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I’m All That

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I received an interesting request from fellow Etsian NB. He asked to use an image of myself that I have recently posted on this blog. He does Warholesque portrait pix.


He did something really cool with it and he can do it with any picture of a face.

I love faces and so, in my estimation, this rocks.

It is never a bad thing to be able to see yourself rendered in cartoon fashion. Doesn’t it make you want to get immortalized in andy.nb fashion?

You know you need this.

You see? It’s a special magic that NB can yield and what’s more, you can see the process (and my face!) in action on YouTube.

NB can also do solo pix of just one of you or your baby children.

I love, love the baby picture vectorized portraits cuz I love babies all of the time.

It’s too cool and I applaud NB for getting these interesting looking pieces out to the public.

I’d stop here but NB has also added beautiful silhouettes. 

Isn’t this cool? You can also get one of your pet. Aw, pupper!

I really love the scrolly, viney stuff at the botton of the image.









Now I want to also point out a few new items from cbtscloset.

This cool froggie-like donut.

This Casio keyboard is cool.

 Look at this cool design of a Sugar Skull in resin.


The Art of Anton Chigurh

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Okay, kids, I’ll admit it I’m a little slow.

I just discovered the newish shop of frequent commentor, NB.

Here is a very cool charm for all you film buffs. No Country for Old Men’s Anton Chigurh. Those Cohen bros. are so nutty.

I think this rocks.

NBscloset, over at etsy, also has really unique ACEOs. They are hand drawn by NB. I bought two today. I could not resist.

Check them out for yourself.

These are Hog Lips and Hoot Hoot. Too cute.

 I have always been very into dreams.

It is interesting me the people who find their way into my dream mind.

The other night it was NB and CBT, of cbtscloset.

I have never met them other than through notes and our interactions on etsy and our blogs. They do have really cute little sketches of themselves as part of their etsy shops and I recall seeing a really cute picture of CBT somewhere in my blog reading.

But there they were in my dreams and they had invented a really neat little car that did not run on fossil fuel.

It was a little bit steam punk and really functional in addition to being cute.

Here is a quick sketch of the vehicle:

The front had all these cool windows that seemed somehow Victorian. It was kind of like the time machine in the film  Time After Time.

So, guys, are you working on this project?


Now, here is my latest purchase from CBTsCloset:

It sort of relates to a dream, too. A long time ago i dreamed just a quick image of my mate Frank. He was standing with a gun. Yes in this case a completely phallic symbol. Because of his tenderness and kind nature I dreamed that rose petals were falling from the barrel of his gun. These are hearts and so they communicate the same sentiment to me.

I bought stuff. Forgive me, freegans

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mixtape earrings I snatched those pink delights from CBTsCloset. The pink mix tape earring I spoke of yesterday. Couldn’t help myself.

I also purchased a cd  from superdog . The boy, Luke, is from Wilmington, North Carolina.

I am finding the most interesting work from the southern regions of our country. Some I’m sure has to do with a tradition of craft and with a unique point of view that we are all in our different ways hell bent on expression. I say YES!

Last night, unable to wait any longer, I did a BittyPix of Robyn Hitchcock. I love Robyn’s music, his freewheeling creativity, his intensity and his looks, too. He’s a tasty tart with a sublime bite.

It turned out very well. Isn’t he yummy?

 I recently purchased an older album, Black Snake Diamond Roll.

I have yet to get through the whole thing. It seems my time is split up into little bits but soon I will have time alone in the car to give it my full attention.

It was originally released in 1980 and rereleased in 1995. (Thank you, Modesto Kid! Check out his beautiful blog).

If you have never heard Robyn Hitchcock. Find some and listen. Jonathan Demme made a musical performance documentary, “Storefront Hitchcock,” that you can rent from Netflix.

I have been going apeshit (quaint term that I’m sure Robyn never uses) lately making glass neck charms. I still tremble before the masterly work of my favorite resin girls, cbtscloset.

Brilliance from cbtscloset (obviously not the resin-work picture you might have expected. I’m easily distracted . Check this out. It’s so cute.

 And stoopidgerl. Below V

So, though I have my little easy resin kit I’ll wait until summer weather is really here to try my second set of  resin stuff and I’ll work in pre-poured glass.


Four Days to Play

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Away from scanners and newspaper ink for four whole days, I am reveling in just doing the art work.

I made a bunch of really small Biity Pix today.

I still have to put them on the watercolor paper.

This is an advance view of my next T.V. Lunchbox. Yes! Fraggle Rock. You know it plays deep down in the interior of your soul. I even included the little dooser (far right), those weird little construction worker guys.

I did a Sally Bowles from Caberet. I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. I have Judy Garland stamps, I adore Jeff Buckley. If that is not yet a deeply gay thing it will be honey. His goal he said while still alive, was to be a chanteuse with a penis. What a delight. What a tender gift.

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A manatee couple and a human couple from the turn of the last century on their way to Love Land.

Doesn’t that sound like one of those slow R & B songs fromthe 60s? Speaking of which, the next Bitty Pix to be created for the Black and Beautiful wing of my Bitty Pix gallery will be Don Cornelius and Soul Train. Anyone who need to catch up with this piece of history check it out.

I had such a great day. I was deeply touched by Etsian kindness twice in one day. I found out that the woman who bought a print of my painting of Townes van Zandt, liked it so much she linked to an etsy mini that she put together of all my paintings. I was floored. Thank you so much, Alexa Frango of Chicago. Her blog pop elegantarium is way cool (and not just because I’m mentioned).

The day turned thoroughly wonderful after I received a package from etsian Michelle Rocha at Cbtscloset. It had the beautiful black resin heart with the heart-eyed skull necklace that I’d been dreaming of wearing with certain outfits. I’m not a fashionista . Nope, I do have a certain something to how I put my outfits together, but it’s really funky and down to earth. This necklace will really spice up all my olive drab stylie things.

There were two little jewelry boxes in the package and one contained the super special and much beloved piece of CBTs work that I’ve been dreaming of. Really, I shed happy little tears. My best and most grateful vibes are circulating around San Antonio tonight.

There are so many truley (that’s wrong but so right) cool things at Cbtscloset.

There are many things soon to be of significant historical value. Especially the Obama and Hillary, smiling and wearing boxing gloves earrings. Do not miss them.

And how about this Chupacabra? Quelle Narly.

chupacabra, uh uh!