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Faces Without Hair

Posted in constructions, dolls, handmade, rock n roll with tags , , on April 22, 2011 by darcyarts

They never look as good before they gotten their hair.

Elvis face still needs some shading, maybe a nose line.

I’m putting in the details on the bodies, little nips and tucks.

I like to change up the work day to day. It seems to take me a very long time to get the facial details to my liking and I will be adding or subtracting elements right up until the dolls get into their shipping boxes.

Cutting and styling the fleece hair is by far my favorite part of this process. It makes the face take shape.

It is going to be very interesting to create a protruding Pompadour for big E!

I just love this picture of the hair!! Masterful waves, dude. Surf’s up in Elvis’ do.

Now it is off to the stitching kitchen before the sun is up.

More pix of heads with hair and bodies soon.

Faces, Nearly There

Posted in constructions, cute, dolls, etsy with tags , , , , , , on August 30, 2010 by darcyarts

Last week was dedicated to embroidering facial details for the three Soft Boys I’m working up.

They are: a Whip It era Devo doll, Mark Mothersbaugh is the model; Iggy Pop and Mick Jagger.

Fellow Etsian, myneedlehabit, wrote a while back to let me know that Mick’s eyes are blue, so here he is with blue eyes.

I got Iggy’s lip outline to include that Elvis-like raised lip toothy smile he has. The boy has choppers!

I think it’s actually a feature of his more mature mouth but that is what is stuck in my head and therefore comes out when I do Iggy.

This Iggy picture is from AceShowBiz.

I took photos of the Whip It video to get the sample shots for the Mothersbaugh Devo doll. Still have to make the energy dome. If I can cut the material I’ll be fine.

The bodies are sewn and stuffed.

I couldn’t resist giving the Iggy bod a little man lump. I suppose I should do the same for Mick but I might skip it just to be bratty and faux punish the strutting, cocksure Mick.

I will once again leave him bare-chested with nipples. He’ll have silver pants and a homemade dog collar.

The Whip It Devo doll bod is dressed in black turtleneck and black shorts and shoes.

My Micks are currently sporting a sort of casual French sailor (circa very early 20th Century Coco Channel) outfit.I wanted to avoid the obvious Mick sartorial clichés.

Staying organized is so very important for me to be able to work. I’m one of those people who need every room in the house straightened and relatively tidy before I can do a lick of work. You might think this is a technique of avoidance but it is not. I love this work. ♥

Part of staying organized is to have needed materials on hand. Whatever the goods, while shopping for supplies, I am always seduced my the range of color of any particular item. Embroidery thread comes in so many colors and it it very inexpensive.

I can usually find little packets at my favorite thrift store but I’ll visit the JoAnn store when I need a really specific color I don’t have. I think I’m good for awhile.

Button eyes are a bit difficult. For some reason there is a short supply of blue buttons. I robbed  one of my cotton jackets of its blue buttons for my Iggy doll. Enough for two dolls, I am now out of them. They were the perfect size.

It’s nice to have a specific shopping list, now, while browsing thrift stores. Blue buttons, embroidery thread, flashing material for Ziggy outfits, simple striped jersey shirts for small Mick shirts, stripey tights and scarves  for other dolls. 

Having a purpose makes it a new experience. Recycle, reuse. It’s good.

Sweet cuddles

Posted in Art with tags , , on December 13, 2008 by darcyarts

cutekittyIs this not the sweetest thing you’ve seen today?

I think I am in the process of making many, many kitties happy.

I have sold mass squid over the last week.  I’m stitching like a pro.

My granny’s cat was delirious when I gave him a new one packed with a super helping of catnip.

One day they will call me Queen of the felines.

People seem to like the gnome prints in my etsy shop.

I wish they would love prints of my paintings but when I think about it those faces are my passions.

People love Pete Townshend though.

Picking and Choosing

Posted in Art, film with tags , , , , , on October 22, 2008 by darcyarts

I am still working on what itemsto send to Old City Hall.

I brought out these two paintings:

Redheads — the first came out looking like a hot chick form the 40s that Homer Simpson’s dad my have been in love with back when he was young and frisky.

The second is a modern chick with glasses and a penetrating gaze.

Boys, I know you know what you did to deserve it.

I love red and pink and explored those colors a bit here.

Another thing theses imaginary portraits have in common is the use of rhinestones in the pupils.

I have also added a piece of red pipe cleaner to the bottom pic.

I’m thinking about taking in two of my decorated candles.

There is the glitzy Elvis:

And the sparking Dos Charros for which I used a repurposed Mexican movie poster image:

For these I mixed water color, Dr. Martin’s dyes, with mod podge to make a translucent color that would dry hard. Yes, there is some glitter glue thrown in for good measure.

You can see the gold on the sombrero and red glitter on the woman’s dress. I put a line of mirrors and beads on the top and bottom of this candle, too.

I have been really inspired by Mexican cinema. The poster art is very cool. I’m waiting for this book to arrive from Oregon so I can familiarize myself with the artists.

The image used for the cover of the book is one of my favorites.

I made a candle from this image too. I gave it to my former RS editor, Pat Butler, as a going away present. I love him. It’s odd to note but the RS exodus started with his departure.

How flipping cool is this?