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Dreams Say Obstreperous

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In dreams last night I walked through a very simple place where the only element in the natural environment seemed to be orange sand. It was spare and creepy. There were motels and little diners as if the place was a tourist destination but why anyone would go there voluntarily was beyond my understanding.

I seemed to be walking through this bland place with my daughter. It felt like we had come upon it accidentally and we were anxious to get the hell out of there.

After sitting in a restaurant for a while the owner /manager of the place came over and handed me a paper that informed me that I had to write a 67- page paper as punishment for being obstreperous.

I may have committed some trespass of the rules of this odd place but I was in no way loud or engaged in any in any turbulent activity. I did not react while in the presence of the stereotypical shopkeeper — a skinny, tallish older dude draped in an apron, with a slicked back hair do. I was, however, very irritated by this turn of events.

I imagined sending in some triple-spaced drivel. Later, I decided I would defy the order.

Here I am at the keyboard with arms and hands aching from a long spell (six months) of doll orders. I told myself I would rest up at enjoy the lazy way of life. I confess, it is unknown to me. Time ticks and I want to keep moving before it kicks my ass.

My latest doll project came out very well but I cannot show it to you because it is a surprise for a very special and talented musician. ♥

I’ll blog it when it has been given to the intended recipient.

I am now intent on getting my teeth into three projects I’ve been moved to do. The post Victorian naughty ladies ala Egon Schiele, Mayan kings and beatnik gnomes are what I want to bring into fruition. I want these things in the DarcyArts shop for the holiday season.

I need to prep some Pink Sprinkle Donuts and Curly Stars, too.

It sure is a thrill to be busy working all year long! Ecstasy.

Thank you DarcyArts fans!

DarcyArts Diaspora

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DarcyArts studio has a new map of the United States. Here, we will keep track of all the places Soft Boys, Big Donuts, Curly Stars and plush critters have gone.

There is a map of the world, too. Watched over by my two favorite Brits — Brian Eno and Bryan Ferry. As it should be, doll.

It’s very nice to have a visual record of the diaspora of DarcyArts pieces. Such a thrill to be scattering seeds across the globe.

I’ve sent donuts to England and squids and donuts down under. Canada, oh, Canada, close at hand and on the USA map, has taken quite a few items as well. Thank you, handmade-loving people of the world! You are making my dream come true.


It had been a while since I snapped any pix for the ol’ blog. I’ve been very busy stitching.

Yesterday I  photographed the beautiful cloud-filled sky.

Rain, dew covered things in the yard.

It was so cool outside in the early morning hours.

Frank and I dug it completely and were very grateful for such a cool summer.

The squash I planted late in the season do not agree.

These beautiful squash are from K and D’s lovely haven in Sebastopol. We are using up the veggies and my bod is digging it. I am saving seeds while telling myself I must start fresh with a new dirt trough next year. I think I’ll invert a big crate on which the pots sit and fill it with nice soil. Fresh, Fresh, Fresh.

Yoga Fish

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In the last week I’ve returned to practicing yoga. I encountered its beneficial stimulation and powerful help in staying limber years ago in Costa Mesa. My then boyfriend, George R. Cox, an Aquarius with a touch of  Virgo, signed us up for yoga classes led by a guru instructor who taught us in a little store front space.

That guru dude was radiant, obviously high as a kite on his own meditative and yogic practices.

I really liked the experience. It felt great and I learned interesting things.

 We were taught by the guru’s athletic young yogi helpers that we should never sit with out feet facing the guru. Our energy shot out through the bottoms of our feet and this was disturbing to the guru.

It was a good thing to bring flowers to the guru. Yes it was. The flowers were beautiful and their scent was enchanting.

As I sat at my yoga practice this morning, outside on the grass with the sun peeping up over the tall hedges

I invented a mantra — I am a flower with a lotus heart and a diamond mind.

What is more beautiful than flowers turning their faces toward the sun?

