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Maybe Head Form

Posted in constructions, cute, projects with tags , , , on August 20, 2009 by darcyarts

Today I am getting to the papier mache project that I first dreamed up last year.

I had envisioned making papier mache busts of females and males and inbetweenies.

I was swept downstream by other projects, custom orders and never had the time but today I am starting a bust, a head form, because necessity is the mother of invention.

I have hats and I think I need to have a head model for them.

I spent time browsing through head forms on line yesterday. Some are lovely, one, from eBiz Display, even had a rotating head. Not like Exorcist rotate.

It swivels into different positions and that would be really cool for photos but I have the darndest streak of DIY that rises up every time I look at a $26 postage charge.

I know that that charge is not exorbitant. I mail things and I know the heads are heavy. I should stop being cheap and just get one. I’d probably have it before I finish the homemade version.

She’s cute even without her wig. I’m not sure I see my cap wearers like this.

Maybe with this wig. But looking at this wig I wanted this model’s face but could not find it on the eBiz site. The more I looked at all the model faces the more I disliked their far away looks.

The bald model is cute and seems nice but really, doesn’t she look like she’s remembering something a little unsettling?

I love to paint faces and I think it will be fun to try to make an attractive head form.

Shall I buy it a wig?

Maybe. You can get a nice fakey one for $20.

I like this wild haired wig.

I get to play with starchy paste and paper strips today. We’ll see if I can bring it off.

The model heads are a bit small at 21″ and 22″ head circumference. With a wig that size would be fine.

Will I build in long locks on my head form?

I’ll need to let the papier mache dry thoroughly, then I’ll paint, then I’ll Mod Podge. I found two whole bottles of the crafters creamy goop at the Discovery Shop craft sale last month. I hope it’s semi-fresh.

I am also planning on making the first print from my new Marc Bolan silkscreen.

MBScreenA1The image is destined for a Big Fat Top Hat.

I decided I could make top hats from fleece if I had a ribbing type structure to help hold the band upright.

In the absence of whale bone I came up with a more eco-friendly substitute: nylon ties.

NylonTiesI bought a bag of 25 of these 36 inch ties at Home Depot. They cost about $10.

I will probably use only one tie per hat. Six, six inch strips should be perfect.

I’m not sure what the builders do with them. Bundle items of some sort?

TieBagThe bag hangs neatly on my material shelf.

I can’t wait to try this. If I have time I’ll try it today.


With Frank is school I will now adjust to our new schedule. No more long days. I’m back to built-in interruptions in my work time. I need the breaks though and I can combine the taxing trips with errands.

Today, I’m good until about 2:40 p.m. That means I’ve got to get to work right now. Have a great day, chil’ren. Reach for the stars.

Iggy Hat and Dumbledore

Posted in constructions, etsy with tags , , , , on August 11, 2009 by darcyarts

I got the printed silkscreen print of Iggy on to a cap.

IggyCLLooks good. These caps are so soft and warm. If you are in need of head gear for the fall/winter try one.

All the things I’ve been working on will be in the DarcyArts shop on Etsy this Saturday morning!

I’ve been working my buns off and I’m thrilled with the things I’ve created. Lots of ideas for new hats and caps are brimming in my head.

Okay, I just had a major shock.

I googled Darcyarts on etsy and the first listing was for an Etsy shop named Darcyart. She started her shop four days after I started mine in January 2008. Is this good or bad?

I’ll think about the positive aspects.

She’s in Connecticut, a graphic designer. I think I like her. She’s a Pisces and looks really cute in her avatar pic.

Back to the hats.

I’ve got nearly half the  hats and caps listed but in suspended animation over at Etsy. I’ll chip away at creating my listings on breaks from Chimp cWhiteStarFullonstruction.

I placed careful stitches in this white cap to anchor the rainbow yarn onto the body over the stars.

I want to try more elaborate yarn decor in the future, drawing on the Mexican, Mayan, Huichol Art that inspires me.

Those designs will be more time consuming so I mayhave to put them off until next year. I’m thinking positive and imagining that I willbe really busy creating the caps set to hatch next week end.

