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Toy Sushi, Cute, Kiss, Kiss

Posted in Art, dreams, etsy, film, plush critters, television with tags , , , on January 30, 2009 by darcyarts

There are some wonderfully weird plush toys out there.

In Japan they make stuffed sushi.

Heidi Kenney makes really cute things that also includes stuffed toy food items. Check out her artish blog, My Paper Crane.

There are dollies out there that, well,  appear to be emotionally disturbed. Look at Damned Dollies.

Bumblebird at Etsy has made some very cute dolls.

Experiencing some kind of warped Tim Burton loyalty, I pondered whether I would see the animated film Caroline.

Cinematically it looked slightly less than Burtonish. It was made by the “director” of Nightmare Before Christmas, Henry Selick, but does not have Tim Burton as creator.

Instead it is Neil Gaiman. I had only a sort of negative association stuck in the back of my mind when I heard the name. A vague violent comics repulsion (Sandman?), but I don’t really know anything about his work. Hey, N. Gaiman is really cute, though.

Hmmm. Am I really that shallow?

No, but I will explore his ouvre more carefully.

He’s British. Nice green eyes.

I’m pretty sure I’ll see it now. I caught the 15-minute promo on HBO and drooled jealously over the lucky people engaged in the fine art work  rendering every element used for creating the stop-motion film. WOW. See that 15-minute promo if you can.

As 30-Rock’s Liz Lemon says about food-related temptations:

“I want to go to that place.”

Yesterday I relisted two old squid pals in my Etsy shop.

redstarsquidduoclI had taken these two red star squid to the Shasta Arts Council Holiday sale and secretly hoped no one would buy them. I’d formed an attachment to them, especially the big, wide one.

I was stoked to see them sitting there on  post-sale pick-up day. Ah, reunited and it feels so good. I will make a fresh pair for the next buyer.

I still have two redhead portraits from my “Pink” series and a lavender whale plush critter in the gift shop at Old City Hall. You can visit them there.


This was an experiment in a mod face. She seems like she would really ask you a lot of questions if she was at all interested in you.

The color I used for her lips remind me of an orchid.

On both of the redhead paintings I used small fakey crystal rhinestones in the eyes.

This photo looks like the “before” rhinestones. The next is “after”.

redhead2superclaAccusing Eyes!!!!!

I didn’t do it!!!!

For some reason this redhead looks old fashion to me.  I decided she would be a paramour of Homer Simpson father. Even though there is no time in cartoons I think she’s from the late 30s.