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ReDo # 99

Posted in constructions, design, handmade, projects, television with tags , , , on July 22, 2010 by darcyarts

I must admit a fondness for change but it often stems from a practical need. In my work spaces I try different things usually to gain more space, have things more readily at hand and, yes, so that things look interesting.

I’ve redone the kitchen work space for about the fifth time. This redesign gave me the most space and the most desk top area.

Lots of light for a portion of the day. Lots of lamps when the sun is farther to the west.

Everything is within reach and I got rid of the claustrophobia-inducing dark shelf and the table set up that cut into in the middle of the small space.

I back slid and bought a little HDTV for the space. It was ridiculous to have TV in this room when the TV was as big as a safe. This little screen is nice and I can listen to and occasionally glance at my favorite HGTV and Bravo shows.

I’ll tune into MSNBC when Tamron is on, or when the President is speaking, or if there is something really important going on but I can no longer take the nattering of most weekday politi-news shows.

I’ll tell you something though, I ♥ Florida Congressman Alan Grayson!

This man speaks his mind in a ballsy straightforward and, yes, theatrical way. He’s smart and I like his intelligent no-bullshit way.

I love all the little crap I collect in my workspace, too.

This little robot lights up when you push on his head, I gave him a little red plug buddy.

Here is my yellow mushroom with spools of pink embroidery thread, an old photo booth pic of Frank and I and a decorated matchbox I did around 2004 or 2005.

Color, baby! I love it so much.

I made my first plush, beaded mini-donut from the hole cutouts from the giant donuts.

It came out nicely. I had slightly smaller tube beads to use for sprinkles.

You can see the small donut against my new storage shelf. Above it is a bag of patterns for my dolls, mushrooms and a dragon tail.

My old heavy cardboard shelf fell over earlier in the week so I grabbed up my remainder pieces of wood and cobbled together this shelf. It was made to fit in this space. It’s long and narrow and I’m glad I had just the right pieces.

I took out nearly all the materials for doll cloths. I had big plans to make a million dolls with skirts and blouses made of cute, glittery socks.

I’ll get to that if anyone buys one of my Soft Girls.

I am giddily happy and thank the beings of light every day that I have a patron for the Soft Boys. My rock n roll dreams made into goofy, embroidered 3D portraits of my favorite musicians. ♥♥♥

It’s easier to do in this new space.

Here I will create donuts and dolls. Joe Strummer with a mohawk, David Bowie circa Ziggy Stardust, Robyn Hitchcock and Marc Bolan must come next!

I’d like to do other Mick and Keiths, Frida Kahlos, women artists and just plain ol’ weird cute dolls. I will.

I got an idea yesterday for some crazy little kid lamps surrounded in plush critters I want to try soon. That means a trip to the thrift stores.

I may stumble upon just the materials I’m looking for.

I was reminding myself that I need to get it together to find garage sales soon. There have been a few in my neighborhood over the last month that I have just blown off. I don’t need more junk, I tell myself, but there could be treasures I could share with my Etsy friends. Maybe this weekend I’ll go out early with a pocket of cash and hut for good finds. The latest check of Etsians selling in the north state reveals I’ll have lots of competition out there. Game on, eagle-eyed buyers. Scavenger hunts as recycling is the mode o day.

It will be hot soon so I better end this long blog post.

Frank and I want to catch Inception later today.