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Martha and the etsymini

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on February 27, 2008 by darcyarts

Crafters and artists are doing it for themselves.

Etsians continue to spread the love and show their fine creations.

They have started a blog at blogspot. Etsy minis are displayed there. It is a great way to easily browse through catagories and see what’s fresh.

FYI, Darcyarts is on page 13 of the Art and Illustrations section.

I received my new computer yesterday. This means that today I install my monster printer and get back to making prints of all my paintings. Jacob and Noahgee will finally receive the prints I promised them and hopefully people in the big wide world will purchase a few as well.

It’s a beautiful sunny day in northern California. I always miss the sun after a couple of weeks of rain.


I sold my cute bitty squid to a lovely lady in Bisbee, Arizona.

A new little red dot went onto my map to mark the occassion.

Thank you, Thenay. She makes beautiful jewelry.

Spent part of last night’s dream time contemplating the universe of images to be rendered into physical being. I ran an infinite series of themes by my own mind’s eye believing that I might see one flash and hum in a meaningful way. Like a kid wiggling about, waving their hand, “Pick me! Pick me!”

pick-me.jpgThe little kid in me does so every day.

Enthusiasm is the engine of success, said Ralph Waldo Emerson.

200px-rwemerson2.jpg Wonder if he was an Aries.

Naw. With the amount of writing he did he’s got to be a Gemini.

Sometimes I think that I should strive to promote those who most need the exposure.

It’s not like I have alot of power or a vast audience at this point but you want to reach out a hand.

Still, there are sirens out there against who’s charms I am powerless. Like Kat Von D. laink001_m.jpg

Yeah, everybody loves her. Lots of girls way younger than I worship and adore her. Metal boys, old and young, loose their cool in the presence of this perfectly syncretic LA wonder girl. She is a very talented tattoo artist.

I love the work of etsian stoopidgerl. She owns the rainbow! I salivate over her page everytime I go there. Brilliant. I’m saving up my bucks to buy one of those treasures.

As soon as I pay my humgnogous etsy bill. Hey, I was experimenting with time and renewal.

Martha Stewart will feature Etsy this Friday! Check it out, peeps.