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Aretha’s Hat

Posted in Art, constructions, dreams with tags , , , , on July 30, 2009 by darcyarts

What better to do of an early morning than check out the work millinery on line.

A visual feast before my eyes while the sun is still crawling above the horizon.

This is Luke Song. He may be my new infatuation.

This photo is from a New York Times story about the maker of Aretha Franklin’s hat.

You know, the sassy, old schoolish but rad one she wore to the 2009 presidential inauguration.

The photographers for the NY Times did a smashing job with the photos that accompanied the March 3,  article on Luke  Song.

Song’s shop is in Detroit. He took over the business from his parents.

It’s a smashing success despite the fact that millinery “is a dead art”, sez Song.

But look at that color!! Look at the glitz. Beautiful Afro church ladies, I love you!

I’m stoked, as we, from the land of surf culture, say.

Laguooona, dude.

I learned amazing things from this NY Times article.

Song attended Parsons New School in NYC. His hat shop owning parents were aghast. ART ????

No Way. They refused to continue to pay for his educationwhen he abandoned biochemistry.

He sold a prized cello, says the NY Times, to buy the freedom to study art. He would be a painter. The burden of students loans persuaded him to work for the family business.

The mighty, mighty, Aretha Franklin, is one of Song’s best and most well know customers. She wore the now famous big bow hat to the inauguration and brought big blessing on the house of Song.

Dig it.

I have to admit  feeling a certain reverse-snobbishness when it comes to the NYT. The towering bastion of all that is literary I.D. sticks in my craw a bit. I do appreciate their history. it’s just a strange quirk of mine.

I have chuckled, silently, in my head, at the NYT commercials that bleed from MSNBC or CNN International on the weekends. I’m at the sewing machine, no hands free to mute the annoying barrage.

You know the bit. Youthful hipsters, walking in white space relate the specific NYT sections that seduced them.

” We met over the New York Times,” says half of a young couple.

“I think it was the Entertainment section,” the other half responds.

“I think it was the Fashion section,” the other partner corrects.


But, hey, here I am drooling like a big sweet dog over the Luke Song article in the NYT.