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Posted in Art, projects with tags , , , , on July 26, 2009 by darcyarts

Spent Saturday reorganizing my big work space. It’s part of the living room but is now more distinctly separate.  It’s the second location for this art space. I initially set it up in the laundry room when we first moved to Hamilton Street.

Wanted a nice high work table on which to cut material and take photographs. A clean space.

CuttingTableAlso wanted to have all my cloth in one place so I can see all the possibilities when I am composing.


It’s rockin’ now.

The paint/draw table has plenty of good light and I managed to squeeze in a couple of storage shelves beside it.

PaintsI can see the paints and all my notes on the red wall cloth for projects I have to work up.

I can do earrings, necklaces, block carving and prints here.

I made a chimp block to mark up my stuffed chimp boxes. The first of three hand constructed boxes for my last batch of primates looked so bad. I stamped it with the chimp face and wrote “packed by chimps.”

ChimpBlockHe’s kind of cute.

There’s more of the 360 tour of my new work space.

This is the yarn bin. It’s an old 70’s style waterbed headboard that I salvaged. I turned it on it’s side.

YarnWorldChetArtYou can barely see it there by the yarn bin, but check out the cute Chetart barnyard postcard on the wall.

You must go to the Chetart.etsy site now!! I guarantee you will find an image that you love, or funny cards, or monkey buttons. Chet Phillips is a champ and a great inspiration for me!

Just bought this Chetart illustration of the canine version of beloved writer Mark Twain.

Bark Twain, ha ha.

Also found this image of a lionesque Oscar Wilde irresistable.

Okay, back to the work space. DrawTableCompuTable I left the printer’s box with all my stamps in it’s old location. It’s the best place for it.

The new computer space is so comfortable I’ll be sorely tempted to spend way too much time surfing the blogosphere.

I’ve got the radio/CD player close by. I’d turn it on now but listening to Will Shortz dish out the puzzle of the week makes me feel wholly inadequate. It might keep me from getting Alzheimer’s if I were to apply my old brain but, dude, it hurts.

It will all be over in a few minutes and I’ll tune in to Radio Lab! Umm . . . Good.

PrinterThis is going to be a great summer retreat.