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Black, White and Magenta

Posted in Art, constructions, millinery with tags , , on August 30, 2009 by darcyarts

MBScreenI finally made prints from my Marc Bolan silkscreen.

The pix of the black and white image came out kinda blue. I was shooting in morning light. It must have been very early.

MBPrintDuoI will use these on a top hat even though that seems redundant -picture of a top hat on a top hat.

Boogie children.

Today is day two of what I aim to make a solid year of morning stationary bicycle riding.


If I get up, plug my iPod into my ears and hop on the bike I’ve done 5 miles before I even realize it. I suspect the meter that records miles is a bit off but maybe it goes so fast because I have it set for more resistance. Peddling backwards is harder, too. I try to do a couple of minutes of backward peddling. I include arm and torso stretches from my sitting position.

I just ripped through it this a.m. I’m certain it was the Roxy Music. Do the Strand got me off to quite a start. By the time I reached in Every Dream Home a Heartache I was ready for the day.

Hours later I feel ready for a nap. Maybe too much?

I’m working on chimp faces while top hats spin in my brain.

I have laid in so many great materials that I could compose hats for days and days.

Magenta4TopHatThe furry magenta I found at a thrift store. The patterned magenta I found at a different thrift shop.

I think a furry brim would be great and the rainbow sash will add just the right touch to an already over the top top hat.

Maybe a green circle of leaves and flowers  would make a nice contrast on the hat band. I’ can make them of fleece.

I don’t think I can give it up. It will be one of a kind unless I find that I can squeeze two brims from the small patch of furry material.

I say, bring back Edwardian dress. I see that Target has white ruffled long sleeve shirts and little black vests.