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Odetta Awesome

Posted in esoterica, music with tags , , , , , on September 8, 2008 by darcyarts

Sunday, after a long day at the news shack reporting on freshly erupting new fires, the scanner sparked up and I found myself on my way to a domestic violence episode that had turned into a hostage situation with threats and guns.

I drove through the warm night toward fresh mayhem listening to the Folk Show on the Ashland NPR station. Cool songs funky, rocking, super soulful and then Odetta!

She was singing “Lowlands.” It was awesome.

Not Valley girl awesome. Not Christian, WalMart, soccer-mom awesome but truly  the power-of-the-universe-in-a-human-body awesome. No “Lowlands” on youtube but:

In this second video, as short as it is, you can see, like I heard last night, the tree of folk music branching out from Odetta’s mighty trunk.

I swear it seemed to me in that moment of hearing “Lowlands” that Fred Neil  copped all of his stuff from Odetta. There is no live video of Fred Neil but you can hear him:

And hence, Tim Buckley is right there, too. Try and watch these and not be touched by something:

I could go on for days about Tim Buckley.

And the son he didn’t know, JEff Buckley:

Jeff had his own inspirational women:

What a brave boy, that Jeff. He covered this song at a show in San Francisco. Thank God for all those people who recorded Jeff’s shows.

Still, somehow, you must hear Odetta sing “Lowlands.”

Art and Heart Inside

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 Far out!

Where are the olden-days, hippie photos of Constance? That’s what you wondered as you read my last post and gazed at all those commune folk, right?

Well, here they are.

If you look closely you can see Jimi Hendrix and Noel Redding on the wall behind me. I look somewhat disheveled because I was (still am) phobic when it comes to having my photo taken. I had probably been trying to hide my face and was finally persuaded to stop being silly and just be.

At this point I would like to pull back on the biographical reins. I started this series of posts after reading this blog entry on peaches and plums. The author speaks of breaking down communication barriers. I meant to leave a comment. To say, yes! I too crave intense one on one exchange and real no bullshit communication. I curbed that impulse. Why should I mess up someone else’s beautiful blog space with my unfocused thoughts.

Here I am, miles away from my original intention, carried away on a tidal wave of memory and self-absorbtion, when all wanted to say was that I, too, have long struggled to be out front and share my feelings with others. I have often hidden behind words.

In her blog J said: “. . . at times i feel like talking to you is this sort of balancing act. if i push too hard, it all might crumble. and it’s a connection i don’t want to lose.”

I can so relate to that. I think I was good and shocked the first time someone told me I was intense. I feel things very intensely, that is true, and  I want things to be out-front and straightforward but I understand that some, maybe most, people are freaked out by my potentially boisterous, passionate, childlike enthusiasm. 

Still, I am drawn to people who are passionate and I continue to expect that everyone has a madly passionate core.

It’s why I love music and musicians, at least the passionate ones. I’m an admitted Jeff Buckley freak. I loved his father Tim Buckley’s music too. Some people have a tough time listening to either of them. Too intense.

When I love you, I really, really love you.

Sometimes they call it obsession but my respect for other people’s psychic space trumps my curiosity and desire to know someone on that deep level. It’s my need for intense connection combined with a distaste for the unexpected complications of emotion that keep me from becoming engaged with too many humans at once.

Still, I believe deep down that being honest and freely self-expressive, affectionate and appreciative of one another is an admirable goal. It is definitely an Art.

Sometimes I try to sneak in little secret gifts. I give them to people I don’t know very well. They are my way of saying, without saying face to face, “Hey there, I think you are really cool!”

Some people get it, some find it weird. It is a sort of closeted move on my part.

I wish I could stroll up  to you and say, “Howdy! You just seem to be a very smart, funny, interesting person! I like you.” 

Hopefully I communicate it somehow, some way before you walk out the door forever.

Four Days to Play

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Away from scanners and newspaper ink for four whole days, I am reveling in just doing the art work.

I made a bunch of really small Biity Pix today.

I still have to put them on the watercolor paper.

This is an advance view of my next T.V. Lunchbox. Yes! Fraggle Rock. You know it plays deep down in the interior of your soul. I even included the little dooser (far right), those weird little construction worker guys.

I did a Sally Bowles from Caberet. I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body. I have Judy Garland stamps, I adore Jeff Buckley. If that is not yet a deeply gay thing it will be honey. His goal he said while still alive, was to be a chanteuse with a penis. What a delight. What a tender gift.

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A manatee couple and a human couple from the turn of the last century on their way to Love Land.

Doesn’t that sound like one of those slow R & B songs fromthe 60s? Speaking of which, the next Bitty Pix to be created for the Black and Beautiful wing of my Bitty Pix gallery will be Don Cornelius and Soul Train. Anyone who need to catch up with this piece of history check it out.

I had such a great day. I was deeply touched by Etsian kindness twice in one day. I found out that the woman who bought a print of my painting of Townes van Zandt, liked it so much she linked to an etsy mini that she put together of all my paintings. I was floored. Thank you so much, Alexa Frango of Chicago. Her blog pop elegantarium is way cool (and not just because I’m mentioned).

The day turned thoroughly wonderful after I received a package from etsian Michelle Rocha at Cbtscloset. It had the beautiful black resin heart with the heart-eyed skull necklace that I’d been dreaming of wearing with certain outfits. I’m not a fashionista . Nope, I do have a certain something to how I put my outfits together, but it’s really funky and down to earth. This necklace will really spice up all my olive drab stylie things.

There were two little jewelry boxes in the package and one contained the super special and much beloved piece of CBTs work that I’ve been dreaming of. Really, I shed happy little tears. My best and most grateful vibes are circulating around San Antonio tonight.

There are so many truley (that’s wrong but so right) cool things at Cbtscloset.

There are many things soon to be of significant historical value. Especially the Obama and Hillary, smiling and wearing boxing gloves earrings. Do not miss them.

And how about this Chupacabra? Quelle Narly.

chupacabra, uh uh!