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Squids Before Awards

Posted in etsy, projects with tags , , , on February 22, 2009 by darcyarts

Super busy today with stuffing squid to put into the mail on Monday. I mailed a dragon to Massachusetts Saturday.

Three additional creations from my Etsy shop sold yesterday. Yeah! I’m working. It’s real.

rpsquida1The rose pink squid came out so nicely and someone could not resist. She sold in a couple of days.

I’m working on a big red squid today.

When finished I’ll settle in to watch the Academy Awards.  Cinema is creamy.

Watched Frozen River last night. Melissa Leo, a long time fave actress is nominated. It was a very good film and not a downer. Misty Upham is great in the film, too. Young Charlie McDermott, who plays Leo’s teenage son, is sweet and full of vim. Aries actors always catch my eye.

I am rooting for Milk and Sean Penn though I hear it’s Mickey Rourke’s and Slumdog Millionare’s year.

Still, in the wake of the empty-hearted passage of Prop 8, I think the academy members may have to give it to Milk or suffer a bad conscience.

Do the Right Thing!

I managed a quick photo shoot with my favorite bitty gnome in the few days of sun we had. A walk to the mailbox revealed the perfect light conditions and viola!

gnomewdandelionverticalaclwatermark1Here’s a cool shot with a beautiful dandelion.

Everybody loves this guy because he looks so happy!