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Life is good. I am busy working on my Soft Boys (and Girls). I am newly married to my longtime love, Frank Miller ♥. I am in touch with the best and brightest people I have tangled with over the course of my life so far, and by in touch I mean Facebook.

My life is full of color and richness. I can buy, read and sell all manner of books. Thanks, Amazon. And sell my work from my house via Etsy. I’m growing herbs and veggies and I’m even doing yoga once again. Ah, limberness and quietude.

Now if I could just get my longtime best friend to buy a computer and get her butt hooked up.

Melodie Miller Turturro, come on!

She’s witty and fun, and like me, a loner at heart but in this day one can be a loner and still avail oneself of a satisfying virtual community.

This little photo booth pic is she and me in 1980. We were young and full of it. Melodie is a charmer and there is no reason to hide your light, Mel.

I hereby issue a challenge on the World Wide Web for you to carpe the virtual diem. No, I beg of you, sweet thing. Come into the ring like a Rock ’em Sock ’em Robot. Knock their blocks off!

It’s still a good artistic outlet to communicate with Mel via snail mail. I love to make postcards and snow her with mass mailings, four-postcard rants and trips down memory lane. Still, I crave the immediacy of opening the Facebook page and seeing her latest comment.

Mel, you don’t have to write a genius comment every time, though you could. No pressure. It’s casual. Come to us, Mel. Puleeeze.


Is Facebook Lying to Me?

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Here I am, a blogger, telling I-don’t-know-who about my life. Entrusting you, dear readers, with a glimpse into my home, my psyche, sliming you with my drivel.

Really, I am a shy person and it is only the semi-closeted, confessional set up of the blog that allows me to share so freely with so many. If you were all here in my living room I’d be much more twitchy and uncomfortable trying to interact with you.

Shy = diffident, uneasy in company.

In person it’s difficult to feel comfortable on the “me” train. I am loathe to force myself on people. I’d rather listen, soak up the personalities around me, learn something about the people in the room.

Being in a group brings out the comedian in me. I’ll say funny things every now and then to break the intensity of feeling the vibes of multiple souls in close proximity.

I’m worried about Facebook because I think it lies. When I get those messages  that tell me ____ wants to be my friend I  doubt that Facebook is being real. Did ___  actually make this request? Do they really, really want to be my friend? I’ve barely heard of them.

I think Facebook has a friend generator that keeps track of who comments on who’s status and if the two aren’t friends they automatically try to hook you up. This seems like a good idea to increase comraderie but it makes me feel embarassed.

Does ____ have any idea that Facebook is offering this frendship on his/her behalf? What if ____ has no desire to be my friend and I, unknowingly, click the bar that “friends” us and it shows up on ____’s page and they think WTF? Who the hell is CDillon?

It might be that I fear rejection but it’s really that I hate to get in somebody’s face. I’m fine if I know you well but, dude, that is the hard part. That’s why I need friends with some Aquarius in their charts.

Frank Miller (my husband not the bad guy in High Noon) has Aquarius Rising. Aquarians are the type to slap an arm around the shoulder of a perfect stranger and say, “Hey buddy, how you doing? Let’s hang out.” In fact when I think about the history of my social life there was always an Aquarius there doing the hard stuff and I just fell in with their friends.  There were lots of them – my absent, hoodlum father, Alice Marquez, George Cox, Patti Ramelli, Steve Durkee, Michael Bishop, Chad Allen ( a Pisces w Aquarius). Bless them.

I do my work and I dream, that eventually, I will know people through an organic process, like a vine weaving it’s tendrils out among those who are in the neighborhood of my creative work.

Meanwhile, the Aquarians around me, with their non-judgemental inclusiveness, sweep new souls into the  friendship net. Does that mean Facebook has Aquarius in it’s chart?

Facebook Blues

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I have a profile on Facebook. There are lovely people with whom I interact. Today, I used the friends search to look up old, old acquaintances, names from 30 years ago, childhood friends.

Something in me wants to see the shining lights they’ve all become. Something in me would love to know they all had wonderful adventures and are living this life with gusto.

Life is very strange. It often meanders.

I had a dream last night that I walked through a neighborhood, marked with southern California vegetation and style.

I saw a gathering of children and mothers. I looked up on a hill towards a large building. It was the Church of Disney. All the young girls were dressed in short Cinderella drag and their faces were molded over in makeup that obscured their natural features.

I was disgusted by the existence of this confluence of religion, worship and fantasy-based commerce.

Many of us grow up with a full set of ideas about the world that are the result of film, TV, books. We can have a tough time telling fiction from reality.

Disney products, especially, altered the minds of many young women. Stories of Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty and of abandoned children who always manage to find their way back home set up certain expectations.

Enchanting, dramatic and sentimental films, Hollywood classics  made us feel we live in a very special world. I still believe I am wearing Hollywood-colored glasses a great deal of the time. I think thta’s why I hate to go to WalMart and feel the big contradiction.

John Casavettes said this: “Maybe there never was an America maybe it was all Frank Capra.

We love stories and stories are good. I make up stories in my head all the time, about people I don’t know, about the beautiful grooviness I imagine for a particular setting I see. I long to have the story of someone I’ve known have a sweet icing-on-the-cake ending.

I could find few from my past on Facebook but one really sad find was the present day photo of a formerly sweet, simple hippie boy from my hometown.

We lived on a commune in the high desert. His girlfriend was the coolest person I’d ever met. He had a beautiful doggie, a chocolate Lab, and an interesting best pal from our shared home town of Santa Ana.

Both of us are Aries, too.

