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Zohar and Dragons

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It’s my day off and I’m listening to a new CD that came in the mail Monday.

zoharcdFresh Air with Terry Gross featured the music of Erran Baron Cohen last week and I really liked it.

EBC wrote the music for his brother’s Borat movie. Both of these men have a calling to question borders and the meaning of culture.

Check them out. Sasha and Erran. They must have some mighty genes in that family. Brilliant.

doyouhaveanyfaithcdErran Baron Cohen was on fresh air because he has a Hanukkah album. It kicks ass, too.

I was contacted via Etsy’s Alchemy special orders set up and asked if I thought I could make two little dragons. I said I’d try it. So my busy season extends by another two weeks. This will be fun.

The dragon comes from the Flight of the Conchords show.

Here is a video:

Sweet World

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Sunday morning here in America.

I woke early and turned on NPR. Listened to Liane Hanson do Weekend Edition. Not too exciting this morning.

In fact it was kind of depressing.

There was a story about an elderly woman nearly tricked into losing the home she had lived in for 20 years. The crooked real estate people nearly auctioned it off. They told her to hang on to the money she had raised instead of depositing it. Then they sold her home behind her back. Luckily she got a lawyer through AARP. Still, the best they could do is find her a reverse mortgage. that means she can stay in the house until she dies and then it belongs to someone else.

But here on Hamilton Street everything has been fine and fancy. The weather was beautiful this summer. Only the fires mucked things up. When the air cleared it was beautiful. The veggies are growing. The bugs are buggin’.

We’ve had homemade  pie, nachos with homegrown peppers, eggplant and rainbow carrots, big fat chickens in the pot and plenty of calls from the kids.

I still have a job and though it often appears that things are winding down there instead of transitioning to a new level I’m ready for the end.

I’ve checked into the rules about taking my retirement funds and looked at California’s laws on unemployment insurance for part-timers, you know, just in case, but I’m ready to roll with the punches and I feel good.

I bought an exercycle last week and rode it five miles first thing this morning. At least that’s what the display meter said. I think it’s a little off. It seemed to go so quickly.

I’m mailing off my grape starlight brooch to a gal in Georgia !

I’ve been making more of these and will post them soon on Etsy.

Check back for a preview in the next few days.

Another story on NPR this morning was about the increased economic hardship for Native Americans traveling to Pow Wows.It has become more difficult because of the increased cost of gas, lodging and the falling sales for crafters who sometimes sell at the gatherings.

Things have slowed down just a bit on Etsy but it’s still a community rich in appreciation, ideas and skill.

I saw the cutest print today. I wanted to buy it right away but I spent $ yesterday on books — Victor Bockris’ updated tome on Keith Richards and Dr. Brian Weiss’ book on soul mates.

MissBrigette is a native Santa Barbaran who attended Cal Arts and now lives in LA.

Isn’t this great? All her other stuff is cool, too. You should check her out on Etsy.

She has a unique style and I like her color palette.

Among my favorite items from other sellers is a really sweet crocheted baby hat. This knittinmama definately has an unfair advantage.

Look at that face!

Here is an Etsy seller AnnieDesign from Ireland.

These are such sweet things and they are hand made by real live people. If we have to choose very carefully from now on where to spend our few extra bucks, as if you hadn’t thought of this before, lets support each other, hand to hand, like back in the day.

Lazy Sunday, Look Into My Eyes

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Strolling through old favorites at Etsy this morning as always I discovered new things there. So many cool peeps producing wonderful new things. So much good work to stumble upon. It made me feel lazy.

Yes, I have had the push of Virgo stimulation with those four, now only three planets in that busy sign. The moon is there with the Sun all Sunday. I did have legitimate distractions. Red-Tape type business to attend to and oh, yes, the photo shoot. All the fabulous things fill a fabulous life.

I learned today at Etsy that you can make natural dies. the technique is only for natural fabrics because you have to boil the shit out of them. You can use yellow onion husks, red cabbage and/or tumeric. I guess there are probably plenty more natural dye producing things you can use and I’m sure they can be found online. I’ll bet if I boiled a white undershirt for 45 minutes in a vat of coffee it would get brown or at least beige (add salt to make the dye adhere). I was craving a beige undershirt only days ago. Hey, I could add some tumeric to the coffee and have that wonderful tobacco brown for which I have been lusting of late!

