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Dreams Say Obstreperous

Posted in dolls, dreams, handmade with tags , , , , on May 27, 2011 by darcyarts

In dreams last night I walked through a very simple place where the only element in the natural environment seemed to be orange sand. It was spare and creepy. There were motels and little diners as if the place was a tourist destination but why anyone would go there voluntarily was beyond my understanding.

I seemed to be walking through this bland place with my daughter. It felt like we had come upon it accidentally and we were anxious to get the hell out of there.

After sitting in a restaurant for a while the owner /manager of the place came over and handed me a paper that informed me that I had to write a 67- page paper as punishment for being obstreperous.

I may have committed some trespass of the rules of this odd place but I was in no way loud or engaged in any in any turbulent activity. I did not react while in the presence of the stereotypical shopkeeper — a skinny, tallish older dude draped in an apron, with a slicked back hair do. I was, however, very irritated by this turn of events.

I imagined sending in some triple-spaced drivel. Later, I decided I would defy the order.

Here I am at the keyboard with arms and hands aching from a long spell (six months) of doll orders. I told myself I would rest up at enjoy the lazy way of life. I confess, it is unknown to me. Time ticks and I want to keep moving before it kicks my ass.

My latest doll project came out very well but I cannot show it to you because it is a surprise for a very special and talented musician. ♥

I’ll blog it when it has been given to the intended recipient.

I am now intent on getting my teeth into three projects I’ve been moved to do. The post Victorian naughty ladies ala Egon Schiele, Mayan kings and beatnik gnomes are what I want to bring into fruition. I want these things in the DarcyArts shop for the holiday season.

I need to prep some Pink Sprinkle Donuts and Curly Stars, too.

It sure is a thrill to be busy working all year long! Ecstasy.

Thank you DarcyArts fans!

Head with Hair

Posted in design, dolls, handmade with tags , , , on February 8, 2011 by darcyarts

Closer and closer we come to the dressed out Arthur.

His head is now covered with hair and I’ve begun to sew the pants.

Things are cruising right along with this one. Tomorrow the shirt, tie, vest and jacket will be made and then Arthur’s head will be united with his body.

I’ve had orders for three donuts over the last week so that slowed me down a bit but Arthur will be finished very soon.

Notice in the first photo that Robyn is still waiting and watching.

Donuts East

Posted in constructions, cute, design, esoterica, gardening, handmade with tags , , , , , , , on June 30, 2010 by darcyarts

My wonderful benefactor interior designer, Chele McKee, has asked for three “Big” donut pillows to add to her lasted project palate.

I am stoked, glad and busy.

This “Big” donut order came very close to the custom Mick Jagger for the New Jersey Jordan, my Soft Boys key appreciator.

Looks like I’m halfway through my second year as a small business owner, successfully working for myself, doing work that suits me. I have escaped a workplace that made me feel incompetent. Huzzah.

This morning I was out in the container garden to trim all six of my catnip plants. I watered the greenery, will finish sewing the icing on the third donut, pack up the bunch and mail it to Pittsburg, PA and come back home to get back to work on my Alice in Wonderland caterpillar.  

Blessings drift down like sweet snowflakes these days and I am thankful. That’s a good image for these warm days while stitching away under the hot lights — sweet, light , cool snowflake blessings falling onto me, cooling and enriching me.

I refined my longish meditation words this morning during my too-quick, outdoor yoga session.

— I am a flower blissful in the sunshine, lotus heart and diamond mind —

— I am a flower blissful in the sunshine, lotus heart and diamond mind —

— I am a flower blissful in the sunshine, lotus heart and diamond mind —

Now back to work.

Butterscotch and Toffee

Posted in constructions, dolls, etsy, handmade, plush critters with tags , , , , on June 6, 2010 by darcyarts

I have finished the custom order I’ve been working on since April, or at least the third part of it.  It’s an ongoing operation. The post office will be an oft visited destination as the letter number pillows are shipped off to Pennsylvania. There may be five or six boxes.

Whoo hoo. Look what came in the mail!

