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Sharing your personal vision

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It’s Tuesday. I’ve been to the paper to finish a story for DATE. It was a pleasure writing about Greg Brown who will be playing the Cascade Theater here in Redding, CA.

I read that he is now married to Iris Dement. It seemed like totally knew information to me at first but then I wondered if I hadn’t heard it years back (they’ve been married since 2002) and the fact just became one of those completely gone pieces of information that I try not to think are the beginnings of Alzheimers.

Anyway, the thought of two such unique artists living under one roof gave me a thrill. Greg Brown is such a romantic and deeply earthy true poet and she too is sincere and so talented. They live in Iowa on his grandpa’s farm. Sometimes they live at her place.

When I called him to ask that he take a look at the questions I’d emailed him for my story. they had just gotten home from their trip to California for his “wife’s birthday.” I didn’t know (or remember) as I listened to the baritone-voiced Brown say the words that it was Iris Dement. It’s still thrilling to conjure images of the two of them just being in their lives. Geez, and I thought I’d outgrown my starstruckness.

It’s not like it sounds. I get excited by people’s energy not by the fact that they are famous. It’s a soul crush that has nothing to do with gender or sex.

A cool etsian hearted me recently. Art seems to communitcate the inherent mojo of the artist. That’s one of it’s powers. That’s why some rich-ass person will pay millions of dollars for a painting by a man that was completely ignored in his own time.


Eventually the word of your brilliance, your super-power mojo gets around.

So check this woman out. She’s Blackstitchart on etsy. I heart her, too. Can you feel it out in Tejas now?