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Plushies O’ Plenty

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On a day not far distant from this one, after my work troubles fell into my dreams on too regular a basis, I asked the beings of light to guide me to the right course of action.

I dreamed of a beautiful little white house — bright, clean, sturdy — and over that sweet house a rainbow arc of fat healthy fish floated in a steady stream.

Fish have always been a personal dream symbol of faith, spirituality and creativity.

I felt that the the fish represented a flow that was continuous, never ending, dependable. In the past, in times when I have been stressed in dealing with things in the outside world, I have often dreamed of a passing a fish bowl. I will suddenly realize that I have neglected to give the fish fresh water. I stop what I am doing and pour in a big glass full of water.

It never takes much to restore the fishes environment to a healthy balance.

The rainbow stream of  big fat fish over the beautiful white house, a twin symbol of my “self” and probably our fresh government, was greatly encouraging. It seemed a clear sign that I could pursue my creative life and trust that the work I needed would be there.

Then, ever the self-doubtful Thomas, I asked for another sign. In one week I got two commissions one of which more than doubled  its original number.

I have been away from work for seven of my eleven day vacation. I wanted to take this time to pay attention to how I felt doing only my creative work in the mind set that I would never return to the day job.

It feels pretty damn good.

I fear losing the paycheck, however, I am on a sort of probation at work after going to HR about  having been emotionally and spiritually sickened by a constantly aggressive, sour and belittling attitude  from my boss.

I’ve always tried to do my best, keep my cool and all, but Iwill not accept rude, self-righteous behavior from anyone. We all run the risk of getting really far down a nasty path when we don’t take time for self-examination, if we don’t occassionally stop and see how our behavior is affecting others.

Plants, animals and small children thrive with encouragment, positive language, smiles and kindness.

Sentient beings fail to thrive when constantly in the presence of fear, anger, contempt and resentment.

We do need to regularly check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

Having spent a lifetime with a foot planted in two different worlds, maybe in more ways than one, I have come to the simultaneous realization that:

a).  It may always be that way.

b).  My double lives may be attributable to lack of belief that I can bring my dreams into reality without crashing financially.

Joseph Campbell, a very wise man, said “Follow your bliss.” 

In a ddition to the dragon project I’ve  sold two plushy squids in the last  two days:

Girl Squidopus

And Squidopus the Curious


Come On In My Kitchen

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This morning I can breathe! The air is so clear compared to the smoked mushroom soup we’ve had to suck into our lungs for the last month.

It feels fresh and the greens are growing and dude, I’m stoked to be living my life.

I hear the smoke is due to fall back into the valley again but I wont’ think of it now.

The container garden is doing well. We’ve had plates of garden produce to add to meals.

Roma tomatoes, Early Girls (yummy), Basil and one red chili pepper which is very mild. For breakfast I cook eggs and salmon with sliced chilis and basil.

We have these yellow peppers. I do not know what type they are though some are big and fat.  


 I feel so unworthy to speak of vegetation after reading chuck b’s whore-ticulture.

Here is just one wonderful page full of delights.

It starts out with pix of items being packed up before redecoration begins and then chuck b gets to the flora.

Everytime I go there I get lost in chuck b’s world. It’s enchanting. Here is his fresh blog My Back 40. Scanning the pix on the first post I found my favorite flowers — Naked Ladies!!!! They smell heavenly. I’m sure in the other world the whole place smells just like Naked Ladies or Amaryllis Belladonna (thanks, chuck).

As a child we lived near Disneyland. What a Psych-Fest it was but even in the midst of all that sparkle and fantasy I would always find my way to the Main Street gift shop. They had candles that had that scent. I would pick them up, breath deep and trance right out.

The first time I encountered the aroma of an Amaryllis Belladona I was ecstatic. There was that beautiful smell after so long.

This picture of Amaryllis is from the blog

Here are some pictures from my kitchen:

This is my new lamp fixture. It is beautiful glass in someof my favorite colors. I have fixed it over the light bulb portion of this way-too-country fan/lamp combo. It is a great improvement. It cost $5.50 at my local thrift store.

Succulants sit in one of the kitchen windows. When these plants were outside I had the jade plant in a planter beside the aloe vera. by the end of the warm weather, when I brought them inside, the jade plant had creeped into the aloe vera planter and put down roots. Now the pots are joined.

My Josh Homme painting hangs on the wall above this great fish made by Shasta High’s art club, the Mad Mudders.

Orange things and pink things, purple onions, garlic, yellow peas, chop sticks and packaged condiments from Panda Bowl (Homer drool).

 There are shelves on either side of the window over the kitchen sink. I have pix and knick knacks on them. Musicians and Hindi god figures and candles.

Eno, a shell and a yellow light. Eno’s web presence.

Bob Dylan and Brian Jones, a candle decorated by the fabulous musician Jessica Pratt.


I love this picture of Jim Morrison with a juicy watermelon.

Oh . . . do you think it’s suggestive? Naughty boys rule.

It definitely looks like an invitation to sensual pleasure, and summer delights.

There are dried flowers hanging near him in this window.

If you look carefully at the photo with the deserty palm plant (I’m no vulture for horticulture) you can see my candle decorated with an image of John Waters in a beauty salon. The cat is Tipsy.

Let the light in and breathe deep.

Time is an illusion and while we are counting. a world is woven from the things we forget.

I dreamed I had a ticket to go to France. Then I realized I couldn’t make the trip.

I dreamed beautiful musical instruments kept being delivered to our mailbox and Frank would bring them in. One was a handmade, one of a kind Bass for him.

I had a wooden handcarved guitar thing with two drone strings. One heavy and one light. The heavy one was on the outside.

What if your name was Peter Coyote.