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Beautiful Day

Posted in constructions, cute, design, etsy, food, handmade, projects with tags , , , on June 29, 2011 by darcyarts

Today was a very beautiful day. The last of the stormy rainy weather left its imprints. The earth was soaked and the sweet odor of vegetation filled the morning air. After a few quick errands, the Frank and Connie tag team shambled back to the shack and to our respective projects.

Frank is making some beautiful black ink drawings. His work is really captivating. Such great use of  negative/positive space.

For me, the end of June is all about donuts. Currently there are four on the table, three in this picture. I’ll make another tomorrow.

I started making ruffles over the last few days as part of my fancy mushroom project.

The ruffle is made to fit on the underside of the mushroom head. These ruffles will need a big mushroom.

I made a smaller ruffle for mushrooms constructed from donut hole pieces.  Or more exactly the material left over from cutting the holes.

I added lilac dots to the smaller beige  head. Soon I’ll add tiny this ruffle.

Oh, to see a tiny forest of fancy mushrooms soon.

I’m hoping to stock DarcyArts with a glorious selection in the coming months. Does this mushroom remind you of a delicious cupcake? I want one.

Bekaboo, I Did It, Too

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I remember posting not long ago about cute non-edible cupcakes. I was expounding on my preference for real cupcakes and wondered about the usefulness of knit cupcakes or those made of socks and sweaters, as was the case that particular instance.

Bekaboo at secondhand bek had wonderful pictures from her cupcake making experience.

I gave into the cute urge and made a few from fleece scraps in my work space.

img_7469I used my fairy glitter and some liquistitch.

They look tasty but we must save our drool.

I used little red beads for the cherries.

I’m still wondering I should attach some cupcake skirts. What do they call those paper things that line the baking tin? Geez, the brain is dashed.

img_74711They are very tiny these little fake cupcakes.

Wouldn’t it be cute to have a little sering tray filled with them?

Maybe I’ll get to making more soon.

I’ve finished the latest dragon for the dear and rad cool etsy couple, Michelle and Don.

I discovered they now have a supply shop on Etsy, DIYorDie. They have some really cool necklace frame backs for cabochon or cameo use.

Here’s one of my faves:

Stars are my Faves.

The picture with the Alice in Wonderland silhouette is a handmade resin cabochon from Michelle’s shop,

CBTsCloset. Doesn’t that look great?

The skulls are great, too. I must buy some if I can figure out where to get a good piece of glass. I’m on the hunt.