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Another color for feasting one’s eyes. It has been very hot out there the last few days. I hope the flowers enjoy it. It will cool down fast and we’ll have a break before any relentless Summer gets it’s hooks into us.



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This morning’s picture is a delightful double. Two blossoms.

What a wonderful morning ritual, going out with the camera to catch a photo of the fresh new beauty.

There will be other colors coming soon. I can’t wait to see the white blooms. My long awaited black poppy will probably be the last out. It will be worth the wait.

My daughter and her boyfriend came to visit this last weekend. They filled the house with flowers. Peonies, sunflowers, gladiolas. It is such a treat.

I waited a bit to long to photograph them. The were so full and fresh. The love is timeless.

Morning Emergence

Posted in gardening, nature with tags , on May 20, 2012 by darcyarts

We have our first beautiful flower from among the plants that Frank bought for my birthday. He watched it emerge this morning. The wind help blow the outer green shell of protective petals away and there she was.

Stunning. We will soon have a second blossom. It looks like it may be dark purple. You’ll see.

There is a little purple near the center of this flower. I can’t wait.

This evening it will cool off and the annual solar eclipse will take place at sunset here in California. Feels like magic.

These lovely flowers are Annie’s and were found at Eileen Barry’s enchanting Wild Thyme.


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Spring days, oh so warm, and such a treat to see green leaves and beautiful flowers. I don’t know who planted these. It was before we moved into this house but they look great along the fence on the drive in. Thank you!

Nature is magnificent.

Flowers and New Work

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The sun came out yesterday and I snapped the tiger lilies.

They return and look fabulous for a few weeks each spring and I always appreciate them for their rich color. Whabam. They have freckles.

I like the bright yellow dandelions, too. I caught a little bug on this one.

The gardener hasn’t been in for a few weeks aso these pretty flowers got to stretch.

No lawnmowing or leaf blowing, nor the very loud and annoying noises that come with the usually weekly shaving of the lawn.

This mornings cloud cover is pleasant. I have post traumatic Redding Summer disorder. Burned and whipped by the devil rays of the crushing heat of the summers from ’93 well into the new decade, I appreciate each cool day past May.

I like the sunlight but the extreme temperatures melt me like the Wicked Witch of the West. Why I remember back in my day we had a spell of triple digit temps that lasted over 30 days. Whine, whine, whine.

It’s been cooller since my dear husband Frank arrived in the North state. I swear it’s true.

Okay. New work. I set out to create my Darcy twins for an ADO challenge for May. I didn’t manage to get to it until the last few days of the month. Still giving Dee and Stevie 3 D form has long been on my to do list. I’ve painted them, sketched them and now I will make them dolls.

I made them tall. I cut a new pattern to make the cloth dolls a little larger.

The Darcy twins are both 6 feet tall. They have red hair.

This is the Canon A 520 with some expensive bubls I bought hoping to get some good light for photos but it’s still alittle yellow. It’s nice light for working but the bulbs get very hot. I had been using the curly light bulbs that one day when it got up in the 80s.

That flourescent  light is really not pleasant for me. I do not like the color distortion as it shines on my materials.

One of the really smart bluejays came calling for peanuts this morning. He looked right into the window and squawked loudly.

It’s been weeks since I did a doll. I put the back of the head on and started the hair before doing the facial features.

Maybe I’ll follow a different route to a good end because of this misstep.

Closer to Home

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Automobiles can require a great deal of maintenance as they age. The GrandAm, a faithful servant, had made quite a few trips to the repair shop over the last few years.

This is actually my son’s car but he graciously allows me to use it. He is going to law school and has access to other vehicles and little time for cruising.

I’ve hippied up the vehicle, tried to balance the racy look, though I can think of the blue flames as a Tibetan motif. I may try a sticker cut out of a thangka image. That would be rad.

I made a garland of rosebuds and hung them with Frank’s blue glass drop (glass art class) from the rearview mirror.

I slathered some amber oil onto the dired buds. Much better than one of those scent trees from the parts store.

I am hoping that this will be the last expensive trip to the car doctor for a decent period of time.

The coffers are bleeding, baby.

I walked home from the Athens repair shop with my new camera in hand. So many nice things to see.

It was a lovely day in my neighborhood.

Cool with sunshine.

Outside the Coffee Creek cafe on Athens north of Locust.

White roses there, too.

I’m reading the booklet on the Canon A520 and I’m learning a few things.

These pix were taken with the camera on the auto setting.

This is the new light at Cypress and Athens. I like all the exposed wiring against the blue sky.

A beautiful rusty ring with gray gravel and tufts of weed green on the same corner.

On Parkview along the river near the old freebridge.

These old oaks are amazing, tall graceful, so beautiful. I’m glad they won’t be disturbed.

Before Frank and I reunited I used to dream of living in this little stone house with him.

In my dream we were back in the time when fewer people inhabited the neighborhood and we lived simply here. The roof was intact and sunlight came in the windows from four directions.

There were fresh flowers, spring grass, berries, freshly caught fish for dinner. We shared peaceful afternoons in my mind nestled in this little stone cottage.

I wonder how many others have had these romantic fantasies about this old dwelling? How many hobos loved the little shelter it provided them?

These days if you were allowed near it you could rest with the stars in full view.

A beautiful tree with pink blossoms in the yard of my favorite house on Freebridge.

The residents have such wonderful things here. A lovely entryway and a deer in their yard, a beautiful vine over an arch that burst out in yellow flowers.

They also have a VW.

 I’ve decided they must be very cool and artistic people.

Good Vibes and New Books

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Lovely day. We must be in between rain storms. Only a few light spots of drizzle this morning in Redding.

After delivering Frank to school I stopped by Target to check out stacks of cubby hole boxes and drawers. I need to store my rag doll bits in plain sight so I can  more easily compose their elements.

After balking at the price per unit of the boxes I decided to use the heavy cardboard box that once surrounded our HDTV.  It can be cut into something to fit perfectly into the space I’ve reserved for the storage unit.

A trip to Ellis Art brought me this gift. Last time I scored a huge stash of moss green paper.

Yesterday I scored a small mountain of thick and beautiful pink paper. Used as packing material for art supplies, Ellis throws this stuff away. I have no qualms about asking if I may take it home. I will use it for some kind of art or I could cover the HDTV box shelf with it and have a cheery pink storage unit.

Today I start a custom dragon plush critter. It is actually a draik. I am told a Draik is a Neopet.  I think they are virtual internet pets. Cool.

An approximation of this little guy will be a lot of fun to see come into the 3-D world. It is a present for someone special, said the buyer. That makes it a double work of love.

I am so pleased when people entrust me with creating gifts. I want to join in the spreading of good vibes.

I have lots of work to do so it is time to get to it.

When I take a break I have two very new books to read.

I love psychedelic history and the tales, biographical and autobiographical, of musicians.