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LA Ink Season 5

Posted in constructions, TV with tags , , , , , on February 23, 2010 by darcyarts

With absolutely no fan fare and little presence on the internets LA Ink unrolled season 5.

Did Aubrey get fired? Hell, yeah. Is Cory still Kat’s rock? Yes, indeed.

The producers or who ever is in charge of shows like this really milked the psycho drama. So many of the little nasties in the storyline  had to be fake, fake, fake.


Cory can’t take time off because prissy Dan gets special treatment to go on the road whenever he wants.

Anyone who has checked out the High Voltage shop site knows that Kat employs nearly a dozen tattoo artists. So Cory is not responsible for holding the shop together, doing all the tattoos by himself.

Eric commented on this very thing last October. Right on, Eric.

We never see the other artist on the show for whatever reason — please somebody fill us in on how this stuff works — anybody from the reality tv show biz can you enlighten us? Like I said last fall I would love to know how much the principle  “actors”  get paid.

The first show of the season did show Aubrey getting right over to see Paulie and Amy at Craig’s shop. I think they will maintain a parallel operation in this fifth season, like Custoncruiserroy mentioned on last years post.

I do think Paulie is good, Amy is compelling and the eccentric Craig is very interesting.

Perhaps the show producers are hedging their bets for good reason.

Kat von D seems to have a really tough time negotiating the realities of business and the myriad projects she takes on. She has been relying heavily on her sister, Karoline, as a personal assistant.

Karoline organizes everything for Kat and reminds her of what to do when.

Granted Kat is a gifted artist, a Pisces. She is very creative and does not operate from the linear, logic mode. Though she is very ambitious she often gets tangled up and befuddled by the requirements of the real world.

There is double drama this season. Audrey is gone and Kat need a new shop manager as soon as possible. On top of that Karoline is taking an open ended vacation to South America.

Good for you, Karoline! Take care of yourself and your needs. It seems Kat can use people right up with out even realizing it ( I hope it’s unconscious). She really keeps a lot of creative work on her plate. Life is short and she’s going for the gusto, homes.

Kat is flogged by this news. She is about to hire a woman with what seems like a really questionable self-opinion for shop manager.

“I’m usually over qualified for jobs, ”  says the new candidate. She wants to take control. How will that go down in the shop?

Kat knows nothing about hiring management help. It would seem one must be aggressive and invisible to get along in the shop. TCB and stay out of everyone’s face.

Don’t get me wrong. Somebody need to take control but not in a poseur sort of way. Kat cannot deal with many elements of the biz. This is how many musicians end up screwed by their management. They have no head for business. It will be interesting to see if Kat can negotiate this rough terrain.

As usual my enjoyment of the show will be directly related to how fake and fabricated it seems. Please, powers that be, don’t neglect the ART! Read beth’s comments.

TLC producers — If you want a show about immature emotional drama rent a house, fill it with mediocre tattoo givers, have them tattoo one another and watch what happens. And make sure they have a well stocked bar. Hilarity and shameless grandstanding will ensue.

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