In his Facebook photo he was all got up in a suit and tie. I got the vibe of a minister. I got the vibe of “please somebody love me,” a sort of desperate I’m-looking-for-women intent. I guess there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe this former hippie lad has more Pisces than I. Maybe he could never find the right bowl to swim in.

I know that although he married the cool girl and they had a couple of babies they eventually divorced. I found that out reading the cool girl’s obituary last year.

I’m so thankful my partner is right for me and strong in all the way that matter to me and that we share the same values — art for art’s sake, nonmaterialism, a longing for peace, a respect for all creatures and entities of the earth and beyond. That was a hippie mentality but the world sometimes warps the tender. Some of the stories we hear send us onto false paths.  We’ve all been at least part way down a wrong road.

You can let your light shine no matter where you are walking and maybe this guy, this former hippie youth shines in his own way, even trussed up like a banker. We all go through changes. Hell, I wear ties.

The Church of Disney and Capra have given me a lot to wake up from but there is a perfection in all effort no matter how sloppy, and even if the picture comes out a little bent and fuzzy it’s all good work.

Kitty’s New Friend

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My grandmother’s cat, Sam, has a new friend.

Sam often camps out on the red rug in front of the open door. He enjoys the smells of the vegetation, puzzles at the rain, the wind, falling leaves.

SamHe watches the squirrels run crazily through the front and side ya. They rarely stop their manic motion.

Neighbor cats wander by some days but Sam’s new friend is a bluejay.

This bird is smaller than some, less bright blue than some. Does that mean it’s a female?

It drops onto the cement drive and hops about right in front of the screen door peppering it’s hello dance with loud cries.

BlueJaynSamYou can see the bird on the far left through the screen door.

I swear it’s no accident. It’s not that Sam just happens to be there. The bird really seems to be communicating with Sam and Sam replies.

Sam will hear the bluejay. He will cry to have the door opened. He’ll sit down and then the bird will alight and begin her birdie squawks, bouncing closer to where Sam sits captivated by the performance. He catches site of the bird and squeaks in a very strange way. Quick little cries that seem almost involuntary.

It’s happened almost everyday this week.

BJnSamBMy photos caught the bird at a bit of a distance but she starts out right near the screen door.

I guess their exchange has been going on for awhile. I just never realized the dual intention to hang out, to communicate.

Frank is far more tuned in to animals. He noticed that a larger bluejay habitually bedeviled the calico cat who comes to lap up water that has leaked from out garden hose.

That bluejay behaves more aggressively. Dive bombing the calico in retaliation for attacks the cat has made. Maybe it’s a game for all of them.

It does seem fairly gentle especially in comparison to the vicious rumble that woke me up in the wee hours of this morning.

Two critters were engaged in a rough tussle, sliding and slamming around on the back walk way near our bedroom. One creature was making a frightening noise — a seething sort of hiss that rose to a strange, short bark. It wasn’t a dog, unless it was a rabid one. It sounded like a wolverine.

They other participant was easily identifiable as a cat who, from the sound of it’s fearful shriek, got the worst of the damage.

“WTF was that?” I said.

Frank, observer of the local wildlife, was pretty sure the bad ass in the duel was a raccoon.

Aside from the occasional procyon assassin it’s very pleasant here and I love it when it feels so very Beatrix Potter.

Alcatraz, My Friend

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This building sits near the  prison on Alcatraz Island. It looks a lot like something from one of my dreams. 

I had dreamed that Frank and I were driving down a street in San Francisco. We were looking for a hotel and didn’t want to spend too much money. We passed this place (see sketch) and it was called “Home.” It was very charming and seemed a good choice. We drove on and passed a similar one called “Friend.” 

 It is not so unusual to have conjured a building near a federal prison. I was raised by my grandparents and our “family vacations” were often visits to places where my dad or uncle were incarcerated. We traveled to San Francisco once to visit my uncle Pat. He was doing 15 years in San Quentin, which is actually in Marin County.

This is my sister Colleen and I on that trip to the cold north. It must be  about 1958. I don’t look too happy about to be there.

It’s always freaky to visit places that your closest relatives are embarrassed to talk about. You’re in the midst of doing the shit and no one’s saying much. I’m sure, as small children, we must have inquired about our destination repeatedly. I wish I remembered their replies. 

We actually went camping and stuff, too.

It was a strange childhood. Most of it was pretty calm, safe, sunny-southern-California suburban but we always knew something was fishy.

The whole hush hush routine is a joke. Kid’s have a built-in bullshit detector.

The real contradictions didn’t start until the imprisoned pigeons came home to roost. That made the 60s even more interesting and at time frightening than you might imagine.

Ever see that Alfred Hitchcock film “Shadow of a Doubt” with Joseph Cotten and Teresa Wright?

I’ll explain about all this in more depth later.

On the positive side my dream sketch also resembles this sweet house in Bernal Heights.

 I’ve decided I’m meant to retire to Bernal Heights and that somehow by some amazing trick of fate or goodwill from all the spirit beings who care for me, some stranger will walk up to me one day when I least expect it and offer to let me live in this beautiful neighborhood.

I dream and dream.

More buildings and gardens in San Francisco can be found in this great blog Whoreticulture.  It has a nice post on a place to find cool old recovered building materials in S.F.

This person’s bio is also very inviting. It was written by a male, chuck b., a chemist and a garden lover. It looks like chuck routinely takes photographic tours of great environments. Check it out. Here’s his new blog – My back 40.

I have decided to get to work on a portrait of Charles Manson for a blog post I have coming up. 

I’m not trying to freak you out. Honest.

I better get to work.