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Toward the New Year

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After finishing a last-minute Big Pink Sprinkle Kawaii style Donut order Saturday I’ve had time to rest and relax. I’m starting to feel like myself once again. For a while there I felt as if I was being sucked into a vortex of stitchery. I could see nothing else.

I reset my game, got organized, and actually had time to reflect on my handicraft. I felt pretty good about all the creations I’ve sent out into the world this season and said my little prayers that they arrived safely, on time and have found their way  into loving lives. ♥

The days ahead will find me enjoying the holidays.  This week as dear ones gather we will have delicious chili verde and fresh tortillas on the menu, sirloin-based beef stew, sharp cheddar cheese and homemade biscuits and lots of naughty sweets.

I’ll be making Soft Boys and soaking up cinema as I look forward to the high of the awards season.

In January the Golden Globes will be broadcast on the 16th, the Screen Actors’ Guild awards, the 30th.

The Academy Awards will be February 27th.

The Social Network, The Fighter, Black Swan, The King’s Speech and The Kids Are Alright, are the top of the list for Best Picture. The Academy Award nominees will be announced Jan. 25th.

I like that list a lot but must admit to having a bit of dread about seeing Black Swan. A sexual psychodrama revolving around ballet and all its dysmorphic junk strikes me as a little creepy.

The Kid’s Are Alright was pretty cute. I love Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore whose character dressed a lot like I do.

The Social Network was really a very entertaining rocket ride. Jesse Eisenberg was captivating. Once again, I gotta bow down to Justin Timberlake’s talent.

I cannot wait to see the magnificent Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush in The King’s Speech.

It will be good to see Helena Bonham Carter outside her Bellatrix drag. Could she be distantly related to Led Zeppelin’s mighty drummer?

I do not like to see men hitting one another in the face for cash and I suffer from post-traumatic Trip-to-Boston syndrome but the actors in The Fighter are too good to miss.  Melissa Leo is grand, Amy Adams, too and Mark Wahlberg always rocks it.  Frank (4.0 once again this semester) and I will travel down to Anderson Prime 11, our number two pleasure palace, and see this flick this week.

This morning a trip into the kitchen work space revealed that my picture of Robyn Hitchcock had fallen off the window. I’ll take that as a sign that Robyn needs to be included in my next batch of rock dolls.

Yes, I see Brian Eno gazing over at us. I’m ready. Soon, Brian, soon.

I’m thinking of pairs — Brian Eno and Bryan Ferry.

Sets and mini sets of film-related dolls — The Royal Tenenbaums (thanks, Jordan) which might include a Wes Anderson doll. Making that happen would bring me back to a request that actually got me started on Etsy. A young man blew my mind by telling me he loved my painted portraits. Then he asked if I’d ever paint directors.

I was sorta sucked away from painting (but will return!) but I do think of the Soft Boys and Soft Girls as portrait/ memorial dolls. They are my mid-century inspired, secular retablos or laminas.

The dolls have put my hand back into portraiture and they will happily lead me back into painting. I want to paint portraits of the dolls. It’s a little loony but my process is my own.


Prime 11 Comes Through

Posted in film, radio with tags , , on February 27, 2010 by darcyarts

I am so very, very stoked! Prime 11 has come through again this year to allow me to see the film I have most been looking forward to this Academy Award season — A Single Man.

I delighted in the Fresh Air interviews with first, director, Tom Ford and then lead actor, Colin Firth. Both so bright and such creative people.

We had the added pleasure of watching the lovely Julianne Moore work with Firth.

I will go into this film knowing the aesthetic considerations are handled by an artist, that the acting was done intelligently and that it deals with subject matter that is very meaningful to me. What more could I ask?

The film will be shown only this week, through Thursday, so get down to Anderson and catch it.

We have a week, too, until the big event.  Reading about films and viewing them in the weeks leading up to the Academy Awards is the equivalent of  high, holy days for me.

No offense to anyone’s religious sensibilities.

I really love movies.

Just as dreaming is a strange and wonderful alternate reality for me, film comes as close as we will get to that experience while conscious, and not in a chemically altered state.

Of the many films I’ve seen this season, my favorites, so far, are Jane Campion’s Bright Star, a sloow, beautiful poetic film sadly overlooked for all big awards, Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker,  Pete Docter and Bob Peterson’s Up, John Lee Hancock’s heart wrenching,The Blind Side and the Coen Bros’ A Serious Man.

I loved James Cameron’s Avatar for the the visuals, for the nod to pagan spirituality and detested all the war gore.

I expect to love Ford’s A Single Man. I’ll let you know.

Love Peace and TV

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Christmas was very mellow. Small family gathering, the organic style. Just being in the same house is good.

It wasn’t about “stuff.”

Our world is filled with stuff. It’s out there everywhere. You don’t even need to go looking for it. It finds you. Follows you home like a stray dog.

Love and affection, family is the icing on the get-together cake. Making a big late breakfast — eggs, spinach, a variety of turkey sausage, cinnamon scones, coffee — all yummy.

Chocolate oranges, delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies (thanks, Emily!), simple sandwiches, special sticky brownies, Columbo, 30 Rock, repeating cycles of A Christmas Story all with warm sunny weather made Dec. 25, ’09 a great day.

