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Girly Skulls

Posted in Art, constructions, cute, etsy, projects with tags , , , , , , on July 27, 2009 by darcyarts

Still finishing off the details of the reworked workspace, Sunday, I moved on to using the reincarnated cutting table.

CuttingTableThat’s my Lou Reed block print on a paper towel hanging off the brick on the left.

All this glorious space was just waiting to be used.

I pulled out some really cute cloth to try a design I’d dreamed up a few days before I began the big space overhaul.

This patterned material has a repeating image of  a sparkling girly skull and crossbones. The girl skulls are smiling and sporting a black bow. They have black-heart eye sockets and are surrounded by swirly curlyques.

But why go on like this. Here’s a photo image of the end result.

GirlySkullCapAPretty darn cute, eh? I love this hat.

I decided I would cut just one from the bolt and sew a frame around the image.

I am going to try these in various color combos — on black with a grey or dark pink frame, on pink with a black frame.

All my caps are super warm and comfy. That may not be such a welcome image this time of year, especially in places like Redding where we are feeling the 108 degrees, but check the DarcyArts shop mid-August for the premiere of my fresh line of head gear.

I’ll give you an exact date early in the month.

GirlySkullCap 006

All you folks in the cooler places by the sea — I’m looking at you San Francisco — spread the word. You can have your caps all year round and yes, you will be digging them.

GirlySkullCapMedPrior to this cute skull find I decided I would try the framed image cap with my Iggy Pop Raw Power image.

I’ll have to cut Iggy off at the shoulders. He won’t mind. He’s a mighty man who’s done great work. His manhood is assured in a number of ways. Oh, stop.

I used the embroidery hoop silkscreen technique on pieces of Tshirt material to make patches. Handy people can buy them and sew them onto anything they want adorned with Iggy.

The fabu photographer Tricia Cluck recently purchased an Iggy Patch to make a special gift for a beloved two year old.

IggyCapCropI think this cropped version of the Iggy image would look great on just about any color.

Trisha Cluck works with artist Jesse Mosher, a maker of rock images himself and a fellow etsian.

Mosher has been inspired by a lot of the same people I admire.

One of my favorites is his black and white Keith Relf. Ever heard of Keith Relf? He’s was the singer/harpist for one of the greatest Bristish bands, eva.

The Yardbirds, were meaty with guitar sound pioneer Jeff Beck and for a nano second, blues purist  Eric Clapton (snooze) and the magnificent and super attractive (still is) Chris Dreja. The rhythm section with the churning groove fewas made up of fine drummer Jim McCarty and original bassist Paul Samwell-Smith.

The Mosher image is simple and beautiful and I wish I had the bucks to buy it. Buy my hats people of the world and I’ll spread the cha chang.

Taking a trip down a well trodden lane, I loved the Yardbirds well. They rocked.