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Mind Women

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Inspired by Egon Scheile’s women I decided to see if I could make something in my simple cloth doll format.

It is pleasurable to make the faces in a new way — Prismacolor pencil and permanent marker around the eyes, cloth lips hand stitched into place and slightly embellished with embroidery thread. The hair is in sort of block form, just shapes with tendrils, to represent and up do.

They are dressed in Fin de Siecle under garments. I’m working on getting them to look right having scored lots of nice materials.

I think the underwear will be most successful in all white, off white. For this first try I used this pale brick color for the top but it’s cut and color are too modern. I need to keep them simple and yet sort of voluminous.

The women are the project I do in between Etsy orders of Donut andCurly Star pillows.

I’m making three curly stars this weekend. I will get back to the women later. I also have biz taxes due soon. Paperwork and doctors appointments and errands . . .


I managed to make a blonde head that is pleasingly Mae-West like.

I am working on a series of girls for the DarcyArts shop.  A redhead is next. She’ll have green eyes.

I gave the blonde lavender eye shadow and a little purple star tattoo high up on her cheek.

And, by the way, LA Ink starts next Thursday. Will it be frustration or fun?


LA Ink Blues

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The hour of television that used to be LA Ink once gave me a lot of pleasure. Now watching it is like having dropped into a parallel universe where everybody is losing their shit. Self-absorbed, shallow chicks are allowed to cause completely unnescessary friction among people who once got along swimmingly. Old friends find it hard to be brutally honest with eacj other about how inconsiderate it is that this intrusion is allowed to continue. The viewer is torn between telling themselves the tattoo artists must know the reality show hussle that’s taking place — Self absorbed girl is inserted just like the grain of sand in the pearl — but the LA Ink crew never pull together to coat the irritant and create that pearl.

I am still watching the show and yet every time I’m more disgusted. I am now questioning what is real and what is manipulated even in Cory and Kat’s relationship. I hate the producers or whomever is responsible for this lame, lame transformation of a really interesting show about art and people into reality show faux drama.
They are making Kat look like a really selfish ditz. You spend the whole season hoping that someone (Kat) will rise to the task and throw the poisonous element out before her crew (“we’re like a family”) is irrepairably damaged.

Last season was spent hoping Aubrey would be fired. This season I’m worrying that Corey will quit and go back to his shop and life and band. I don’t enjoy worrying about this crap. I want to watch the artists work!

Right now, I’m thinking maybe next season they will focus on Corey and take the show to his shop and watch his band grow. He is kind of like the long suffering hero at this point. But that would be too, cool. I’d enjoy it too much and it might fuck up Corey’s thing when the producers insist on adding a destructive element for drama.

The LA Ink people must be under a monster non-disclosure agreement becasue they never do interviews.

Can they really not know what is going on as they film? I know they don’t see it or experience it as we viewers do. We see a highly edited version that the producers have cropped to show all this crappy, manipulated, hi jinx drama. You’d think though that the workers would get hip to the game and lay off each other.

LA Ink Season 5

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With absolutely no fan fare and little presence on the internets LA Ink unrolled season 5.

Did Aubrey get fired? Hell, yeah. Is Cory still Kat’s rock? Yes, indeed.

The producers or who ever is in charge of shows like this really milked the psycho drama. So many of the little nasties in the storyline  had to be fake, fake, fake.


Cory can’t take time off because prissy Dan gets special treatment to go on the road whenever he wants.

Anyone who has checked out the High Voltage shop site knows that Kat employs nearly a dozen tattoo artists. So Cory is not responsible for holding the shop together, doing all the tattoos by himself.

Eric commented on this very thing last October. Right on, Eric.

We never see the other artist on the show for whatever reason — please somebody fill us in on how this stuff works — anybody from the reality tv show biz can you enlighten us? Like I said last fall I would love to know how much the principle  “actors”  get paid.

The first show of the season did show Aubrey getting right over to see Paulie and Amy at Craig’s shop. I think they will maintain a parallel operation in this fifth season, like Custoncruiserroy mentioned on last years post.

I do think Paulie is good, Amy is compelling and the eccentric Craig is very interesting.

Perhaps the show producers are hedging their bets for good reason.

Kat von D seems to have a really tough time negotiating the realities of business and the myriad projects she takes on. She has been relying heavily on her sister, Karoline, as a personal assistant.

Karoline organizes everything for Kat and reminds her of what to do when.

Granted Kat is a gifted artist, a Pisces. She is very creative and does not operate from the linear, logic mode. Though she is very ambitious she often gets tangled up and befuddled by the requirements of the real world.

There is double drama this season. Audrey is gone and Kat need a new shop manager as soon as possible. On top of that Karoline is taking an open ended vacation to South America.

Good for you, Karoline! Take care of yourself and your needs. It seems Kat can use people right up with out even realizing it ( I hope it’s unconscious). She really keeps a lot of creative work on her plate. Life is short and she’s going for the gusto, homes.

