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Smashing Film Experience!!

Posted in Art, esoterica, film with tags , , , on December 28, 2009 by darcyarts

We are off this morning to go and see another of this years potential Award Season nominees.

This is it, baby. Films galore. Almost like going to Disneyland.

I still need to do that for Frank. Drag him through the place where I grew up. Walt Disney’s wonderpark still enchants. But today we mine cinematic wonders.

Avatar is our choice. We wanted to let most of  the holiday crowd fall off. Monday is a pretty slow day for film.

I sort of think James Cameron is a dick but I’m still open minded until I see a film.

We’ve seen three films so far at Anderson Prime 11 Cinemas, the worlds most comfortable theaters. We’ve got another four to see among those currently playing. Keep ’em coming, say I.

The Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes was a hyper masculine, explosion-filled speed-rush of a mess made platable by the fine acting of Robert Downey and Jude Law. I love Robert Downey, as does everyone, I presume. Sherlock Holmes is a dependable storyforce that even Guy Richie can’t completely fuck up. I know many will disagree with my opinion. I’m not of the flash video game split-second uber cognition generation. I need something, ideally, that unfolds a little more slowly. I like to linger over a cinematic environment. Young directors, do not be afraid to be lavish, lush and a bit more languid with the camera shots. What are you afraid of?

I think Jane Campion has trumped all young macho flash explosion heads with her super ballsy slooow, rich, gentle yet passionate love story in Bright Star. Hurrah! Do not miss it. Beautiful, handsome, sweet, sad, satisfying. There was a time children before flash. Flash was an eternal feeling. Dream it.