I turn my heart toward the light. I stretch and melt and float and breathe into the yoga positions, deeper and deeper and let me tell you, what a great reward for the tiniest effort.

Energy flows through my tired old body, freshening up all the molecules. I absolutely must confess that yoga gets one high while removing, slowly but surely the killing stiffness that rob our vital forces.

From page 55 of Yoga for Dummies:

“The Sanskrit word for relaxation is shaithilya, which is pronounced shy-theel-yah and means “loosening.” It refers to loosening of bodily and mental tension — all the knots you tie when you don’t go with the flow of life. These knots are the kinks in a hose, which the water from flowing freely. Keeping muscles in a constant alert state expends a great amount of your energy, which then is unavailable when your muscles are called upon to really function. Conscious relaxation trains your muscles to relax their grip when you don’t use them. This relaxation keeps the muscles responsive to the signals from your brain telling them to contract so that you can perform all the countless tasks of a busy day.”

Free flowing energy vs. contraction/stiffness —> death. Okay.

Back in the Costa Mesa storefront yoga space there were trinkets to purchase. They were just little things — beads and neck charms, scarves — and they seemed so invitingly exotic. Pieces of India, products from that part of the world that has always seemed familiar  to me.

I bought an om symbol carved from sandalwood. It smelled so great. It made me remember all the great feelings from my yoga sessions.

Most of the yoga class focused on how to do a simple routine of beginner yoga moves. It was gentle but effective.

I was in my 20s so I always felt great anyway. It was harder, then, to feel its physical effects. All these years later it’s much easier to feel the improvements.

I did yoga during my first pregnancy, in the first few months. Once I had them  I was very busy. I’m was a full-time mom, hands on, no babysitters, no nannies.

As an infant my son Brian slept very little. Instead of yoga I relaxed with kid’s programs. All day PBS TV viewing was kind of  like yoga very relaxing,a visual aural mellowing agent, an inducer of kinder gentler thoughts. You have to stick to the good stuff though — Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow — I think you can get a crappy, bad trip from Barney.

Other lifestyle changes gave me an excuse to wake, drink a bowl of  Italian roast and run my mind and body all day (college) with little spirit backup. In place of yoga I had a regular diet of cinema to consume but I chose to put myself under enormous amounts of stress.

To get the kinks out I’d occasionally sneak in a couple of easy and essential-for-me yoga positions but mostly I operated on nervous energy.

This period of forced forward movement caused me to have a recurring dream. I would walk by a fish bowl and notice or know that the fish were suffocating. I’d realize in the dream that I needed to give the fish some fresh water. The good part was that as soon as I did, even just a glass of water poured into the bowl, the fish revived. This seemed to be symbolic of forgetting to take time to feed my spirit.

 At the University of Iowa I had lots of bad weather, poor nutrition, marital stress and academic demands while trying to raise my young children. By the time I got to the University of New Mexico I managed to find healing practices. We had a great apartment in student housing, great sky, great weather, the beautiful smell of the Southwest, good free food in the summers. I’d burn Tibetan rope incense and listen to Native American songs, chants, mojo on the local public radio station. It gave me strength to get through some insecure times and some hairy changes. Still I dreamed of suffocating fish.

One night I dreamed that my son Brian slept on his bed. The wall rising above him was actually a very large aquarium with beautiful healthy fish swimming freely. That image was so comforting.

I have had long periods of not taking the best care of myself, of not doing yoga and even though I know that when I return I feel the positive flow immediately.

Why do I ever stop?

Closer to Home

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Automobiles can require a great deal of maintenance as they age. The GrandAm, a faithful servant, had made quite a few trips to the repair shop over the last few years.

This is actually my son’s car but he graciously allows me to use it. He is going to law school and has access to other vehicles and little time for cruising.

I’ve hippied up the vehicle, tried to balance the racy look, though I can think of the blue flames as a Tibetan motif. I may try a sticker cut out of a thangka image. That would be rad.

I made a garland of rosebuds and hung them with Frank’s blue glass drop (glass art class) from the rearview mirror.

