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Just Before Sunrise

Posted in photos with tags , , on September 24, 2011 by darcyarts

Low light picture experiment with my $2 thrift store Canon Powershot A520:

I was trying to take it easy after my four or five-day return to evil caffeine. Man, it had been so long since I had the java juice it moved through my system like meth.

Let’s just say I over did it. You’ve seen that I’ve rearranged my living room and adjacent work space. I also sawed an old cheap couch in half. I thought I’d cut it onto small enough pieces to fit, bit by bit into our garbage containers. Crazy? Maybe. I still have some sawing to do.

Caffeine had allowed me to accomplish many things this last week.

I made a new mushroom.

I think the ruffle is a little stiff and a little too large but I love the colors.


Beautiful Sky

Posted in travel with tags , , , on September 9, 2010 by darcyarts

On the drive to deliver Frank to school we saw the most beautiful skies.

Morning Sky, Glitter Buttons

Posted in Art, constructions, cute, film with tags , , , on January 29, 2010 by darcyarts

It was beautiful Thursday morning just before the sun was up.

The morning was bright and the break from the rain was much appreciated. The snow capped mountains, to the north, east and west, against the pinkish sky and clouds made the drive out the college a visual delight. The air was so fresh.

Though I swore I would not go to JoAnn’s and be tempted by products I don’t need I would up there yesterday to buy a bag of stuffing.

I found irresistible buttons with the tiniest bit of glitter at the outer edges. All buttons were half off. I bought them in pink and yellowish camel colors.

They will look great on future dolls.

The light was poor this morning when I took these photos. I like the fact that director John Waters is looking over the doll heads. See him on the candle in the window sill? He’s kind of tiny compared to the heads.

Girl and boy heads on my homemade chop- stick head holder are cheery even in the gray morning light.

Sleepy Hallow

Posted in constructions, cute, etsy, film with tags , , , on January 6, 2010 by darcyarts

Habits form so quickly. For the last few weeks I have been sleeping in.

I’m not getting on the fake bike until 8 a.m. No more 6 a.m. fake rides in the dark. The holidays brought a sense of calm and guilt free lazing but I must get in gear for new year.

I love the way things look just before the sun comes up. It’s quiet and I can be still, collect my thoughts.

I’m up at 6 a.m. this morning. I’ve lighted my votive candles to remind me of my connection to the starry dynamo.

This is a beautiful star lamp I got for 50 cents. It is a morning friend, barely bright, soft on the eyes, soothing.

Note:  Jane Campion’s Bright Star will be in at Netflix January 26. If you missed it in the theater put it on your list now. It is a pleasure. It’s a good view of what people did before television.

Crafty Etsy girls and tender newbie seamstresses, this film is for you.

After I’ve lit the candles I check into the cyber world and see if anyone purchased my wares. Will my day include stitching a catnip squid, a new whale?

That would mean a trip to the post office at some point in the day.

I start to imagine how I will utilize my energy.

I climb on the bike and have 10 miles in before I know it. My iPod is my faithful companion in exercise. I could not do it without the right music.

Queens of the Stone Age are the best. Josh Homme’s music is very inspiring. I have very eclectic taste. I often start slow and turn to the harder stuff (QOTSA) when I need a push toward mile six.

Today I started with This American Life, then moved on to Johnny Mercer and then Charles Mingus, then for the finish, QOTSA. It was great.

Yesterday I finished my first rag doll. She’s nakee in the first early morning pix but I plan to make clothes for her.

I love her. I don’t think it will be easy offer these up for the Etsy shop. I’ll want to keep each one I create.I’m already working on a second face.

I love faces. This is fun.

Dreamy Dragon Days

Posted in Art, plush critters, projects with tags , , on January 28, 2009 by darcyarts

Since I am in the last two days of a lovely 11 day break from work I am using my time to do all my favorite things.

machineOf course you know I’m still working on the dragons. They are getting the biggest chunk of each day.

I’ve made progress and I hope to have them nearly finished by Friday afternoon.

dragonsinbagfirstdragonflatheadsThere are dragon parts filling my kitchen. They will be so cute to see all lined up together.

spikesscaleshandslegsHalf the spaces in the house are work areas.

The kitchen table is being used partially for sewing and plushy construction.

table I’m living in my own little happy factory.

I love making cute things that make other people smile.

It’s a curative for having to write about death, destruction and ill-willed happenings.

I find the scraps of my work just as interesting as the bigger parts.

cutoutsjesspigThese green dots are cutouts from the dragon paws. I had to make a hole into which to stick the legs.