I found this crazy woman artist at CallowLilyArt

This cross is beautiful. She had lots of bold neck charms and other things, shoes even, bags, etc. They’re a little expensive for me. If I was going to buy something it would be this cross.

This artist works in Ukiah. The bio portion of the Etsy shop gives only a birthdate of January 22. Mystique works, eh?

Mystique is so not my style.

What’s funny is that I can imagine that there are many people with whom I work who are completely mystified by me. They probably are confused my stylie tendencies. There is only two or maybe three women in the whole building who radiate authentic cool. I finally spoke to an especially wonderful girl last week. She’s a rock chick deep down and as is my way, I have a soul crush on her beautiful energy.

I bought a bunch of buttons from mymy. I’m going to give her a little present.

I’m a dizzy-headed dreamer but I can work in this world despite the callous and shitty tendencies of some entities.

I was surely a bit depressed by reading the dependable Rockie Horoscope over at LA WEEKLY.

But then so was she.

“It’s John McCain’s 72nd birthday, and after writing a detailed description of his progressed chart, I got depressed and bailed. Sorry,” Rockie said.

It looks, astrologically, as if McCain might stand a good chance of being victorious in this year’s presidential election.

Thinking about that possibility makes me feel like all the air got sucked out of the room.

You can read Rockie’s weekly horoscope here.

All the planets that are tripping through Virgo now are on their way into Libra next. Mercury, Venus and Mars are already there. In my chart that means they are gathering in my fifth house. The house of creativity, lovers, recreation. I’ll be doing more art work. Want a freebie astro chart? Go to astrolabe.

These are photo portraits of my dunce figure. Now he has mystique.

The photo with the orange background was taken by the light of our sparkle-glow lamp.

The red one was engineered inside my handmade light box.

A simple geeky being looking out at the world. Is there an autobiographical element you ask. Maybe.

I have in the past whined about my desire to bring some coherence to my Etsy shop.

I see one unifying factor that haunts every page. All the faces and creatures and beings there are staring out at the beholder. I wonder if that unnerves people.

“There are so many pairs of eyes looking at me,” Frank said of the art up eveywhere in our old bedroom. It was  my snug first studio.

The walls and interior spaces were covered with faces and in the faces, eyes. Eyes are the window of the soul. I love to look into people’s eyes.

How often do I get to do it?  I liked looking into the green eyes of that cool rocker girl at work, the one with the short dark hair with magenta highlights. She is really in there and full of spirit fire.


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It’s Friday. My one vacation day off this week.

I’ll have an extra day off each week, giving me four, until the middle of October. When I return to work tommorrow it will be a Saturday. very mellow people-wise. Fewer editors, less noise.

I got started today checking out the vegetables, green and cool, bursting with life.

Ah, fresh little buds are developing on the squash plant.

These will become flowers and then fruit — zuccini or yellow crook neck squash. I didn’t check the tags too closely. We’ll find out eventually.

Or will we?

As I snapped a shot of the youngest plants in the container garden, going in for a supa-close up, I noticed something.


The tiny little things creep about and blend perfectly with the plant. This is the the most developed of the three sets of plants in this tub. Two kinds of squash and lemon cucumbers.

I read that water laced with chili pepper juice will deter the aphids. I loaded up a little spray bottle and let them have it.

Tommorrow I’ll check and see if the environment was made sufficiently inhospitable by the chili pepper.

I have failed to observe ahimsa.

The yellow blossom is the crook neck squash. The little orange-red specks are the chili powder. I could have used some of our chilis but so far none of them are hot.


This week I continued to draw, cut and print blocks.

In keeping with the nature and hindu vedic theme this morning I share this new piece.

Ganesh, the Hindu Vedic deity.

Last Friday I went out to Ellis Art to purchase a new set of cutters and I also bought printing ink in brown and black. These are the first two images I pulled from the block.

The ink was very thick compared to what I have used in the past. It is water soluable so I can thin it out.

Next time I’ll try that and see how it works.

In all things I freely admit to borderline incompetence. I want to get my hands into the process right away. I learn by doing a particular thing. I’m impatient.

It was a small miracle to reach the point where I was willing to risk failure! But now I say bring it on!

The ink I usually use is a high quality, acid free stamping ink.

This is a proof done in that ink.

 The symbolism connected with Ganesh is very cool.

The large ears = listen.

The little axe = cut off all bonds of attachment.