I slathered some amber oil onto the dired buds. Much better than one of those scent trees from the parts store.

I am hoping that this will be the last expensive trip to the car doctor for a decent period of time.

The coffers are bleeding, baby.

I walked home from the Athens repair shop with my new camera in hand. So many nice things to see.

It was a lovely day in my neighborhood.

Cool with sunshine.

Outside the Coffee Creek cafe on Athens north of Locust.

White roses there, too.

I’m reading the booklet on the Canon A520 and I’m learning a few things.

These pix were taken with the camera on the auto setting.

This is the new light at Cypress and Athens. I like all the exposed wiring against the blue sky.

A beautiful rusty ring with gray gravel and tufts of weed green on the same corner.

On Parkview along the river near the old freebridge.

These old oaks are amazing, tall graceful, so beautiful. I’m glad they won’t be disturbed.

Before Frank and I reunited I used to dream of living in this little stone house with him.

In my dream we were back in the time when fewer people inhabited the neighborhood and we lived simply here. The roof was intact and sunlight came in the windows from four directions.

There were fresh flowers, spring grass, berries, freshly caught fish for dinner. We shared peaceful afternoons in my mind nestled in this little stone cottage.

I wonder how many others have had these romantic fantasies about this old dwelling? How many hobos loved the little shelter it provided them?

These days if you were allowed near it you could rest with the stars in full view.

A beautiful tree with pink blossoms in the yard of my favorite house on Freebridge.

The residents have such wonderful things here. A lovely entryway and a deer in their yard, a beautiful vine over an arch that burst out in yellow flowers.

They also have a VW.

 I’ve decided they must be very cool and artistic people.

Rich Texture

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When I think about how much time I now have to pull together my creative ideas it feels like a thick blanket of stars in warm night sky.

A sea of possibility, as Miss Patti Smith once said.

All the shiny things I’ve thought of bringing into the world may find their way into 3-D.  I just have to play my cards right, keep my eyes on the prize, and do the work.

I’m pretty dang good at doing the work. Frank says I’m the most industrious person he knows.

Etsy has made it possible for me to get my feet wet and as my creations continue to be called for, here and there in the first few months of this year, I am heartened and will continue to expand my galaxy.

It also gives me a great excuse to go to the thrift store.

owlduoI found these two lovely vintage owls yesterday. They are dreamy.

The white owl has two inscriptions carved into the bottom.

“Elna Roberts” and “made by Aretha, 1962”

As I stood in the funky little store, holding the owls, I fantasized that a young, black and gifted Aretha Franklin might be the creator.

Occasionally, I’m a fabulist but I never, never lie.

These are going into my shop.


Athena, Merlin and Harry Potter all grooved with the owl.

Creatures of the night, they see in darkness, they are able to pinpoint their prey and swoop in to scoop it up.

I want my focus on art projects to be that powerful.

Pinpoint creative vision on the objects of my imagination, have faith in my ability to manifest them gracefully, practice doing so, share them, those are the goals I hold in my heart.

yellowblueclearHere is the evening sky.

The blanket of stars is out there at this moment. It just hasn’t come fully into view.

Today is my last day perfecting the dragons. they’ll be boxed and shipped tomorrow.

I’ll miss them.

Tag Response: 6 Random Things About Me

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Here is the latest blog entry from my artist, writer friend Nikki Kallio.

She said: “Last month I was tagged by my friend over at Greg’s Plate to tell you six random things about me and then tag some other bloggers. Well, better late than ‘Screw you! I’m not doing it!’ ”

See Nikki’s interesting half a dozen on her blog Purple Houses.

She ends the blog entry this way: “Let’s see… I’ll tag Nita, Candace, Constance,
Christina, Teri, and Jakob. “

I accept the “6 random things” challenge though I feel, deep down in my soul, that my blog posts have revealed a shite-load of random things about me.