A gigantic lovely lump of butterscotch colored fleece. It is really soft and delicious but the best thing about it is that it is a gift.

That dear and sparkling engine of enthusiasm, Miss Emily, the significant other of my dear son Brian, found this fleece to fill the void of my caramel colored fleece, all used up in the creation of donut pillows.

 I will now be able to make a Maple Bar with red hearts for Emily.

This makes me very happy.

Pink Sprinkle donut, on its side. Yum.

Enchanted sweet things and things from the forest and the sea rendered with a measure of glamour ( a spell cast upon the observer)  are floating through my imagination.

I have chosen this range of color for my fantasy mushrooms and may dip into them to dress the twins — the Darcy dolls I am working up this month.

The mushroom series will begin with the giant ‘shroom I’m doing for the Alice in Wonderland ADO challenge. I have the caterpillar with the hookah to do, too.

I’m still working on the color of the caterpillar material. I haven’t got it quite right.

My doll work was interrupted this weekend by the happy demand for catnip squid.   Coincidently,  just as my early spring batch of homegrown organic catnip was harvested.

One last catnip squid will be stitched up this morning, readied for the post office tomorrow to go along with a couple of books I’ve sold through Amazon.

It’s part of an effort to balance out my book buying habit. Things meant to be read that sit too long untouched are jettisoned.

One of these (the black one) is a heavy-duty canvas catnip squid created by request for a woman with Siamese ripper cats. I began to think early this morning as the sun was coming up that I may have found a solution to the ridiculously large black canvas bean bags that are eating up a quarter of the space in our spare room.

I envisioned gutting them and cutting the black canvas into many, many heavy-duty squid. On close examination I discovered they have zippers so I won’t have to actually gut them. I do have a deep desire to see all our superfluous abundance transformed.

The two giant dog pillows I bought right after we moved into this house, meant to be tossed on the floor in front of the fire, may find themselves transformed into shoulder strapped messenger bags. I’ll use their stuffing for other things. The last time we had a prolonged roaring fire I think we got a touch of carbon monoxide poisoning. I now have candles in the hearth.

It’s a fantasy to, machine-like, alter the physical reality of my space by eliminating the unused in this way. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Earth Day ♥ I Will Recycle

Posted in Art, constructions, finds, handmade with tags , , , on April 22, 2010 by darcyarts

These items represent a much larger collection of containers that I intend to use again.

I could have dumped them in the outgoing recycle bin but I have plans for these things. The idea of Bottle Dolls has been working my last creative nerve for a good year now.

I will slather them with papier mache, gesso, paint, tissue paper, mod podge and they will be transformed.

Doll making has given me a focus that seems to be magically bring together all elements of my oft careening imagination.

You remember Marla. She’s the German Expressionist tranny head-form in the pink wig.

She was my first experiment with papier mache. I liked working with it. It was a bit sloppy and required a more intense (or maybe just different) physicality than other things I do for dolls and plush creatures. It was a slower process than my Aries immediate-results loving nature could embrace but I could get used to it. Maybe I could love it. It feels as close to sculpture as I’m going to get in this lifetime.

A blog post from September 2008 has pix I sketched of creature people I wanted to make. They will be models for the bottle dolls. This one looks a little like Anna Gunn, the brilliant actress who plays Skylar White on Breaking Bad.

She is among a few horned nymph creatures I was dreaming up back then. These babies are going to lend themselves to fantasy trimmings more than the kind of Americana funky cloth dolls I’m doing now.

The May Day Sylph may be the link to that line.

Sunny with Dolls

Posted in constructions, dreams, etsy, family, handmade, projects with tags , , , , on April 15, 2010 by darcyarts

What a beautiful day! I think I’ve been on a love high for the last 24 hours.

It was more fun than I imagined to  make those marriage promises to my honey ♥ and place the ring on his finger. He has the most beautiful hands. I carried a picture of them around with me for years. I even wrote a poem about them long ago.

Did I ever mention that I detest taking phots of myself? This was a happy occassion.

As Frank finishes his spring semester I will be working on custom projects that I am so thankful to have been assigned. There are angels out there looking in on me.