Slooow and lazy days are the real luxury.

There were a few lovely things that made their way into our collection — Laurel Canyon,  a beautiful book about that magic place in LA, beautiful handmade rings for Frank and I from Paxton Gate in San Francisco, dvds of cartoons from the 30s, handmade caps for Frank and Granny, a new freshly stuffed catnip squid for Sam.

The Christmas season also intensified the email ads I receive for products from my favorite sellers. Amazon got me today with 800 albums for $5 each. I bought Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus; Maria Callas Legend;  Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The First Born is Dead; Funkadelic’s Maggotbrain. That’s $20 bucks well spent.

For me, unrepentant cinema lover, the passing of Christmas and New Year’s Day means I am that much closer to a guilt-free orgy of film-going. December is the time to get a feeling for what films will be included in the 2010 awards season.

We’ve seen Bright Star, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Taking Woodstock, so far. I’m sure as the lists are clarified Anderson Prime 11 Cinemas will bring them in.

A quick check reveals that we have quite a few from which to choose. Now showing at Prime 11 in Anderson: Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Up in the Air, The Princess and the Frog and Invictus.

Yikes! Frank and I better apply ourselves to the task.

Time for a little more tea and some plushie refinement.

May you all relax into your pleasurable time.


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Netflix will be shipping Henry Selick’s film Coraline for Thursday, they say. I hope it comes early.

I was tempted to buy a copy at WalMart earlier today but I’ll see if free first.

Having seen the promo short for the film I’m pretty sure I will enjoy it just for the mind boggling hand crafting involved in creating it. That sort of tiny world construction seems like a dream job. Well, maybe if I could get really good glasses.

I hope it’s not too dark a story line.

It seems kinda scary, with hints of facist monster parental ickiness.

We shall see.

Check out the work on the movie set.

Night Out

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It’s been a while since Frank and I snuck away and took a few hours for ourselves.

Monday we really just up and went to see the new Harry Potter film at the truly delightful Prime 11 cinemas in Anderson.

They have great popcorn, friendly help, clean rooms, great decor, comfortable seat and good movies. A+++

NightOut 002I love the tinted cement floors. I love feeling that I am at a real cinema operated by fellow movie lovers.

I try to avoid the chain theaters in town. You know who you are.

They are dirty, uncomfortable and have shitty, mindless films. That corporation promotes homophobia and prejudice, too.

Please take your hard earned film-seeing bucks to Prime 11 whenever possible.

The Harry Potter movie was cool. Snape looked so very hot. He really knows how to use that sexy voice. Hearing it even makes me forget his kind of crummy bottom teeth.

Ron Weasley has grown up to be quite an impressive young lad.

Hubba Hubba.

Is Draco Malfoy self-doubting and suicidal? I haven’t yet read the books. He seems depressed like one of those self-hating vampires.

After the theater we stopped by mega Wal-Mart to buy a few things. I encountered two visual delights:

BertErnieYou can ride in a firetruck with Bert and Ernie. I recently heard someone catagorize B & E as frienemies. Bullshit.

Guess you know by now if you’ve been reading this blog that I love the warm colors.

These roses caught my eye.

OrangeRosesAThe rest of the interior at Mega WalMart was pretty surreal in a really hideous corporate nightmarish way.

We scooted home then and to bed.

Good night out.

Do the Strand

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When I have lived in cities, real cities with abundant cultural outlets,  one of my favorite things was to go to the revival house and see a great old movie.

When I lived in San Francisco in 1978 we would go down to Market Street to see movies at the Strand. They had a full schedule of double bills. Every old Hollywood classic, too cool to be lost in it’s own time.

The monthly calendars were great. I’d browse through the pairs of flicks and pick my favorites. I’d plan to see the things I’d some how missed as a child. I’d spent hours and hours in my youth watching local LA TV stations which perhaps because of their proximity to “Hollywood” had access to tons of classic films. It was my early cultural education.  I later studied the history of film at college. I probably would have never gone to college if I hadn’t had that glimpse of another world in early Hollywood cinema.

I loved Jimmy Cagney, and Gary Cooper, Bette Davis and Joan Leslie.

“Angels with Dirty Faces” slayed me. I loved Bobby Jordan.

I saw many the musicals from the 30’s — I grew to appreciate Fred Astaire for his fluid grace.

I loved the couture, the full flowing dresses that sparkled and shimmered and lit up that black and white film. You could almost feel the rich textures of the materials used for gowns and suits and smart little skirt and blouse sets.

Then there was the head gear. All the men wore hats and many of the ladies.

William Powell was no dancer but he was so smooth and could instill a sense of calm.


The women’s shoes were perfection with those cute chubby heels. And where do you think we came up with platforms?




Spike heels are ridiculous. You may call them sexy. They just seem silly to me.

 It was at The Strand that I first “The Gang’s All Here.”

Busby Berkeley and Carmen Miranda. This must be the dance number that first ellicited the phrase “over the top.”

It make’s great use of fruit as a decorative item. Do not stop watching this video until after the 5:00 point.

You know that banana picking chicks dressed just like that. Don’t you love the big yellow bows?

The audience at the Strand was quite hip and these old films, the musicals, the great Hollywood Diva fare like “Mildred Pierce” and “All About Eve” had such great subtexts, wink wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean?