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Little Sprouts

Posted in Art, constructions, dolls, gardening, handmade with tags , , , on April 3, 2011 by darcyarts

The goal is to get these girls’ heads attached. First there is the matter of stitching some comely costumes — red and pink dresses and little tutus.

That is going on this weekend at DarcyArts work space.

Once the bodies are clothed the heads are carefully and securely sewn on. Soon we’ll have four girls ready to met their real life counterparts.

How cool is that?

After finishing the heads I took a bit of time to enjoy my birthday.

Frank and I decided on a quiet afternoon at home with a movie and one of our favorite foods — chile relllenos.

It was a beautiful sunny day and all was smooth on this Saturday. I needed to relax. I take far too little time for just chilling down. Work is almost always on my mind when I am conscious. I do get plenty of sleep but once I’m awake it’s GO.


Once the sun is here to stay we’ll start adding to this years garden. It looks like we will have a lot of delicious tomatoes  to devour.

We are up to nine Paul Robeson tomato seedlings so far. We’ve got them inside under gro lights where they seem to be quite cozy.

We have one little pot  is still unproductive but how many tomato plants can our small container garden accommodate?

I think I can get three plants into the deep soil box, two into the last remaining blue rectangular bucket/box and I have two additional empty pots. I’ll have to pickup a few more before these guys are ready for outdoor living.


This week will also see the start of custom made Big Prince and Elvis dolls. Good fun, there. Whoo hoo! Pix next week.

Full Body Mick

Posted in constructions, cute, design, dolls, handmade with tags , , , on June 29, 2010 by darcyarts

He’s done. He’s oddly lanky. It’s that freakishly long  torso.

I love The Rolling Stone’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus but dread the Stones performance a bit for Brian looking so swollen, dazed and sausage-like but most especially for being exposed to Mick’s weird torso.

I’m stilted, cringing, as Sympathy for the Devil goes on knowing Mick will soon remove his shirt. No, Mick, no.

Please allow me to introduce myself . . .

Okay, but don’t remove your clothing.

I have spells of making fun of Mick but as my daughter, Jessica, reminds me that, despite my ragging,  I really love Mick.

She’s right. You gotta love Mick. He’s an integral part of the rock package. He’s practically an archetype.

Speaking of too long, have you seen Mick’s new girlfriend, L’wren Scott? She’s 6′ 3″, dark and skinny.

Here is a really nice Stones-related site with good pix of the Jagger/Richards/Watts women and offspring. Lizzie Jagger is gorgeous. Good work dear, Jerry.

Can I just say that I love making The Soft Boys? I’ve got Iggy and Ziggy era David Bowie coming up next. I want to do Patti Smith and Georgia O’Keeffe, Yayoi Kusama and more Fridas.

I may get to Dee Dee Ramone and dang, Robyn Hitchcock must come soon! He’s the inventor of the Soft Boy name. ♥

Today — Donuts! I have to complete the third “Big” donut to ship to Pittsburg ASAP.

I love making donuts, too. I’m going to make plenty to stock up for the upcoming holiday season. Dolls and Donuts are my passion. 🙂

Raw Power Crazies

Posted in music, projects with tags , , on December 8, 2008 by darcyarts

Picture from this site.

I took the Stooges “Raw Power” out to the car and slipped it into the CD player.  It’s called Raw Power for a reason and that reason is obvious in the first five seconds. Then it just keeps blossoming like “a nuclear ‘A’ bomb.”


This music always gets me cranked up but this time it got laced into a Walter Mitty flight of fantasy.

I imagine that I have a huge work space in an industrial setting in the heart of a city. It has windows composed of a couple of dozen individual squares, the panes weathered and milky with age.

I work out every day, hard, until I drip sweat. I execute squats, kicks jumps, bends. I shimmy up ropes and swing like a monkey.


This is the place where my band and I meet everyday, flip the switches on our amps, slam the drumsticks on the skin and work our way through every song on Raw Power.

“Dance to the beat of the living dead. Lose sleep baby and stay away from bed.”

Months later I’m ripped and we’re ready to go. We launch the granny girl-band Raw Power tour. We hit the venues with a vengence and bring down the house every single night.

“Raw Power is more than soul. Raw power got a daughter called rock and roll. Raw power no, hey just wont quit. Raw Power I can feel it.”

New Head Goods Arrive

Posted in Art, dreams, music, writing with tags , , , , , on October 28, 2008 by darcyarts

I had a real treat waiting for me when I got home last night, I mean besides, Frank.

Two books I ordered from Amazon had arrived.

One is a rock novel, Say Goodbye: The Laurie Moss Story,” about a woman who grapples with fame in the music biz.

Lewis Shiner, a man who lives in Durham, North Carolina wrote the story. It was published by St. Martin’s Griffin press.


Here’s a jacket blurb:

“Shiner has written a fine novel about rock ‘n’ roll by believing more in muscian’s human nature than in their mythologies.” — Mark Athitakis, New York Times Book Review.


“Like Tom Perotta’s The Wishbones, Jessica Hagedorn’s The Gangster of Love, or Nick Hornby’s two novels, it’s an emotionally credible account of how rock’s grandiosity affects down-to-earth lives.” — Eric Weisbard, Village Voice.

And lastly:

“Rock and Roll literature? It seems like an oxymoron, but Shiner pulls it off.” — Laura Morgan, Entertainment Weekly.

I have long desired to pull it off, myself. I spent years trying to get a coherent story out of my head. The imagining, envisioning stage was delightful and I could do it anytime and any place I wanted.

I met two characters that bounced boldly and bawdily out of the ether and demaned to be given life.


Musician twins Stevie (left) and Dee Darcy (right) rocked my world. I named my future creative enterprises for them.

The story went from scratch to hundreds of pages over the course of that long experiement.

It allowed me to see how much I didn’t know, how truly immature I am and worse how much I lean toward the romantic and soap operatic. So, I spent another few years recoiling from that self-revelation, getting distracted by paid scribe work which killed my playtime thrill with it as a giddy refreshing enterprise. Such is life but only temporarily.

I intended for this painting to be Stevie and Dee in the canyon where they lives but it turned out to be Dee and an adolescent relative. Doh!

Here is a lovely Klimt picture and rich brick-colored beads stuffed in a section of my handy, hold-everything student lamp. Another redhead.

Recently, I decided that I would read everything I could to put myself back into the rock-novel head space.

I started reading the 33 1/3 books and they are really a direct return to places and spaces in my life that music occupied.

I’m one of those people who spent a great part of my life obsessed with music. I love it and many of the stylie things that have come from it appeal to me.

Bob Dylan was one of my early fashion idols. That slick style he adopted after his trips to England in the early 60’s was unparalled.


Bob in polka dots and an op art handkerchief and young Richard Manuel, still all shiny.

Rock n Roll was just the slice of pie that I grew up drooling over and I long to make my vision come through it’s lense.

Yeah, things have changed over the decades. Rock as a defining term has gone through some degree of transformation. I need to digest that, too.

This girl came late to the Rock party but she has it in her bones:

Being a Chicana she’s also a perfect seguey into the other book I received.

What a great coat Kat von D has on here.

Okay, tommorrow Cine Mexicano.

Picking and Choosing

Posted in Art, film with tags , , , , , on October 22, 2008 by darcyarts

I am still working on what itemsto send to Old City Hall.

I brought out these two paintings:

Redheads — the first came out looking like a hot chick form the 40s that Homer Simpson’s dad my have been in love with back when he was young and frisky.

The second is a modern chick with glasses and a penetrating gaze.

Boys, I know you know what you did to deserve it.

I love red and pink and explored those colors a bit here.

Another thing theses imaginary portraits have in common is the use of rhinestones in the pupils.

I have also added a piece of red pipe cleaner to the bottom pic.

I’m thinking about taking in two of my decorated candles.

There is the glitzy Elvis:

And the sparking Dos Charros for which I used a repurposed Mexican movie poster image:

For these I mixed water color, Dr. Martin’s dyes, with mod podge to make a translucent color that would dry hard. Yes, there is some glitter glue thrown in for good measure.