This little medieval looking pleated cap is cute. I’ve done the original in denim but it would be nice in a softer material. Renaissance Faire peeps, hit me. I do custom orders.

HatsFall 086I like this olden cap thing. I spend much time in Harry Potter flicks hypnotized by Dumbledore’s caps! I just love the texture and color and the little sparkly elements!

I will make my versions as soon as I can get to it. Will anyone wear them?

That brings me to another topic.

I am finding myself a real would-be champion of hat wear. What can I do to convince people to take up the cap? Not just on the rare occassion but everyday that the weather permits.

I want people to love hats.

Dumbledore has quite a few versions of his wizardy skull cap.

Engineered by some sweet hands, all.

I loved this extravaganza, too. I think I love Luna.

her eyes are dreamy.

DarcyArts Hat Preview

Posted in constructions, etsy with tags , , , on August 9, 2009 by darcyarts

It’s been deliciously cool for August in Redding. The last few days were a gift to my senses.

Also cool, is the fact that I am working toward meeting the goals I’ve set for the coming weeks.

I’m getting the hats photographed for listing them in the DarcyArts shop.

They will be in the shop next weekend!!

HatsFall 001

August 15th is the premiere date for my line of super comfy, warm and snuggly hats and caps.

HatsFall 010I am working with texture and image to create a unique offering of head gear.

HatsFall 022I’ll have the framed image caps and a the rainbow bill caps and pillbox caps.

RainbowHats 002I tend to make things in bold colors though I’ll have some more sedate things as well.

The moss green caps are really sweet.

I added a little streamer and floral element to the moss green cloche hat.

MossGreenClocheSideMossGreenCapThe moss -colored cap with the striped band is my favorite. I’ll wear one this fall, for sure.

It’s really thrilling to visit the thrift shops these days. I’ve got my eye set on rich colors, textures and really fine materials that are unique. I can visualize how they will be combined to bring off something that you won’t find anywhere else.

I’ve got a closet full of wonderful things to thrill hat lovers.

Treat you head right! Keep it warm this winter. Stop by DarcyArts August 15th!

Aretha’s Hat

Posted in Art, constructions, dreams with tags , , , , on July 30, 2009 by darcyarts

What better to do of an early morning than check out the work millinery on line.

A visual feast before my eyes while the sun is still crawling above the horizon.

This is Luke Song. He may be my new infatuation.

This photo is from a New York Times story about the maker of Aretha Franklin’s hat.

You know, the sassy, old schoolish but rad one she wore to the 2009 presidential inauguration.

The photographers for the NY Times did a smashing job with the photos that accompanied the March 3,  article on Luke  Song.

Song’s shop is in Detroit. He took over the business from his parents.

It’s a smashing success despite the fact that millinery “is a dead art”, sez Song.

But look at that color!! Look at the glitz. Beautiful Afro church ladies, I love you!

I’m stoked, as we, from the land of surf culture, say.

Laguooona, dude.

I learned amazing things from this NY Times article.

Song attended Parsons New School in NYC. His hat shop owning parents were aghast. ART ????

No Way. They refused to continue to pay for his educationwhen he abandoned biochemistry.

He sold a prized cello, says the NY Times, to buy the freedom to study art. He would be a painter. The burden of students loans persuaded him to work for the family business.

The mighty, mighty, Aretha Franklin, is one of Song’s best and most well know customers. She wore the now famous big bow hat to the inauguration and brought big blessing on the house of Song.

Dig it.

I have to admit  feeling a certain reverse-snobbishness when it comes to the NYT. The towering bastion of all that is literary I.D. sticks in my craw a bit. I do appreciate their history. it’s just a strange quirk of mine.

I have chuckled, silently, in my head, at the NYT commercials that bleed from MSNBC or CNN International on the weekends. I’m at the sewing machine, no hands free to mute the annoying barrage.

You know the bit. Youthful hipsters, walking in white space relate the specific NYT sections that seduced them.

” We met over the New York Times,” says half of a young couple.

“I think it was the Entertainment section,” the other half responds.

“I think it was the Fashion section,” the other partner corrects.


But, hey, here I am drooling like a big sweet dog over the Luke Song article in the NYT.