Big head = think big.

One tusk = keep the good throw out the bad.

The mouse represents desire. Desire can cause havoc. You ride the desire and keep it under control not the other way around.

The large stomach represents a peaceful digestion of life’s good and bad.

I love the floating lamps in the background of this image. In the future I want to do figures with large elaborate aura areas around the heads.

I want to do some straight decorative designs with lots of curving, circular elements.

I really like to add rhinestones to portraits. I may or may not. I do want to get into the elaborate thing I see in the Hindu and Tibetan portraits of deities.

I kinda started my aura paintings with my Elliott Smith portrait.

I wanted to put him in the realm of a bodhisattva, an enlightened soul who chooses to return to earth to help others.

His sadness was so heavy but his music touched so many people and was undeniably beautiful.

 I loved the juxtaposition of the common northwest wool cap, a necessity to protect against the cold, and the red aura, the third-eye bindi and curly clouds that represent the higher plane.

Frank has suggested I do a portrait of the fabulous southern psychic, Chip Coffey.

I do my best work when I am really moved by someone and I love Chip. We decided, Frank and I, that since I get such a warm feeling from Chip he must have some Taurus.

Chip is a Leo with Moon in Taurus.

Frank is a Taurus with Moon in Leo. So is my son Brian.

Maybe Chip will be the first.

Yellow Mirror in the Art Space

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I’ve been spending a lot of time on autobiographical blog assembleges the last couple of weeks. When I tried to stop, my daughter, Jessica, called me up and insisted that I continue.

Actually her request, when clarified, included a plea for a full-on written testament to our existence and those of our people.

I read something very interesting not long ago about singer/songwriter Greg Brown. Brown is a man with a beautiful baritone and an earthy sensibility. Some of his inspiration comes from the journal written by his sweet, earth-mama granny. This is from a story I wrote when he came to town last year.

“The family were farmers, what they would call subsistence farmers — big gardens, orchards, milk the cows, gather the eggs from the hen house,” Brown said. “My grandmother on my mother’s side ran a sawmill with a steam locomotive when I was a kid. My father’s mother lived in the Ozarks, knew all the birds and animals and plants. She wrote a journal and was a poet and a conservationist.”

Brown elaborated on his grandmother’s influence in a 1998 interview with web author Sandy Carter for Z Magazine.

“Ella Mae was a remarkable woman. She lived in the southern Ozarks and her mother died when she was young. She had only a second-grade education, but she had this innate love of reading and writing. “And she kept this journal that recorded family history, descriptions of nature, moments of everyday life and poems, really very beautiful poems. She copied this journal for each of her seven kids and when I was 18, my father gave me that journal. I was beginning to write songs about that time and through reading her journal, I learned about how to write about things that were bigger than just me. There was a deep calmness and wisdom in her.”


My grandmother, who raised me, is now suffering with a severe loss of her short term memory. There will be no more recollections from her of the life she lived. It’s not like I ever got the straight truth from her anyway. There were things she didn’t know and alot more she would not recall because it wasn’t acceptable. Her sons (my dad and uncle) got into trouble early and . . . well, that’s for later. If it will help deepen my children’s sense of themselves I will work for my mojo.

What I want to do today is to take a break from biography and get back to my art space.


I haven’t created with my usual madman pace over the last two weeks. It just go to the point where I realized I’m adding things to my etsy shop and not selling much. I decided it was perfectly reasonable to take a break.

The smoke from the north state lightning-strike fires of 2008 zapped my energy too. I see it’s back today after somewhat of a break in previous days. Hey, what’s so bad about a lack of oxygen for three weeks? I hope George W. is deprived. I can’t help it.

I have made a batch of stamps in the last few weeks and I learned something.

This is a fly.

It is not carved on the soft eraser material that is Staedtler Mastercarve

It is carved from the Dick Blick version “Soft Cut” which is less wonderful. It’s harder to carve, more rubbery and it even seems not to hold the ink like the Mastercarve. I’m glad I bought a shit load of the Soft Cut. I must stop being a cheap skate.


I attached the thin Soft Cut blocks to wooden Jenga blocks to make it easier to print.

You can see that this is a gnome.

I did more Mayan faces. These are about the size of a quarter. They were done with the Staedtler. The clown is closer to the size of a dime. I glued a block on this stamp, too.