You can see the gold on the sombrero and red glitter on the woman’s dress. I put a line of mirrors and beads on the top and bottom of this candle, too.

I have been really inspired by Mexican cinema. The poster art is very cool. I’m waiting for this book to arrive from Oregon so I can familiarize myself with the artists.

The image used for the cover of the book is one of my favorites.

I made a candle from this image too. I gave it to my former RS editor, Pat Butler, as a going away present. I love him. It’s odd to note but the RS exodus started with his departure.

How flipping cool is this?

Lazy Sunday, Look Into My Eyes

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Strolling through old favorites at Etsy this morning as always I discovered new things there. So many cool peeps producing wonderful new things. So much good work to stumble upon. It made me feel lazy.

Yes, I have had the push of Virgo stimulation with those four, now only three planets in that busy sign. The moon is there with the Sun all Sunday. I did have legitimate distractions. Red-Tape type business to attend to and oh, yes, the photo shoot. All the fabulous things fill a fabulous life.

I learned today at Etsy that you can make natural dies. the technique is only for natural fabrics because you have to boil the shit out of them. You can use yellow onion husks, red cabbage and/or tumeric. I guess there are probably plenty more natural dye producing things you can use and I’m sure they can be found online. I’ll bet if I boiled a white undershirt for 45 minutes in a vat of coffee it would get brown or at least beige (add salt to make the dye adhere). I was craving a beige undershirt only days ago. Hey, I could add some tumeric to the coffee and have that wonderful tobacco brown for which I have been lusting of late!

I found this crazy woman artist at CallowLilyArt

This cross is beautiful. She had lots of bold neck charms and other things, shoes even, bags, etc. They’re a little expensive for me. If I was going to buy something it would be this cross.

This artist works in Ukiah. The bio portion of the Etsy shop gives only a birthdate of January 22. Mystique works, eh?

Mystique is so not my style.

What’s funny is that I can imagine that there are many people with whom I work who are completely mystified by me. They probably are confused my stylie tendencies. There is only two or maybe three women in the whole building who radiate authentic cool. I finally spoke to an especially wonderful girl last week. She’s a rock chick deep down and as is my way, I have a soul crush on her beautiful energy.

I bought a bunch of buttons from mymy. I’m going to give her a little present.

I’m a dizzy-headed dreamer but I can work in this world despite the callous and shitty tendencies of some entities.

I was surely a bit depressed by reading the dependable Rockie Horoscope over at LA WEEKLY.

But then so was she.

“It’s John McCain’s 72nd birthday, and after writing a detailed description of his progressed chart, I got depressed and bailed. Sorry,” Rockie said.

It looks, astrologically, as if McCain might stand a good chance of being victorious in this year’s presidential election.

Thinking about that possibility makes me feel like all the air got sucked out of the room.

You can read Rockie’s weekly horoscope here.

All the planets that are tripping through Virgo now are on their way into Libra next. Mercury, Venus and Mars are already there. In my chart that means they are gathering in my fifth house. The house of creativity, lovers, recreation. I’ll be doing more art work. Want a freebie astro chart? Go to astrolabe.

These are photo portraits of my dunce figure. Now he has mystique.

The photo with the orange background was taken by the light of our sparkle-glow lamp.

The red one was engineered inside my handmade light box.

A simple geeky being looking out at the world. Is there an autobiographical element you ask. Maybe.

I have in the past whined about my desire to bring some coherence to my Etsy shop.

I see one unifying factor that haunts every page. All the faces and creatures and beings there are staring out at the beholder. I wonder if that unnerves people.

“There are so many pairs of eyes looking at me,” Frank said of the art up eveywhere in our old bedroom. It was  my snug first studio.

The walls and interior spaces were covered with faces and in the faces, eyes. Eyes are the window of the soul. I love to look into people’s eyes.

How often do I get to do it?  I liked looking into the green eyes of that cool rocker girl at work, the one with the short dark hair with magenta highlights. She is really in there and full of spirit fire.