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Who are We?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , , on May 24, 2008 by darcyarts

I was just strolling, visually, through the long list of blogs that i have saved in my favorites on this computer.

I found my way to a blog with beautiful pictures and interesting words, a personal diary of a life and a person living it bravely through fresh changes.

I had no idea who the person was. A look at the blog roll list narrowed it down. It was someone related to my “day” job which is really my “afternoon weekends” job. The references in the earliests post about leaving the advertising department gave me more clues but I don’t know the person’s name.

Are we not supposed to care anymore or is it a new meld of private/public existence?

My name is not on my blog. There must be a profile element here. I think I filled one out when I started this blog.

I have an old picture attached to the initial sign in spot.

I could have a stand in image since I am absolutely the least photogenic person alive. I would post that image at the top of the page on each post. That is Guilietta Masina at the top of this page. I fell in love with her whe I first saw La Strata. Ah, Fellini! And then more so with Nights of Cabiria.

I do not look much like Guilietta but I loved her character in La Strata, her innocence and faith.

Here I am and not long ago.

My Gemini Rising is showing.

Thre is a bright comic calendar hanging on the wall behind me.


I vow to use my next three days off knitting together creations in color, uniting characters that i have invented in all the different forms in Darcyarts.Etsy shop. It will be an undertaking that will stretch out for weeks.

I may become discouraged. I may bitch and moan.

I will do it to it.