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Faces Without Hair

Posted in constructions, dolls, handmade, rock n roll with tags , , on April 22, 2011 by darcyarts

They never look as good before they gotten their hair.

Elvis face still needs some shading, maybe a nose line.

I’m putting in the details on the bodies, little nips and tucks.

I like to change up the work day to day. It seems to take me a very long time to get the facial details to my liking and I will be adding or subtracting elements right up until the dolls get into their shipping boxes.

Cutting and styling the fleece hair is by far my favorite part of this process. It makes the face take shape.

It is going to be very interesting to create a protruding Pompadour for big E!

I just love this picture of the hair!! Masterful waves, dude. Surf’s up in Elvis’ do.

Now it is off to the stitching kitchen before the sun is up.

More pix of heads with hair and bodies soon.



Posted in esoterica with tags , , , on July 28, 2009 by darcyarts

YellowHair 004I’d had enough of the post Vampire Red fade to yellow and decided to get back with my old used to be.


I pulled the box-with-the-fox red off the shelf at the natural foods store. Picked up some wheat grass,  a Guru drink, some sprouts and resisted the temptation of a crumbly scone.

At home I poured the green herbish powder into a glass bowl, added water, strirred it up with a chop stick and stuck it in the microslave.

Reheat 2. The soup setting. Let cool.

Cover the yellow hair in warm mud. Apply hair dryer to plastic wrapped head. Sew a few chimp hands. Remove bag and rinse.

CopperHeadMEAh, better. This was an early morning shot.  I’m groggy and I look it but I feel so special with my unrealistic copper tresses.

The bangs are the result of a new hair cutting technique. I combed the hair on the crown forward and did a Prince Valiant thing. It will look better when it grows out.


I worked up my silk screen prints of Iggy. He looks good.


I like both the very dark one and the image with some white in it.

This image may need a white frame or gold.

I could see silver, too. I will have to experiment with materials other than fleece.

I have been thinking that I could just sew it straight onto the hat with interesting thread. They have metallics at JoAnn’s. I have a coupon. Don’t try to stop me.

Next up, a silkscreen of this image:

BolanTopHat♥Marc Bolan in his top hat will make a lovely adornment for a topper.


I could never understand
The wind at all
Was like a ball of love
I could never never see
The cosmic sea
Was like a bumblebee
And when I’m sad
I slide

I have never never kissed
A car before It’s like a door
I have always always
Grown my own before
All schools are strange
And when I’m sad
I slide

I have never never
Nailed a nose before
That’s how the garden grows
I could never understand
The wind at all
Was like a ball of love
And when I’m sad
I slide

Watch now I’m gonna slide