That pretty girl is daughter Jess at sweet 16. Next to her is a cute little pig and you can see Crusty the Clown’s left arm.

Beside the color and the sensual pleasure of the light bouncing off the surfaces of all the things I see everyday, it’s the the little things that keep me going.

Homemade cranberry fudge and hot coffee with a little whip cream on top. Yes, it’s rich. Possibly forbidden but what the heck.fudge


Morning Dew

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Another photo session in the container garden this morning revealed amazing things.

This is a young Japanese eggplant. The purple sheath  has little fuzzy stars all over it.

It’s kind of reminiscent of chicken skin with little the remnant of feather roots embedded in the pores.

Up close it looks like a prickly cactus.

There are micro stars in many things.

The ‘regular’ eggplant that I had thought was not producing is just taking it’s time. I did my vegetable shopping late, probably June, and I hopewe dont’ get an early winter though it feels like we might.

Here is the first eggplant produced by the late bloomer. I though blossoms became vegetables. I guess that is not always the case.

Isn’t this just beautiful. I can see why fairies may have entered the minds of early gardeners.

I was thinking the other day, and this may strike some as a wild thought, that it is probable that back in time, when we were closer to nature, some of us were capable of intuiting information about the nature of a plant. I guess I mean we could intuit what the plant could do for us medicinally.

Yes, people have died from eating things that are poisonous but I believe there is a subtle communication between the spirits of all types of entities. Most of us have just lost the power to engage in that dialogue.

An Early Girl tomato just waiting to be plucked.

That word makes me think of Shakespeare. He was naughty and probably a Taurus.

If there is some force guiding the minds of men and women do we turn our collective attention toward things that we will need for our future?

Here is the first cucumber. It’s getting bigger. There will be others on this same vine.

A Japanese eggplant hanging outside it’s container environment.

We will be eating alot of eggplant soon. They are pretty tasty. I cooked the first two in August.

I have two in the house and these can go anytime. They don’t get very big.

Purple and green are a good combo. The cinnamon basil acutally tastes more like licorice basil. We have a freaking giant load of basil.

I need to get on some pesto.

Tarragon with it’s nice yellow blossoms sits next to the squash that is also a very late bloomer.

Haven’t seen a veggie bud yet.

I love the green on the Chili leaves. It’s wonderful. These chilis, at least when I’ve picked them — at a bright orange stage — are delicious and so attractive on nachos.

They are mild and have an interesting tang.

Stay tuned for these babies when the orange up.

I can make a unique transition form vegetable to art project.

I began making these “starlight” brooches months ago and had lots of fun doing so.

Here is my first with orange “fairy” lights and yellow split peas. I added the thin curled wire which comes in lovely shades

As a sort of tendril. This is the brown wire.

It is used in beading and I get mine at the Beadman on Athens.

I’m planning on making a new batch of brooches and may put some in the Shasta Arts Council Holiday sale.

Then I can make lovely tags for them too.

Here is my

collection of wire, so far. they come in various gauges.

See that curled piece that looks like a giant pencil shaving? It’s a metal shaving I found near the railroad tracks.

I used to walk there at a time when the only art materials I could afford were thinks I found. I loved the rusty color.

Unfortunately, I picked up much more than I could use and most of it was heavy. I eventually learned to take only the small pieces.

Sunday, make it Real

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This is a new postcard i made.

Here it is a Sunday morning. I’m at the computer. The sun is shining and I am fat with new glass drops. I found them at Target.

Now I will have to create MORE neck charms to put out into the world.

I must be dreaming of sweet things. I’ve added songs to my playlist player including Some Velvet Morning by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra. Cha. And Bonnie and Clyde by Serge Gainsbourg.


Cant fuck around too much this morning. Got to get to the paper. I know all good things await me. Sweet discoveries and piles of sparkly things.

I’m listening to early Lou Reed and the Velvet Undergorund and I heard a sweet story from Ronda Faye.

 She told me ’bout an accidental discovery. She was driving with a dear friend she hadn’t seen in a while. They happened on to a tidy little dump filled with gnomes, they were everywhere, probably smiling, looking cute and expectant of creamy goodness and probably not thinking that trash is trash but jewels and trinkets and treasure.

I’m going to paint a picture of the gnome dump and the tidy pleasant lady who tends the dump gnomes home.

Thanx Ronda Faye.

“Aw, if she eva comes now now, if she eve comes now now. Oh, she looks so good, she’s made out of wood. If she eve comes now.” LR

Carpe Diem and Carpe Liquid Explosion, Children!!!

Smart people are Hot.