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Light, Love, Kind

Posted in esoterica, Mind Power, photos with tags , , on October 6, 2011 by darcyarts

Pretty lights, baby. In the mornings, especially in the cool months, I like to light the candles in my fireplace. I think of myself being

“A spark from the one divine fire”

I think of all those I know as being a spark here in this world.

Lighting the candles is all about gratitude and faith that we can all know our best selves, do good work and feel love.


You Like Me, You Really Like Me

Posted in Art, constructions, design, dolls, etsy, handmade, shopping with tags , , , , , on June 18, 2010 by darcyarts

The sun is up and the breeze is cool. All is right with the world.

I checked my computer last night to find that some wonderful person had purchased two of my Soft Boys, hell, my only two Soft Boys — Keith Richards and Joey Ramone.

Here they are backlit and looking dreamy. I love these dolls and that being the case I am experiencing some separation anxiety.

Last night, in place of the the regular Etsy sale exhilaration, I felt a creeping little sadness. I guess that’s normal as these dolls came from the heart.

I am really happy that someone out there appreciates my work so much they bought both Soft Boys.

It feels like a green light to make all the Soft Boys I’d ever dreamed. Stitching an hommage in the likeness of all my fave rockers.

Robyn Hitchcock has to be next because the name came from him.

“Hi, we’re the Soft Boys,” said Robyn one evening long ago.

I suppose I should, as the buyer suggested, try my hand at Mick Jagger, other Ramones (I’d do Dee Dee first), Iggy Pop!!!!! and Ziggy era David Bowie. 

Arthur Lee (Love) has my heart but he’s a tricky one. I’d make him in his powerful, if short, later days with his hat over a bandana.

Josh Homme would be a thrill. Queens of the Stone Age fans, would you recognize your leader? I’d have to make him sweet and beefy like the pillar of love that is Sex Bomb, sweet voiced, fiesty Homme. That is inspiration.

It makes me happy to know that someone out there, someone who checks out Etsy, loves rock n roll as much as I do. Jordan in New Jersey, thanks for reviving my faith in my fandom.

My honey, Frank from New Jersey, was the first to give my obsessive fandom the positive nod. As a recipient of my undying affection and adoration he knows it can be a sweet thing. ♥

Sunglasses Bedevil

Posted in Art, projects with tags , , , , on April 10, 2009 by darcyarts

I’m nearly finished putting together my Joey Ramone.

joeyfullMy original plan and sketch crawls for Joey to be wearing orangey-brown shades.

I have to experiment with a see-through, probably water color wash over the where the lens would be.

But, I have to get it right the first time.

I’ll try it on paper, over the colors I’ve got there and white.

Ah, yes.


I think I’ve got it. The color on the top should work. The brush I’m using spread it onto water color paper very smoothly. Maybe I’ll try it on a test board with a gesso surface.

The gesso repelled it a bit. Yikes. Will it be different over the acrylic paints?

Stay tuned.

Plushies O’ Plenty

Posted in Art, dreams, esoterica, etsy, plush critters with tags , , , , on January 26, 2009 by darcyarts

On a day not far distant from this one, after my work troubles fell into my dreams on too regular a basis, I asked the beings of light to guide me to the right course of action.

I dreamed of a beautiful little white house — bright, clean, sturdy — and over that sweet house a rainbow arc of fat healthy fish floated in a steady stream.

Fish have always been a personal dream symbol of faith, spirituality and creativity.

I felt that the the fish represented a flow that was continuous, never ending, dependable. In the past, in times when I have been stressed in dealing with things in the outside world, I have often dreamed of a passing a fish bowl. I will suddenly realize that I have neglected to give the fish fresh water. I stop what I am doing and pour in a big glass full of water.

It never takes much to restore the fishes environment to a healthy balance.

The rainbow stream of  big fat fish over the beautiful white house, a twin symbol of my “self” and probably our fresh government, was greatly encouraging. It seemed a clear sign that I could pursue my creative life and trust that the work I needed would be there.

Then, ever the self-doubtful Thomas, I asked for another sign. In one week I got two commissions one of which more than doubled  its original number.

I have been away from work for seven of my eleven day vacation. I wanted to take this time to pay attention to how I felt doing only my creative work in the mind set that I would never return to the day job.

It feels pretty damn good.

I fear losing the paycheck, however, I am on a sort of probation at work after going to HR about  having been emotionally and spiritually sickened by a constantly aggressive, sour and belittling attitude  from my boss.

I’ve always tried to do my best, keep my cool and all, but Iwill not accept rude, self-righteous behavior from anyone. We all run the risk of getting really far down a nasty path when we don’t take time for self-examination, if we don’t occassionally stop and see how our behavior is affecting others.

Plants, animals and small children thrive with encouragment, positive language, smiles and kindness.

Sentient beings fail to thrive when constantly in the presence of fear, anger, contempt and resentment.

We do need to regularly check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

Having spent a lifetime with a foot planted in two different worlds, maybe in more ways than one, I have come to the simultaneous realization that:

a).  It may always be that way.

b).  My double lives may be attributable to lack of belief that I can bring my dreams into reality without crashing financially.

Joseph Campbell, a very wise man, said “Follow your bliss.” 

In a ddition to the dragon project I’ve  sold two plushy squids in the last  two days:

Girl Squidopus

And Squidopus the Curious

Sweet World

Posted in Art, dreams, etsy, socialization with tags , , , , on September 28, 2008 by darcyarts

Sunday morning here in America.

I woke early and turned on NPR. Listened to Liane Hanson do Weekend Edition. Not too exciting this morning.

In fact it was kind of depressing.

There was a story about an elderly woman nearly tricked into losing the home she had lived in for 20 years. The crooked real estate people nearly auctioned it off. They told her to hang on to the money she had raised instead of depositing it. Then they sold her home behind her back. Luckily she got a lawyer through AARP. Still, the best they could do is find her a reverse mortgage. that means she can stay in the house until she dies and then it belongs to someone else.

But here on Hamilton Street everything has been fine and fancy. The weather was beautiful this summer. Only the fires mucked things up. When the air cleared it was beautiful. The veggies are growing. The bugs are buggin’.

We’ve had homemade  pie, nachos with homegrown peppers, eggplant and rainbow carrots, big fat chickens in the pot and plenty of calls from the kids.

I still have a job and though it often appears that things are winding down there instead of transitioning to a new level I’m ready for the end.

I’ve checked into the rules about taking my retirement funds and looked at California’s laws on unemployment insurance for part-timers, you know, just in case, but I’m ready to roll with the punches and I feel good.

I bought an exercycle last week and rode it five miles first thing this morning. At least that’s what the display meter said. I think it’s a little off. It seemed to go so quickly.

I’m mailing off my grape starlight brooch to a gal in Georgia !

I’ve been making more of these and will post them soon on Etsy.

Check back for a preview in the next few days.

Another story on NPR this morning was about the increased economic hardship for Native Americans traveling to Pow Wows.It has become more difficult because of the increased cost of gas, lodging and the falling sales for crafters who sometimes sell at the gatherings.

Things have slowed down just a bit on Etsy but it’s still a community rich in appreciation, ideas and skill.

I saw the cutest print today. I wanted to buy it right away but I spent $ yesterday on books — Victor Bockris’ updated tome on Keith Richards and Dr. Brian Weiss’ book on soul mates.

MissBrigette is a native Santa Barbaran who attended Cal Arts and now lives in LA.

Isn’t this great? All her other stuff is cool, too. You should check her out on Etsy.

She has a unique style and I like her color palette.

Among my favorite items from other sellers is a really sweet crocheted baby hat. This knittinmama definately has an unfair advantage.

Look at that face!

Here is an Etsy seller AnnieDesign from Ireland.

These are such sweet things and they are hand made by real live people. If we have to choose very carefully from now on where to spend our few extra bucks, as if you hadn’t thought of this before, lets support each other, hand to hand, like back in the day.