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Monster Collection

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Wanted to share this lovely photo from Etsian Bieniestar.

My first Kawaii Star and Donut are in this pile of cute!

Yippee! ♥ ♥ ♥♥

Kiss My Flow

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The universe is shining its ethereal light on me.

The co-creator and recipient of my five Albi-like dragons wrote yesterday to let me know the quints had arrived safely.


She gifted her friends with them. They were all very surprised and pleased, she said, and then she proposed a new project!

Her boss at Mail Chimp had seen the dragons and wanted to know if I might try my hand at creating a version of  the businesses icon.

Dude, I get to make this really cute monkey. Am I stoked? In the most excellent way.


I prefer at this stage in my career to do the initial work “on spec” to make sure the client likes it. I make my prototype then send photos. It’s not as risky as it might sound. Stuffed animals are sooo cute they are nearly irresistible.

The client falls in love and then I really get to work making multiple critters.

Endless thanks to the dear English rose, Redd Horrocks, of Atlanta, Georgia!

This work allows me to “meet” warm, bright people and then I have the pleasure of watching the “cute” they’ve commissioned blossom out of fleece and thread and stuffing.

Kisses and hugs to the everyone in the now and in my future. XOXOXO

Toy Sushi, Cute, Kiss, Kiss

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There are some wonderfully weird plush toys out there.

In Japan they make stuffed sushi.

Heidi Kenney makes really cute things that also includes stuffed toy food items. Check out her artish blog, My Paper Crane.

There are dollies out there that, well,  appear to be emotionally disturbed. Look at Damned Dollies.

Bumblebird at Etsy has made some very cute dolls.

Experiencing some kind of warped Tim Burton loyalty, I pondered whether I would see the animated film Caroline.

Cinematically it looked slightly less than Burtonish. It was made by the “director” of Nightmare Before Christmas, Henry Selick, but does not have Tim Burton as creator.

Instead it is Neil Gaiman. I had only a sort of negative association stuck in the back of my mind when I heard the name. A vague violent comics repulsion (Sandman?), but I don’t really know anything about his work. Hey, N. Gaiman is really cute, though.

Hmmm. Am I really that shallow?

No, but I will explore his ouvre more carefully.

He’s British. Nice green eyes.

I’m pretty sure I’ll see it now. I caught the 15-minute promo on HBO and drooled jealously over the lucky people engaged in the fine art work  rendering every element used for creating the stop-motion film. WOW. See that 15-minute promo if you can.

As 30-Rock’s Liz Lemon says about food-related temptations:

“I want to go to that place.”

Yesterday I relisted two old squid pals in my Etsy shop.

redstarsquidduoclI had taken these two red star squid to the Shasta Arts Council Holiday sale and secretly hoped no one would buy them. I’d formed an attachment to them, especially the big, wide one.

I was stoked to see them sitting there on  post-sale pick-up day. Ah, reunited and it feels so good. I will make a fresh pair for the next buyer.

I still have two redhead portraits from my “Pink” series and a lavender whale plush critter in the gift shop at Old City Hall. You can visit them there.


This was an experiment in a mod face. She seems like she would really ask you a lot of questions if she was at all interested in you.

The color I used for her lips remind me of an orchid.

On both of the redhead paintings I used small fakey crystal rhinestones in the eyes.

This photo looks like the “before” rhinestones. The next is “after”.

redhead2superclaAccusing Eyes!!!!!

I didn’t do it!!!!

For some reason this redhead looks old fashion to me.  I decided she would be a paramour of Homer Simpson father. Even though there is no time in cartoons I think she’s from the late 30s.


Morning Errands, Kusama and Murakami

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I began this morning with a photo session. I am probably the least photogenic person ever born so to say it was gruesome, well . . .

The good thing is that the photographer was a former Record Searchlight photog, Mike Burke. He is a really cool guy who loves photography. We did some fun action shots which were better than the sit-there-and-smile-at-the-camera shots.

The photos are for my RS blog and it is mostly about astrology so I chose the Schreder Planetarium as the location. I later did my “action” shots beneath this arch. You’ll have to use your imagination with this pic.