I’ll be busy through June. I am hoping to work on my dolls and donuts as I work to finish all the custom work.

I was granted membership in Etsy team Art Dolls Only!!!

I am so stoked about it and hope to do great work with their shared inspiration and group determination. They have two great challenges going on and what a great idea! They float a theme out there to spur creativity during a particular month or two. I started a doll that will perfect for one of them. Yahoo!

I’ve had these little flower stickers 4 ever and was glad to be able to use them to speedily layout my May Day Sylph vision.

I will make her a lovely garland of plush flowers on short dark brown hair and give her a diaphanous dress.

She’ll be small and rather pink.

Let the work and the love blossom ♥

Pink Pile

Posted in Art, constructions, cute, dreams with tags , , on April 1, 2010 by darcyarts

Here is the work that lies before me today.

I will stitch together a large peace sign and a couple of pink hearts. This custom order will be used in a kids clothing display in a nice upscale shop. Dude (read, amazement).

If I have time I will also stuff my rainbow curly star. It’s in this pic looking like a crazy spider, far right.

I created patterns by enlarging the symbols and stretching them in various ways to reach the 24″ on the peace sign and about 22″ on the hearts.

The heart was easy. The peace sign was more of a challenge and required lots of measuring from a chosen center, which is so close to math, but I managed.

Enchanting pinks are everywhere in the work space and I’m finding that the presence of my doll creations makes me feel like I’m finally in the right right place.

I have little eyes looking at me, smiles on faces, gentle knowing entities, scrappers.

The work on the fat pillows last week was a pleasure and this collection will be too.

The sun is out, the day is fresh. I’m listening to the radio — Toni Collette on Fresh Air.

It is Rachel Maddow’s birthday and tomorrow, mine. Whoo hoo, Aries!

I get up plenty early to make time for writing out my dreams, checking in with the biz online, and a bit of time for talking with you here on this blog.

Here are my day dreams, my efforts to bring some light and love into our world.

I’m so lucky to get to do this, to have this time and space and health to manipulate my materials. Carpel tunnel be damned. I try to go easy.

These little robins live in my laundry room/shipping and pattern hanging area. I found them and their nest at my favorite thrift store. I actually have about 10 of them. Some have eyes that weren’t placed very carefully on their little heads. I can fix them.

They may end up as companions for the bottle dolls I’ve imagined but have not yet brought into 3-D.

The bottle dolls will use recycled plastic creamer bottles that are shaped like large Victorian ladies.

I will dress them in papier mache and give them the jeweled snake grass wands I made a few years back.

I’ll find the time to realize this project soon. It’s coming.

Pink, Punky, Funky

Posted in Art, constructions, cute with tags , , on January 28, 2010 by darcyarts

When the desire takes me I cannot resist. Inspired by a pair of really cool pink button eyes, I spent Wednesday morning putting together another doll head.

These buttons came from a pink coat I had originally found at the thrift store. I meant to use the coat as material for a hat. I may still do so some day.

This is my pink, punky shag girl.

I love her.

Joey Doll

Posted in constructions, cute, projects with tags , , , , , on January 26, 2010 by darcyarts

The sun is out and what a joy! It’s been days and days of wet gray weather. My eyes are grooving on it for details, too.

For my Joey Ramone doll there is only a head, so far, but each stitch of embroidery and each lock of hair was done with so much love.

Great big lovely lips stitched in a sweet pink, brown button eyes and lots of curly soft hair make up my Joey.

At first I thought I’d skip the glasses but I think I’ll try to recreate the amber tinted glasses that Joey always wore. Maybe.

This Joey Doll was inspired by the suggestion of Moises Domingo Rios de San Francisco. Check out his Thoughtwave blog.

I came across his comment while reading a couple of past posts while looking for something on my blog the other day.

I’m working on the big baby draik /dragon today. I have more time than usual as it is a long day at school for Frank.

I spent some time organizing the remainder of white canvas scraps I used to make the top of an apron for Frank’s printmaking class. Keepin’ it clean, jellybean.

The rest will be used for ghostly white dolls of some sort.