I also got around to adding an element of color to the living room of our home. Since we rent I can’t add color to the walls by painting them but I can accessorize.

I was deeply yucked out last week looking around my work/live space and had to do some reworking and brightening. So part of my creative energy has gone this week into painting a mirror just the right yellow color.

The mirror is still too small but it’s much brighter. It now balancing out other red and yellow elements.

It took me three days on and off at leisurely pace and three coats to cover the plastic, fake-wicker frame.

Here is one of those flattering photos of myself in full fish-mouth pose, oh yes and the yellow mirror.

I have a killer San Francisco flashback just about fully cooked.

It’s about arriving on Folsom Street and moving to Dore alley. Great pix.

Check back tommorrow. I’m creating some art for it.

The Art of Anton Chigurh

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Okay, kids, I’ll admit it I’m a little slow.

I just discovered the newish shop of frequent commentor, NB.

Here is a very cool charm for all you film buffs. No Country for Old Men’s Anton Chigurh. Those Cohen bros. are so nutty.

I think this rocks.

NBscloset, over at etsy, also has really unique ACEOs. They are hand drawn by NB. I bought two today. I could not resist.

Check them out for yourself.

These are Hog Lips and Hoot Hoot. Too cute.

 I have always been very into dreams.

It is interesting me the people who find their way into my dream mind.

The other night it was NB and CBT, of cbtscloset.

I have never met them other than through notes and our interactions on etsy and our blogs. They do have really cute little sketches of themselves as part of their etsy shops and I recall seeing a really cute picture of CBT somewhere in my blog reading.

But there they were in my dreams and they had invented a really neat little car that did not run on fossil fuel.

It was a little bit steam punk and really functional in addition to being cute.

Here is a quick sketch of the vehicle:

The front had all these cool windows that seemed somehow Victorian. It was kind of like the time machine in the film  Time After Time.

So, guys, are you working on this project?


Now, here is my latest purchase from CBTsCloset:

It sort of relates to a dream, too. A long time ago i dreamed just a quick image of my mate Frank. He was standing with a gun. Yes in this case a completely phallic symbol. Because of his tenderness and kind nature I dreamed that rose petals were falling from the barrel of his gun. These are hearts and so they communicate the same sentiment to me.

Obama and His Spud Friend

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 This image came across our television screen today and I just had to capture it. Priceless. Barack is so happy to be hanging with Mr. Potato Head and that makes me happy.

I’m listing this BittyPix on Etsy tommorrow. After I finish this post my right hand will be finished for the day.

I was very active today. No, not like that. I was making Bittys.

I did another Robyn Hitchcock for my friend. I want to show you the picture of it here because I found that an interesting thing happens when you cook the Shrinky Dink just a little too long. The Ruff and Ready Shrinky becomes transparent and looks like glass.

This would be very good for jewelry. I’ll have to try a pair of earrings cooked to crystal perfection. You can’t really see the effect too clearly because of the white paper frame here but it looks just like a window pane.

I was all up in the cutting and drawing and such today.

I made two star stamps for printing.

I want to use them to put tiny stars on myself cuz I love stars. If I put stars on my body everyone will think I’m a Kat Von D groupie, which I am but I wanted star tattoo before I even heard of Miami Ink and then became enslaved to watching the brilliant girls and guy on LA Ink.

I draw tattoos onto my hand and wrists with permanent markers because with my love of variety I have never been able to come up with something I’d enjoy forever. Permanent markers are not permanent on skin by the way, but they do last a day or two. 

These are the two star stamps I made today all on one piece of paper.

I can use the new stamps to make cool borders on things.

Or as, I said I can dot myself with them when I get in the mood.

I am going to try stamping fabric with my silkscreen paint someday.


These are stamps of a Mayan head I made last week. I may need to carve a little more white onto the face for contrast.

But now that I’ve mentioned Kat Von D, I’m going to have to think about making a BittyPix of her.

It will happen.

I think she is beautiful and I love the way she squeals with delight. Does that make me gay? 


My boyfriend, Frank and I decided along time ago that we were in-betweenies. On that scale that runs from supermasculine to superfeminine we feel we are about in the middle, kinda girl, kinda boy in just the right degree that together we really click.

That’s him on my devotional Love candle. Beside the candle is a really cute red Toadhead he made me.

You can see more of his work at his etsy shop Tiddinips.

Here is my current fave. Cute lil dragon head.