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Benefactors, Zombies, Draculas, Werewolves

Posted in constructions, shopping with tags , , , on September 30, 2009 by darcyarts

I believe I must now refer to Mail Chimp as my dear benefactor.

I am to render the next six chimps in Halloween costume! Two Dracula, two Werewolf and two brain-eating Zombie will leave the DarcyArts workshop mid-October.

I have been readying chimps parts since our late summer company departed and so I am able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Zombie superhero toys. Nice. From

Dracula is superbly simple:

Black and white. Fuck those southern white trash zombies.

I will make removable masks, glasses, etc. for the chimps.

Mail Chimp’s name is Freddie!

Freddie must be recognizable as the Mail Chimp icon so that is part of it, the obvious facade.

Dude, I’m so there.

Today I do a bit of thrift store combing and halloween accessory hunting. What fun.

I think I picked up arcane language usage when young by  steeping myself in the cinema of the 30s. Rather.

Could you hear the butler saying that word nearly under his breath?

Classic werewolf illustration from BigTimeAttic

Keep your eyes peeled. You’ll see my progress on the Halloween promotional chimp project as I pull the critters out of the ether.

FeetGlareHandsThumbsPrimate limbs are taking over the kitchen work space.


By all means, stay tuned.