1. Between the ages of 30 and 40 I dyed my hair just about every color in existence. I settled on red before I let it go gray/white. I had black hair for the time it took me to drive to the store and buy bleach. Not a good color for me.

2. My father, who did not raise me, was arrested and made the L.A. newspapers for a drunken, unoriginal threat to kill the president. I am unsure of the time frame. Sometimes radical bullshit backfires.

3. Sometime during elementary school my “friend” Connie Grater told me that boys had periods, too. She said the blood came out of their butts.

4. As a very young child I was afraid of the dog puppet Farfel used in the commercial for Nestle’s Quick. It was the way the large curled mouth clapped shut after Farfel said his one-word line: “Choc-lit!!”

5. I feel the songs of these bands so intensely that it bring tears to my eyes: Queens of the Stone Age (almost anything from Lullabies to Paralyze, especially Tangled Up in Plaid and I Never Came), Love (And More Again and many more), Quicksilver Messenger Service (Mona/Maiden of the Cancer Moon), Jefferson Airplane (Saturday Afternoon, Coming Back to Me), Brian Jonestown Massacre (Space Girl), Tim Buckley (Dream Letter, Sefronia, The Earth is Broken).

6. I believe Turquoise is a color that should be used sparingly.

I won’t be able to tag six others. Gotta go off to to the factory.

The best thing about yesterday, Saturday, was agreeing to a trade with the mighty NB and in a separate realm hearing the phrase “meat bee” repeatedly.

I want to start a comic starring Meat Bees!

This is NB’s one-eyed Jack which I covet.

He has the coolest accessories and personalized art.

He makes cool doggie earrings, too.

Check it out.

I had a dream last night that Rachel Maddow’s girlfriend was trying to tempt me into having a thing with her.

I was horrified at the thought of Rachel’s girlfriend cheating on her and possibly causing Rachel pain.

It was hard to resist the girlfriend, though.

Does that mean my vague lesbian alter-ego is butch?

Later in dreams I discovered these really cool rope swings attached to ceiling beams in a room where I lived. The ropes seems to be attached to a tire or some base and they swung and twirled in a really cool way. I looked up at one point and saw that the ropes grazed an old fashioned ceiling light cover, put little nicks in the edges but I still kept swinging.

Creative Longing

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What I want is to be able to do all the things I have imagined.

That is a big task but I figure if I chip away slowly and stand back to look it over at regular intervals I can keep it going in the way that I want it to go. That’s how I get it on in the micro and the macro.

There is a strength of focus that must be maintained and I pray that I can organize all the visions that materialize.

Snails, squid, sparkles, coffee stains, pillows, clouds, red, red, red, tobacco brown and loaded references to rock, sex and gender twisties. No big-eyed sad little girls! None ever. STOP that stylie thing Now. Really.

I thought last night on my drive home that I would like to do portraits of musicians from the late 70s and 80s. I want to enshrine the lesser known workers in song.

Lux Interior, left, and Poison Ivy, right, of the fabulously skanky Cramps have been together for three decades. They met when one picked the other up hitchhiking back in the day.

The still live together in a campy home full of retro cool things. What a love story, boys and girls.

I first saw the Cramps at the Mabuhay Gardens. Frank and I lived across the street from it in the Golden Eagle Hotel.

Bryan Gregory scared the crap out of me. He was a real Living-Dead looking dude. He died of a heart attack in 2001. Here is his obituary from a British paper.

The Cramps retooled swampy blues by sticking a rockabilly firecracker up its ass thereby inventing Psychobilly. No one did it wilder except the originator. Hasel Atkins.

I would like to do a portrait of D J Bonebrake, drummer for X, one of my favorite bands ever.

I need to get another copy  of the DVD the “X: The Unheard Music.” I waited 20 years for it to come back around in the new format and then it got lent out by youngins. Bugger.

This is a remnant of an X T-shirt I bought at a show in Seattle in 1982.

When the shirt wore out I cut off the logos and sewed them onto another shirt.

I saved the front and back images.

This is X 1982 shirt number 2: