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Noir for the Soul

Posted in Art, film, television with tags , , , on February 13, 2011 by darcyarts

While browsing Netflix Saturday I realized they have a huge selection of good old film noir available for instant view. Frank and I began watching them that afternoon.

One of the things Frank really misses from our shunned cable usage is Turner Classic Movies. Both of us grew up on Hollywood’s classic black and white films. We had become aware of their absence.

I Wake Up Screaming was the best of the two we watched on our kick-off Noir film day. I fell in love with the strange, beautiful energy of Laird Cregar.

He was big — 6′ 4″ — beautiful and gay. Sadly, he died young trying to lose too much of his ever-present and generous weight.

I think it’s fair to say his presence was mesmerizing. He made a compelling dark character. He was both good and bad in the aforementioned film noir, ultimately, a sympathetic character, at least, in my eyes.

Look at his eyes in this still from his last film Hangover Square. He had been punishing his body with radical dieting, amphetamines, etc. He died before the film was released following a weight-loss related surgery.

Laird plays a Jack the Ripper-like character in The Lodger .

We’ll have to wait for that one to arrive by snail mail. I can’t wait!

He plays the Devil in the 1943 version of Heaven Can Wait.

Though Laird looks the part in this photo (3rd on page) from the film Rings on Her Finger.

Here is a piece on Laird, from the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

Ms. Softy and Feminist Magazines

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There are new plushies in the house.

roundeyedwhalefullrightI’ve been busy this week creating new creatures and it feels great.

I have wanted to see more pink things in my shop and so I’ve added a curious item  inspired by my love, Frank.

Warning: Mature plushy listing.

I applied for unemployment though I think  it may be a stretch since I quit. On the other hand they may understand the stress I was under. Who, in their right mind, would quit in these tight times?

I’m sure they will let me know.

No dreams about icky people since I left the news shack. I’m thankful for that. I did have a nice dream about Rob Rogers.

I wish he’d get to his personal blog more often but I know there are heavy demands at work and having three brilliant little girls and one big girl at home keep him plenty busy, too.

Rob is an ultra cool dude. His Monday column (in the RS) is always a  great gem concerning his children and what it means to be a parent. He writes with wit and intelligence that gets me every time.

If I should die and find that I have to come back to earth within a couple of years, I’d love to be Rob Rogers’ next child. Maybe the beings of light would let me be a boy.

I don’t mean that in a self-hating misogynist way, about being a boy.

A few weeks ago I subscribed to Bitch magazine.


Bitch bills itself as a “a feminist response to pop culture.”

After the disgusting reminder of America’s  deeply ingrained misogyny, during Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, I felt I needed to have an alternate view.

Got my first issue this week.  It’s the Noir issue.


Noir, some say, was born out of the deep psychic recesses of  wartime and  post WW2 fear that women, left at home while the war raged, had overstepped their boundaries. The desire to strip women of their newly gained power and independence,  earned while working in an industrial setting, gave birth to nightmarish cinematic visions like Double Indemnity.

Of course, many of the stories were written in the 20s and 30s, after chicks went wild behind jazz, marijuana, cocaine and free love.

Here is a kick-ass list of essays on film noir.

Here is a cool timeline.

Haven’t read any of the Bitch articles yet but I did look at the cartoons.