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Branding, Homer-Drool Style

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I am admittedly donut obsessed. I do not eat them but I love their simplicity, their roundness, their colorful icing and sprinkles. That is why I make my donuts BIG.

I have a picture of a redheaded Soft Girl adorning the back window of the car just below the DarcyArts/Etsy graphic. I decided I needed some flash for the front.

The pink sprinkled plastic donut on my hood is perfect.  Mini, semi-passive street theater.

You recall my singing the praises of dog toys as an unrecognized source of very interesting creations. Well, this donut is proof of that. I thought I’d take a chance and pop into the PetSmart and there it was.

I’m fighting the urge to make tiny little one inch donuts and glue them all over the wind sheer tail thingy at the back of the car.

It’s all about promotion for DarcyArts — Dolls and Donuts.

Now I need to add a small curly star. I can hang it just inside the back window.

Namaste, fun lovers. ♥

Whip It!

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My wonderful Soft Boy benefactor/buyer has come up with another really, really cool request. I am to create a Devo doll dressed in Whip It fashion with goggles and all.

I will be on the hunt for materials with which to build the dome.

I’ve picked up some semi goggles but will keep my eye open for small more full-on science geek goggles.

I am having so much fun making these dolls. It is off to work after finishing the last drink of my morning tea.

Go forward, move ahead, try to detect it, it’s not to late, to whip it, whip it good.

Fun with Few Carbs

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I’ve got donuts on my mind but I did not eat any deep fried temptation. No, it was a half a raisin bagel with cream cheese.

Okay, I slathered it on in a big piggish smear but it wasn’t a donut.

I may have felt safe because I do not eat pasta the way the people who populate Fellini’s Roma eat pasta. If you are having a hard time cutting out the carbos watch Roma. So much fatty flesh.

I accept that voluptuous women turned up to 11 on the porky scale can be sexy. I get that all the generous-figured women are meant to represent the magnificent, sensual Bachanalian lust for life and Rome on the grand scale.  I just imagine not being able to breathe well. I feel the habitually distended stomach pushing against the surrounding organs, cramping their operating style.

It does not seem sexy.

On a non-fattening note, I may have a custom donut job coming through. Someone asked if I could do this devil’s-food-with-white-icing donut pillow in a different color.

I love incorporating other’s suggestions.

It’s fun. It’s positive interaction. I have been bouyed on the wings of this sort of cooperation and I can work in my cozy little cottage. Deeelight!

Dig this: “Doing some thing where play is at the heart of every interaction is implicitly political.” That quote is from Russel Wilcox a laser engineer at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. I read it in Daniel Pinchbeck’s Breaking Open the Head.

I felt I had to interject that piece of wisdom because I so often talk about fun. In my world fun does not need to be justified.

Octo Rosie has her eye on you.

Benefactors, Zombies, Draculas, Werewolves

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I believe I must now refer to Mail Chimp as my dear benefactor.

I am to render the next six chimps in Halloween costume! Two Dracula, two Werewolf and two brain-eating Zombie will leave the DarcyArts workshop mid-October.

I have been readying chimps parts since our late summer company departed and so I am able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Zombie superhero toys. Nice. From

Dracula is superbly simple:

Black and white. Fuck those southern white trash zombies.

I will make removable masks, glasses, etc. for the chimps.

Mail Chimp’s name is Freddie!

Freddie must be recognizable as the Mail Chimp icon so that is part of it, the obvious facade.

Dude, I’m so there.

Today I do a bit of thrift store combing and halloween accessory hunting. What fun.

I think I picked up arcane language usage when young by  steeping myself in the cinema of the 30s. Rather.

Could you hear the butler saying that word nearly under his breath?

Classic werewolf illustration from BigTimeAttic

Keep your eyes peeled. You’ll see my progress on the Halloween promotional chimp project as I pull the critters out of the ether.

FeetGlareHandsThumbsPrimate limbs are taking over the kitchen work space.


By all means, stay tuned.

Fooling Around

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After consulting a good book on Yods, an astrological aspect in my chart that is due to be bothered anew Oct. 30th, I have decided to chill the fuck out.

More music in my life, more rest and meditation and more fooling around.

SecretAgentShadowHere is a bit of photographic fun I had this morning. This is my secret agent shadow shot.

I’m working through the shadow realms of my being. Prescriptions for those of us with yods say:

Let it be, believe and let the magic happen.

I am a pusher, a digger, an engineer. I want to make it happen. I have to give up the steering wheel for a while and let it roll.

FlowersDriedCropIt may be time to reread a memoir by a deeply respected yod buddy, Carl Jung.

Memories, Dreams Reflections

Jung was a master at letting his inner workings unfold, a master at self-interpretation, self-realization, a master of trusting himself to gracefully conduct all the elements.

MirrorsSlimI need to catch the light. Open up and let those really subtle hints sink in.

I need to abandon the gerbil wheel for a while, even more than I have done by changing my career (such as it was) so brutally.

I need to play my guitars, enjoy the cool weather and trust.

Ramone Rampage

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Okay, it wasn’t exactly a rampage but it was tons of great fun.

I got to my Johnny Ramone painting project and just couldn’t put it down!

johhnyramonenonprintI never imagined I would paint Johnny but I love requests.

I’m in my pink phase so I put Johnny on a pink background. Goes well with the black leather jacket.

I played Ramones Mania while I painted. I thought of sweet Joey and of Johnny stealing his girl, his broken heart, teardrops, his sweet Taurus sadness.

The girl was no good for Joey because she didn’t really feel him but you can’t stop feeling hurt just by reasoning your way through the dark. Psychotherapy, indeed.

eyeJohnny prints are over at DarcyArts.

Mr. Moises Domingo Rios asked for Townes Van Zandt.

townescropplusJessica Pratt suggested the columbines when I said I wanted to put flowers on the border.

They are mentioned in Townes’ sad, beautiful song, Columbine.

“Now breath upon the petals fine,” said Townes.

Colby Drosher requested David Essex.

Never in a million years would I have painted David Essex.

I really liked the portrait.

I went with polka dots on his shirt. I love to paint faces, so sue me art-elitists. I’m happy as a hog.

davidessexcropOh, Mr. Mick Jagger won’tcha sing some country blues for me.

Yes, Mick is going on my list of portraits to do.

Angus Young is next. Then Arthur Lee. I’ve had him sketched for so long.

And then Poison Ivy and the late Lux Interior, and . . .

Just ask people. I take requests.

Funky Whale

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Today may be the last day for making little gifts and taking trips to the post office where I’ve been nearly every day for the last 10 days.

This is my funky navy blue whale.

I’ve gone through my first Etsy Christmas rush. At least I’m assuming it’s about over and I made it just fine but then we’re talking about a modest volume of handmade goods but still, definitely a thrill.

Happy Birthday Keith Richards!! 65 years.