Kat is flogged by this news. She is about to hire a woman with what seems like a really questionable self-opinion for shop manager.

“I’m usually over qualified for jobs, ”  says the new candidate. She wants to take control. How will that go down in the shop?

Kat knows nothing about hiring management help. It would seem one must be aggressive and invisible to get along in the shop. TCB and stay out of everyone’s face.

Don’t get me wrong. Somebody need to take control but not in a poseur sort of way. Kat cannot deal with many elements of the biz. This is how many musicians end up screwed by their management. They have no head for business. It will be interesting to see if Kat can negotiate this rough terrain.

As usual my enjoyment of the show will be directly related to how fake and fabricated it seems. Please, powers that be, don’t neglect the ART! Read beth’s comments.

TLC producers — If you want a show about immature emotional drama rent a house, fill it with mediocre tattoo givers, have them tattoo one another and watch what happens. And make sure they have a well stocked bar. Hilarity and shameless grandstanding will ensue.

Check this out:

Head, Day Two

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DIYHeadFormBThis is my DIY head form. My first papier mache project. I’d already had the chicken wire base made, the head and shoulders and yesterday I began slapping on strips of paper and pages of last years telephone book.

Today I added a second layer to shape the head. I made lips and ears, a chin and a forehead. I used recycled box packaging, stripped of it’s slick printed outside layer.

I made the head slightly larger and smoothed out elements of the face.

The head is drying out in the 100 degree weather. Summer is a good season for papier mache.

Next I gesso it, I guess, and then paint and polish it. I’ll have fun creating a face for the hat display head. Should I, can I make it androgynous?

I may have it done in the time it would have taken for a mail order head to arrive.

DIYHeadFormA I started a new book this week. It’s an autobiography of Thomas Beatie, who became famous for being the first(?)  female to male transsexual to undertake a pregnancy.

I had seen Thomas and his wife Nancy on Oprah. They seemd like really bright, good people.

As I read the sad story of Thomas’ childhood I am amazed and impressed by just how kind and mellow a person he is. His dad was a beast.

Reading his recollections of crazy intermittent abuse and the loss of his mother when he was 12 years old was very sad.


Sad and sickening, actually. I don’t understand how humans can be mean to children. I admire the way Thomas was eventually able to shape his life in such a positive way and find a loving partner. I’ll keep reading.

Can anybody feel my pain over the new season of LA Ink. It is a reality series that I really love but I can’t understand the Aubry Drama “plot” this season. It’s a big fat drag and mostly because it seems soo very manufactured. I know reality TV is entertainement. I know in some places it’s crude, rude and creepy but dang this didn’t used to be one of those places.

What happened?

Does anybody care? I never find intersting bloggy reviews of this show. Somebody help me out.

New Head Goods Arrive

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I had a real treat waiting for me when I got home last night, I mean besides, Frank.

Two books I ordered from Amazon had arrived.

One is a rock novel, Say Goodbye: The Laurie Moss Story,” about a woman who grapples with fame in the music biz.

Lewis Shiner, a man who lives in Durham, North Carolina wrote the story. It was published by St. Martin’s Griffin press.


Here’s a jacket blurb:

“Shiner has written a fine novel about rock ‘n’ roll by believing more in muscian’s human nature than in their mythologies.” — Mark Athitakis, New York Times Book Review.


“Like Tom Perotta’s The Wishbones, Jessica Hagedorn’s The Gangster of Love, or Nick Hornby’s two novels, it’s an emotionally credible account of how rock’s grandiosity affects down-to-earth lives.” — Eric Weisbard, Village Voice.

And lastly:

“Rock and Roll literature? It seems like an oxymoron, but Shiner pulls it off.” — Laura Morgan, Entertainment Weekly.

I have long desired to pull it off, myself. I spent years trying to get a coherent story out of my head. The imagining, envisioning stage was delightful and I could do it anytime and any place I wanted.

I met two characters that bounced boldly and bawdily out of the ether and demaned to be given life.


Musician twins Stevie (left) and Dee Darcy (right) rocked my world. I named my future creative enterprises for them.

The story went from scratch to hundreds of pages over the course of that long experiement.

It allowed me to see how much I didn’t know, how truly immature I am and worse how much I lean toward the romantic and soap operatic. So, I spent another few years recoiling from that self-revelation, getting distracted by paid scribe work which killed my playtime thrill with it as a giddy refreshing enterprise. Such is life but only temporarily.

I intended for this painting to be Stevie and Dee in the canyon where they lives but it turned out to be Dee and an adolescent relative. Doh!

Here is a lovely Klimt picture and rich brick-colored beads stuffed in a section of my handy, hold-everything student lamp. Another redhead.

Recently, I decided that I would read everything I could to put myself back into the rock-novel head space.

I started reading the 33 1/3 books and they are really a direct return to places and spaces in my life that music occupied.