Mini Critters

Posted in cute, projects, shopping with tags , , on July 13, 2009 by darcyarts

Like I’ve said elsewhere, I can’t resist the cute. Check out these little guys from that craft and sewing sale I hit at the Discovery Shop.



Cutest puppy ever.

Totally irresistable.

To give you some idea of size the puppy is perched atop a large spool, as in thread.

Look at those ears.

These guys were in a little bag of miscellaneous things. I could not leave them behind. My dream dog is a Newfoundland but beagles are number two on my list.

BittyKittyHere’s a little bitty kitty on the same spool. I t looks like her tail got bobbed.

Too sweet.

The other kitty is relaxing.

Kitty1I’ve been making hats all morning. Need to get back on the chimp line.

Peg Board is Up

Posted in constructions, projects with tags , , on June 2, 2009 by darcyarts

The peg board is up on the wall in the kitchen/breakfast work space.

HatonWallAI did not use screws or glue to get it into place. I padded the ends of the board with stiff yet spongy packing material and jammed it (gently) between the two walls.

It has 14 pegs and should work just fine to hold the light weight caps.


Hats and Peg Board Project

Posted in projects with tags , , , on June 1, 2009 by darcyarts

ChimpOnewBagHatMaking the caps for the chimps has got me really excited about making caps for people. It’s an early creative urge. I started making myself  weird hats a few years ago and had lots of fun.

They used to make strange waist coats in the 80s or early 90s. the material was heavy and stiff. I bought a couple of jackets at thrift stores just because I loved the patterns. Finally, when I was struck by the millinery urge, I had the perfect material for hats.


MooseTopThe moose and the canoe are so cute.


I made these early hats from a Pakistani hat/cap model.

It’s simple. I was totally winging it.

The second hat has this lovely zig zag and star pattern.

Now that my millinery urge has returned full force I need somewhere to hang my hats.

That brings me to the pegboard project. It’s quick, easy and very inexpensive.

PegBoardLength2 These pix are not the best but here goes.

I bought a 2″ x 1″ 8 foot board and a 1/4 inch round stick at Home Depot. I’m sure the sticks have names a proper name. I think they are dowels.

The total cost = $2.15.

What follows are the rough, vaguely measured, let-it-rip version of peg board building. When engaged in these crude maneuvers I try very hard not to injure myself or any one else in the vicinity.

I cut the dowel into peg sections with a large wire cutter. I eyeballed the length, approximately 3 inches. I left the edges rough.

I passed on buying three big files at the thrift store last week. They probably were too big to use on such little edges. Sand paper is probably the right tool for the job.

I laid out the board, one end propped on top of the dryer, the other end taped to the handle of the exercycle.

With my trusty electric drill and a 1/4 inch bit I drilled the holes at an angle.

PegHoleThe hole in this pic has been cleared of wood shavings and it still I little sloppy and rough. I believe that is conducive to helping keep the peg in place once it it glued.

I did choose this board for it’s nice grain lines and knot holes so I do care about the aesthetic appeal. I will have to look at it everyday. Hats, caps and bags will be covering the peg area.

Drilling the holes and gluing the pegs took less than 40 minutes. There was no heavy lifting involved.

I will tell you it’s harder for a novice (me) to keep the drill in one spot than you might first assume.

Everything makes my arm muscles sore.

TackyGlueAleene’s tacky glue kicks ass. I bought this bottle in San Francisco a couple of years ago in a neighborhood heavily dotted with art galleries.


It was a little bodega but I guess they are always sending the interns out for a little glue or glitter or such.

BoardDryingThis is the finished peg board drying in my laundry room/workshop.

You can see the laundry basket I am using to hold about a hundred cassette tapes I’ve yet to fit into a  proper storage space.

It’s okay. I have a concrete organizational plan. I’m working on it. I only hope I can get everything together before I have to move on.

I will have more (better) photos of the board once it is installed on the kitchen wall. I have glued spongy foam pieces onto the end and will jam it between two walls to hold it firmly in place. Thereby, we avoid any damage to the heavy plaster and will  not incur the wrath of my very reasonable landlady.