It wasn’t really, too bad. I will have to live with the photo Mike chooses. I hope it’s the one he showed me last. I look a bit sardonic.

Here is a nice pink bud from a flowering tree at the planetarium.





Next up was the post office.

I manage to be there bright and early with all the SSI check recipients who were getting their checks early. I had a conversation with a woman who was registering to vote for the first time in her life. She looked 50 but it could have been a meth-head 50. She could be 35 in regular years.

“Hillary’s out of it now isn’t she?” 

She asked how I would vote. I said I thought I’d vote for Obama. She found that weird. It seemed to be the name that threw her. She repeated a few time “Obama. Obama. Obama. How can you vote for somebody with a name like that?”

I knew it was a rhetorical question. I let some time pile up before I spoke again. I think we need to try something new, I said.

“Yeah, I try something new.” The woman let out a gravelly chuckle. I figured it was a drug reference. I know I’m assuming a lot. She could have been a rocket scientist or a social worker

I sold an Obama and Spud Friend Bitty PIx last night. I guess the Democratic Convention fired up at least one person. I love this image. I captured it from my TV. Freeze Frame.

  Got my packages mailed and then it was on to my next destination. I was trying to beat the heat.

I got myself over to Grocery Outlet to pick up a few things. Salmon, eggs, salsa, veggie fake-sausage patties, milk, detergent.

I bought chocolate for Frank and for Granny but I did not buy any of the bagged candy. They did have some really cool Japanese gummy candy. They were fun to look at but I resisted.

 They have all the bright bags of sugary temptations right at the counter so you can’t miss it. Sometimes i really crave bright and cute and wild. COLOR.

I’ve been looking through etsy for Japanese tape. It’s really cute. Quite a shock I know. That is Japan’s thing Cute.

The seller FromJapanWithLove has Kawaii stickers and tape galore. Thousands of items.

Here is something interesting, an artist from Japan, Yayoi Kusama, who corresponded with Georgia O’Keeffe.

This blog, Twin Party, has a good amount of info on Kusama. Nice and nutty.

I love Takashi Murakami. Something from the New York Times.

Chinese toy shop worker.

Frida and Tofu

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Holy Mother! There is a Frida Kahlo exhibit at the S.F. Museum of Modern Art!!!! It opened yesterday. Juxtapoz magazine has an online piece with pix and great info.

I must go south and make this pilgrimage. She was so very, very possessed of the will and the magic. I’m so glad they did not let Madonna play her in any movie!

Remember, every first Tuesday of the month is free-admission day at all S.F. museums. Plan your trip now.

Also LA Weekly has coverage and a slide show of the Haley Collective art opening. I noticed instantly the very interesting work of Vanae Rivera. There is more on Rivera and the Haley collective in Juxtapoz.

Here is the best thing I’ve seen this weekend:

 This is from cbtscloset.

Beautiful colors and light and the cutest tofu you have ever seen.

Check out the other cute sweets here.

This is the second cutest thing.

I love the green with the pastels and the oval shape for the tofu stack, yo.

The creator of these fabulous necklaces has constructed a gallery for collections of ATCs and the like, including a bunch of my Bittypix.

Go see it here on the DIY or Die blog.  

The brilliant Etsians at  DIYorDIE have so many cool things.

I love faces and so do they. The political figures of our current times are smashing to see as jewelry.

Check this out:

This is inspiring me.

In my reading of Soul Search (see “The Most Interesting Thing” blog entry) the psychotherapist postulates that the founding fathers Adams, Jefferson, Washington, etc. came to their time as a group with a purpose. He believes the same things was probably the case with Emerson, Thoreau, Alcott and Hawthorne.

Come Tuesday, I will begin a series of literary BittyPix portraits. 

I will also begin sketches on a series of film directors. Jacob Z. the man who turned me on to Etsy, suggested this idea months ago.

I just watched an interesting documentary about Roman Polanski so he may be the first director. And we musn’t forget that Andy Warhol was a director.

I love Fellini, Wes Anderson, Gus Van Sant and the Coppolas, to name a few. I will be a busy girl.

I managed to capture a moment in light and color on, well, not film, but in digital camera the other night. Even the parking lot of Target can be magical when the light is right.