke, one to the west, one to the east, brought me crashing back to reality. Fire. It’s part of nature, too, but people want to live in forests where fire is meant to alter the landscape, Shiva-like, destroy and create.

I spent the day keeping track of fires, electrical outages, and one chimney imploded by a mighty bolt. And then the air began to fill with smoke outside. The upper Sacramento Valley has had its share of polluted air already this year. Still most of us have it so much better than some folks where it’s water that is the mighty mover.

Look out! We aren’t going into the pits today.

Tipsy, here, is a friend I created a couple of years ago. He came out a cat of his own. Fond of fish and with a 19th Century style.

A lovely lady in Quakerville, PA. bought a Tipsy print this week. She inspired me to make a set of Tipsy postcards.

That’s what occupied most of my time last week. I got deep into choosing images I thought would work in a 4×6 format.

I love the idea of handmade postcards being sent all around the world. They will be touched and handled and find their way to their destination after having been marked by postal workers or I guess it’s by their machines these days.

I sent my daughter, Jessica, the first one to go through the U.S. mail. She said it arrived with bars on the Judy Garland stamp. Now I want to mail one of my cards to everyone I know and even people I don’t know. If you are reading this and would like to be part of my project to spread my postcards to the four directions just email me an address at Don’t be scared, It’s not a scam and I won’t come to your house or send you junk mail.

Former colleague Shannon Calder has a very nice postcard related blog. She has people send postcards with poetic messages to her and she posts the messages she receives. Anybody can contribute so visit her site and get in on the word sharing.

Check this out peeps:

I was shopping at Grocery Outlet and saw these three Mary Kate and Ashley perfumes for sale.

 I think I like them! Next time I’ll check out the scent and let you know what it brings to mind.