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I need to take some time to think about where I am going with my creative pursuits. Not for the sake of identifying the destination but rather to understand how I might forge a fresh path.

I have only been indulging my desire to create for part of this last decade. I’ve always been a maker but I applied my curiosity and budding skills to homemaking, child rearing, then academia.

I worked for a while for other people and then abandoned that as a really tainted enterprise. My heart was not in it in the way the corporate entities needed it to be. That’s a tired old story.

I need to contemplate. I need to unearth the elements of my unique psychic/aesthetic terrain.

I might reread Jung, Joseph Campbell, check out some art-related biographies.

I will take my big sketch/journal book and make a bubble map of inspirations, record a page or two, notes on the coolest things I’ve ever encountered. Then I’ll ask myself why I think so.

Next, I’ll try to imagine how all these elements can come together. Synthesis.

I could take an art class but I tend to shy away from doing creative things in large groups of people. It feels to intimate an undertaking. I feel that way about playing guitar, singing, and painting.

I’m too easily distracted. I know you can learn things from watching what others do.  I’ve worked well on suggestions from others. Done things I wouldn’t have otherwise considered but I am stubbornly determined to find my own way into anything I try.

It may be time consuming to wander around without directions but I prefer it that way.


Loving Hard Times

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Slumdog Millionare is a good movie. It is part romance with a big dose of socioeconomic reality.  Americans  can use a little sobering in that direction as we fall toward hard times.

I once had a pin-on badge or button while attending university in New Mexico that read “poverty is violence.” you’ll see that made clear in Slumdog Millionare.

A bonus to this harsh yet beautiful film is a scorching soundtrack. You don’t really get much of an idea from the trailer.

Here’s what Kurt Loder said:

Kurt Loder, MTV.COM
“The propulsive score, by Bollywood soundtrack auteur A. R. Rahman, is hip-hop fusion of a very up-to-date kind.”

I love the sounds of Indian music and I love rhythmic power. This soundtrack has both. I was, despite the at times sad context of the film, dancing in my seat at the comfy Prime 11 Cinemas.

Plushies O’ Plenty

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On a day not far distant from this one, after my work troubles fell into my dreams on too regular a basis, I asked the beings of light to guide me to the right course of action.

I dreamed of a beautiful little white house — bright, clean, sturdy — and over that sweet house a rainbow arc of fat healthy fish floated in a steady stream.

Fish have always been a personal dream symbol of faith, spirituality and creativity.

I felt that the the fish represented a flow that was continuous, never ending, dependable. In the past, in times when I have been stressed in dealing with things in the outside world, I have often dreamed of a passing a fish bowl. I will suddenly realize that I have neglected to give the fish fresh water. I stop what I am doing and pour in a big glass full of water.

It never takes much to restore the fishes environment to a healthy balance.

The rainbow stream of  big fat fish over the beautiful white house, a twin symbol of my “self” and probably our fresh government, was greatly encouraging. It seemed a clear sign that I could pursue my creative life and trust that the work I needed would be there.

Then, ever the self-doubtful Thomas, I asked for another sign. In one week I got two commissions one of which more than doubled  its original number.

I have been away from work for seven of my eleven day vacation. I wanted to take this time to pay attention to how I felt doing only my creative work in the mind set that I would never return to the day job.

It feels pretty damn good.

I fear losing the paycheck, however, I am on a sort of probation at work after going to HR about  having been emotionally and spiritually sickened by a constantly aggressive, sour and belittling attitude  from my boss.

I’ve always tried to do my best, keep my cool and all, but Iwill not accept rude, self-righteous behavior from anyone. We all run the risk of getting really far down a nasty path when we don’t take time for self-examination, if we don’t occassionally stop and see how our behavior is affecting others.

Plants, animals and small children thrive with encouragment, positive language, smiles and kindness.

Sentient beings fail to thrive when constantly in the presence of fear, anger, contempt and resentment.

We do need to regularly check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

Having spent a lifetime with a foot planted in two different worlds, maybe in more ways than one, I have come to the simultaneous realization that:

a).  It may always be that way.

b).  My double lives may be attributable to lack of belief that I can bring my dreams into reality without crashing financially.

Joseph Campbell, a very wise man, said “Follow your bliss.” 

In a ddition to the dragon project I’ve  sold two plushy squids in the last  two days:

Girl Squidopus

And Squidopus the Curious

Beans, Bluster and the Mother of Invention

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In keeping with the bla energy that has infected me this last week I will make this short.

I am trying to parcel out my time to the projects I would like to focus on for this holiday season.

Having said that I realize the silliness of it. I mean the silliness of preparing for a time when folks begin to purchase little things as gifts for others.

In the not too distant yesteryear artisans and crafty types pursued their work hoping that they might be able to engage in commerce with others and sell their little luxury items when the time for gift-giving was nigh.

I have been watching MSNBC all week and what a week it was. Down goes the house of cards built by Greed and Hubris.

I have imagined in the last two days a sort of radiation of financial weakening spreading slowly across America.

What I saw in my mind’s eye was a reduction in sparkle and glitz on a massive scale. What Hollywood and Disney set into our young minds, that expectation of glamour and opulence, you know the thing you go to the mall trying to find, gone. That magic glow will tarnish and we will come to look much more third world which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

That many will be challenged to make something of nothing, like less financially well-endowed creative people have been doing forever, that is a good thing.

That we may have to cut down on meaningless distractions and be alone more often in the quiet of our own self-reflection is also a good thing but that doesn’t mean we won’t be full of fright, for a time, at the prospect.

Simplification will no longer be a hip lifestyle choice. It will be a necessity, a survival technique.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Time to get out your Thoreau.

Hello world!

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Greetings and salutations to all who read these words.

I have taken on about as many creative tasks as I can handle. I’ve crammed my mind with the most tantalizing visions of the things I will begin work on in the near future. I have made lists and lists and filled midnight note pads with ideas all of which must be seriously considered and more than that, actualized. Is that a pop psych word?

So the bottom line is, kids, I though I’d plop one more sloppy serving onto my already Thanksgiving-style loaded plate. 

I’ll be okay. Don’t worry about me, babe. I will survive.

The truth is that I thrive on a good stiff challenge and better yet, dozens. Nothing makes me happier than trying something new, or in this case since I do a mild astrology blog and occasionally, when I’m in a dreamy mood, I wax poetic at myspace .

Three’s the charm, eh?

Of course there is a bit of shameless self-promotion in all boggy pursuits, right? Even though I let myself imagine that no one ever, ever will find this blog, that I will chatter away in the comfort of obscurity, I’ll still go on to mention that I am currently madly in love with showing my handmade arty things at etsy

Okay, I’m a whore for glory but I have my reflective side.

Today is Presidents Day. It’s a state holiday. No mail.

Sadly, I can’t send the cool Funkadelic Maggot Brain matchbox to Amanda in Kent, Washington. She had the ultimate good taste to purchase the little treasure and though i love it so much and it is one of a kind, I want to share it with someone else.

Hey, if you love Elvis especially in his more rotund, inflated, karate-chopping, sweat-flinging, Las Vegas-dementia period. Check out my tribute devotional candle on etsy.