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 Last night when I got home from work I shrunk Cantinflas! How many women in Redding can say that? I couldn’t wait. It was Cantiflas, the Mexican comic from the early 60s, and I was dying to try out my Shrinky Dink paper. 

Today I rendered an image of Seattle’s Space Needle.

Shrinky Dink kicks ass. It’s the most kid-like art form I’ve tried lately. Just draw an image onto the plastic sheet, stick it into a warm oven for a minute and watch it shrink.

What comes out is one third the size of your original image. It’s perfect for making flat earrings or necklace charms and who wouldn’t find a Cantinflas necklace utterly irresistable? He has a star embedded into the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard along with Marilyn, Clark Gable, Etc.

If you’ve never heard of Cantinflas, Google him. You’ll be glad you did.

I made a prototype of my repurposed children’s books. I found these little hard cardboard books with very thick pages, five pages, ten sides. I covered them with Bristol board and adorned the new pages with my handmade block prints. I was in a hurry and did not photograph the prototype before I stuffed it into a box and mailed it to my daughter with the antique rug she’s been pleading for since she moved to San Francisco. But here is one print of my sexy chick skull.


Isn’t she cute?

I am supposed to be searching the internets for a good refurbished computer so I can run my new Epson Stylus 1800, a great tank of a printer that I had  previously only dreamed I might one day own.

Now I have it but need to upgrade my computer system. My old Max G. Arnold leftover computer is too old to upgrade and Windows 98 won’t cut it for my machine.

I originally found my way to Etsy to sell print prints of my paintings (thanks, Jacob). And I haven’t been able to make them yet . Thank God no one is buying them yet. I haven’t featured them for weeks. But when I do I know someone will fall in love with some of those faces I’ve painted.

Like maybe Gram Parsons.