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Reflections of Light

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The Discovery shop is always full of very nice things. on my last visit I could not leave the store without this beautiful wreath.

It adds light on a wall that gets none.

This old house was built to avoid having Redding’s summer sun beat in any of the windows. The living room is especially shaded.

Mirrors are strategically placed to catch and reflect light.

They can be found all over town in the sweet little thrift shops.

Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers that do such a good job running my three favorite second hand stores — Discovery Shop, the All Saints thrift store and The Attic.

I’m off to the work space soon but thought I would share a few pis of our nest as we jive it up for Xmas (remember Christians, in Greek X = Christ).

It’s nice to have some extra holiday sparkle while I’m stitching what will be other’s gifts to give.

This small tree was a Discovery Shop find a few years back. Why kill a tree when you can pick up a cute fake so easily?

I do miss the smell of the bows but the last few trees I bought were long past being fragrant. We may do big trees again when grandchildren come.

This little lighted church was an All Saints find as I recall.

So cute, eh? The little trees light up. The light pole will to when I set it on a solid base after inserting a little stringed Christmas light. I’ll get there.

Still hoping I have enough energy to get myself down to the De Young to catch the once in my lifetime chance to see the works of some my favorite artists. Maybe right after Christmas.

Maybe right before if daughter, Jess can come back for the holiday but I’m not getting my heart set on that possibility.

The light wreath brightens up the music wall. Maybe when I’m in SF I’m make to Amoeba for a few more vinyl treasures. Last time there I bought a fresh copy of Incredible String Band’s first, the Velvet Underground’s third and Lullabies to Paralyze by Queens of the Stone Age.

Jess gave me the Girls album Album. That was super cool gift last year.

If I was loaded with cash I’d rent a truck and haul off half of Amoeba’s inventory.

You can see the Incredible String Band LP in the picture of Jessica’s typewriter candle art piece. I love this artwork. It reminds me of Allen Ginsberg. Someday Jessica will blow minds on a mass scale with her work.

Son Brian will, too. I feel great things coming. Good minds and hearts will be valued.

Did anyone see James Franco on the Actor’s Studio last night? That young man is a maniac. Lust for Life.

Okay, enough decor for one day. Off to work.

May happy holiday vibes infect you and may we all be, at least occasionally, as deliriously driven as James Franco.

Dream of Painted Eyes

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I dreamed this morning of moving between settings or places. I made my way, at one point, to the warehouse home of a man who seemed a combination of David Hildalgo and Cesar Rosas (Los Lobos).

The man was in his late thirties or early forties. I was recovering from some torment and was drawn to him. I went to see him even though I knew he was married and later wondered if it was not  a completely cool thing to be hanging out with him.

He was gentle and strong. I figured he would set the tone for our encounter.

On my arrival I was a little apprehensive about being accepted but I needed his energy to calm me.  He was living a cool alterna life on a level that appealed to my aesthetic sensibilities. There were interesting things in his environment and it was a personal, authentic style that he had built around himself.

Aside: What do I mean by that? I have been in the homes of some people, not often but on occasion, where all the decor is completely removed from thier essense or personality. Nothing in their home speaks of them and the seem to have assembled things by rote. I think you know what I mean. I love entering a space that speaks of the person. A space rich with things that tell you something about them.

Back to the dream.

This man’s home was low key but deep with meaning.

At one point the man’s wife came by. She didn’t seem upset and it didn’t seem she even noticed my presence. I slipped out the large open warehouse side door and went elsewhere.

Later I was going to a gathering. It was in a place with two or three floors all open and intertwined with open staircases and landings.

I noticed, at once seeing myself as if in a mirror, that I had beautifully decorated eyes. Though the painted portions were actually the surface of my eye balls it did not seem at all strange to me. I thought the look was quite entrancing. I gave myself quick non-ego centered props.

I had gone to the gathering expecting to see the man. There was another man who was more of an authority figure standing on one of the staircases. He was trying to explain something to me. He seemed sort of like a police investigator but there was none of the self-important, control-freak elements that can be found in law enforcement peeps.

I woke up shortly after arriving at this place. I wanted to return to sleep but the morning light had broken the dream spell.

Here is a rude approximation of the eye design:

In the dream the eyes did not look startled and of course the design was sublime. They did have design elements above and below the corneas. In dreams things are very different and often contradict physical reality.

I love dreaming.



I could launch into an examination of home interiors from here. I am fascinated by interior design and by cool personalized spaces.

I’m going hunting for some inspiration. If I don’t find pictures of the type of thing I’m talking about. I’ll start a project of my own taking pix of really cool rooms.

Anybody want to volunteer their space?

Here are really cool refrigerators.