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Major Props for B

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Major props are due to my son Brian Michael Pratt as he  makes a serious, life-changing transition. This last weekend I traveled to Santa Rosa to see Brian graduate from law school. He and his longtime pal, Barack Arnold, have , in the last year devoured combined 3rd and 4th year law curriculum. Bravo, boys.

I would give credit to the photographer of these pix but there was such a mad orgy of photo taking with so many cameras that I do not know which is which. That is not completely true all my photos completely sucked. Blur for days in the low light, no tripod and no time to capture an image.

Camera troubles were meaningless. There was a beautiful energy to the whole event. Everybody was ecstatic, proud, amazed by the mighty feats accomplished.

Despite the uber serious tone befitting such passages Brian managed to inject humor. Yea, him.

He chose just the right moments for little bouts of visual comedy. Moon in Leo people love and need an audience. Brian is a tower of good cheer.

It was kind of mind-blowing being in the midst of B’s world at such a moment. I was so very proud and as always humbled and moved by this life I’m living. Great gratitude fills my heart.



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335My dear son, Brian, successfully completed his first year of law school!

Good work!

He’s onto the second year.

What I want for him most is his happiness.

We here at the DarcyArts homestead have been enjoying the company of Frank’s mom. It’s been so good for me to get to know her a bit  better.

Though I can feel the creative work piling up around me, there is a time for everything. August and September were all about family time, reconnecting and growth.

Bazaar Bizarre sends out it’s notifications for the December dates in San Francisco. I hope I get good news.

I’ll be cranking the old work wheel for the next two months. Yeehaw!

RainbowHatRed Glasses

More rainbow caps, and warm winter gear.

I’ll make more Star caps.

I saw a really cute giant salamander on the tube. A Hell bender salamander. I want to render a playful version in fleece or maybe papier mache.

I will make some cool vests that look old and lived in. Ipod listening requires pockets. Vests are good for that. Making a pocket will be a challenge.

Will I get lazy and just sew them on top of the material? We shall see.

Future Vegetables

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This lovely blossom is from the eggplant that has yet to produce a vegetable despite producing many blooms. They look pretty and then they fall off, no eggplant bud takes it’s place. I guess that means this plant, there are actually two, so these plants are infertile.

We have plenty of tomatoes growing, Roma and Early Girl, but we are between ripe batches.

Having cut bundles of basil this morning I decided to make pasta primavera and had to buy tomatoes at the health food store.

Aphids are still having their way in the squash/cuke bin. I sprayed heavy chili water the day before yesterday. The bastards are tough.

It’s hot as a motie today and I’ve done the errands I had to do. I will stay inside like a mole in my hole and contemplate the universe.

A new type of chili is getting bright and big. These measure about 3 or 4 inches.

These flowering and just begiining to grow are also a mystery variety:

The tag on the cannister they came in read “variety chilis.”

These seemed to take a very long time to show themselves.

It will be interesting to see how they turn out. They have nice flowers.

We have two whole beans growing right now. I didn’t think it would ever happen. One has a blossom remnant on it. Cute.

My growing space is probably unrealistic for harvesting big meals. That’s okay. I will really appreciate these beans. They took a long time to come into being.

Astrological Aside: The Moon is in Scorpio. We may feel things intensely now. Scorpio is the sign associated with Sex, Death and Mystery. It may choose violent or passionate expression. Someone with planets in Scorpio can read others in a flash and understand the deeper motivations that move other humans. that means they can push your buttons.

The Sun is in Libra. Libra seeks balance and therefore has the quality of mediation. Libra, ruled by Venus, as is Taurus, is gentle, loves beauty, kindness and peace. Libra people are often soft spoken, well-dressed and pleasing to look upon. If you are a Libra or know a Libra who is analytical and or critical, you are sensing some Virgo in there. If you are a Libra or you know a Libra who has dark eyes and hair, a wicked tongue and an extremely passionate and or trouble-seeking nature, that indicates a few planets or the Ascendent in Scorpio. You’ll know what I mean when you read this.

Saturn is in Virgo now and will be until next October. You will be learning lessons associated with the house that Libra occupies. Go to Astrolabe for a free chart (know your birth time, peeps) to find out where Libra lies.

Because Pluto was in the house of publishing and communication when I was born I am likely to write about things that most people don’t want to hear about. How true that must be at times. My readership plummets when I post about transgender issues or past life, and life after life ideas/beliefs.

The topics that bring the most readers, if the data here at wordpress can be trusted, are Andy Warhol, Jeffrey Lee (but I’ve learned there is a young music phenon by that name, not the Gun Club Jeffrey), Isaac Hayes and Kat Von D.

Cantinflas was big for a time.

I don’t think anybody tunes in because of a vegetable lust but I could be wrong.

I guess it could be coincidence but more than likely it means most people do not find these topics as captivating as I do.

Maybe I’ve just gotten so self-indulgent in my posts that everyone is bored silly, but it is all about me, right? 

Maybe everybody went back to school and time to read the ramblings of an olderly person obsessed with strange things is limited. Naw.

Brian Pratt will be enrolling in Law school in November. He will kick the ass of all constitutional learning. I will pray to President John Adams to help him kick the ass and guide him in his task so that my son, the one with Libra Rising, sign of balance and the scales of justice, will be able to mediate on behalf of the deprived, the harried and the persecuted. Om, muthafucca.


Here’s a cool blog, Sunset Gun , about movies by a real smart girl who is also pretty.  Perk: it’s all on a pink background. I shall explore.