I’m one of those people who spent a great part of my life obsessed with music. I love it and many of the stylie things that have come from it appeal to me.

Bob Dylan was one of my early fashion idols. That slick style he adopted after his trips to England in the early 60’s was unparalled.


Bob in polka dots and an op art handkerchief and young Richard Manuel, still all shiny.

Rock n Roll was just the slice of pie that I grew up drooling over and I long to make my vision come through it’s lense.

Yeah, things have changed over the decades. Rock as a defining term has gone through some degree of transformation. I need to digest that, too.

This girl came late to the Rock party but she has it in her bones:

Being a Chicana she’s also a perfect seguey into the other book I received.

What a great coat Kat von D has on here.

Okay, tommorrow Cine Mexicano.

Obama and His Spud Friend

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 This image came across our television screen today and I just had to capture it. Priceless. Barack is so happy to be hanging with Mr. Potato Head and that makes me happy.

I’m listing this BittyPix on Etsy tommorrow. After I finish this post my right hand will be finished for the day.

I was very active today. No, not like that. I was making Bittys.

I did another Robyn Hitchcock for my friend. I want to show you the picture of it here because I found that an interesting thing happens when you cook the Shrinky Dink just a little too long. The Ruff and Ready Shrinky becomes transparent and looks like glass.

This would be very good for jewelry. I’ll have to try a pair of earrings cooked to crystal perfection. You can’t really see the effect too clearly because of the white paper frame here but it looks just like a window pane.

I was all up in the cutting and drawing and such today.

I made two star stamps for printing.

I want to use them to put tiny stars on myself cuz I love stars. If I put stars on my body everyone will think I’m a Kat Von D groupie, which I am but I wanted star tattoo before I even heard of Miami Ink and then became enslaved to watching the brilliant girls and guy on LA Ink.

I draw tattoos onto my hand and wrists with permanent markers because with my love of variety I have never been able to come up with something I’d enjoy forever. Permanent markers are not permanent on skin by the way, but they do last a day or two. 

These are the two star stamps I made today all on one piece of paper.

I can use the new stamps to make cool borders on things.

Or as, I said I can dot myself with them when I get in the mood.

I am going to try stamping fabric with my silkscreen paint someday.


These are stamps of a Mayan head I made last week. I may need to carve a little more white onto the face for contrast.

But now that I’ve mentioned Kat Von D, I’m going to have to think about making a BittyPix of her.

It will happen.

I think she is beautiful and I love the way she squeals with delight. Does that make me gay? 


My boyfriend, Frank and I decided along time ago that we were in-betweenies. On that scale that runs from supermasculine to superfeminine we feel we are about in the middle, kinda girl, kinda boy in just the right degree that together we really click.

That’s him on my devotional Love candle. Beside the candle is a really cute red Toadhead he made me.

You can see more of his work at his etsy shop Tiddinips.

Here is my current fave. Cute lil dragon head.

Martha and the etsymini

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Crafters and artists are doing it for themselves.

Etsians continue to spread the love and show their fine creations.

They have started a blog at blogspot. Etsy minis are displayed there. It is a great way to easily browse through catagories and see what’s fresh.

FYI, Darcyarts is on page 13 of the Art and Illustrations section.

I received my new computer yesterday. This means that today I install my monster printer and get back to making prints of all my paintings. Jacob and Noahgee will finally receive the prints I promised them and hopefully people in the big wide world will purchase a few as well.

It’s a beautiful sunny day in northern California. I always miss the sun after a couple of weeks of rain.


I sold my cute bitty squid to a lovely lady in Bisbee, Arizona.

A new little red dot went onto my map to mark the occassion.

Thank you, Thenay. She makes beautiful jewelry.

Spent part of last night’s dream time contemplating the universe of images to be rendered into physical being. I ran an infinite series of themes by my own mind’s eye believing that I might see one flash and hum in a meaningful way. Like a kid wiggling about, waving their hand, “Pick me! Pick me!”

pick-me.jpgThe little kid in me does so every day.

Enthusiasm is the engine of success, said Ralph Waldo Emerson.

200px-rwemerson2.jpg Wonder if he was an Aries.

Naw. With the amount of writing he did he’s got to be a Gemini.

Sometimes I think that I should strive to promote those who most need the exposure.

It’s not like I have alot of power or a vast audience at this point but you want to reach out a hand.

Still, there are sirens out there against who’s charms I am powerless. Like Kat Von D. laink001_m.jpg

Yeah, everybody loves her. Lots of girls way younger than I worship and adore her. Metal boys, old and young, loose their cool in the presence of this perfectly syncretic LA wonder girl. She is a very talented tattoo artist.

I love the work of etsian stoopidgerl. She owns the rainbow! I salivate over her page everytime I go there. Brilliant. I’m saving up my bucks to buy one of those treasures.

As soon as I pay my humgnogous etsy bill. Hey, I was experimenting with time and renewal.

Martha Stewart will feature Etsy this Friday! Check it out, peeps.