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I wish there was a quicker way for humans to absorb knowledge. Something like plugging in your brain into a main source and choosing material to add to your lineup of knowledge, like adding songs on your iPod.

I want to know everything about mushrooms.

I tuned into a radio show last week and heard the most interesting things about mycelium. I believe one of the people I heard was Paul Stamets. I have just ordered his book Mycelium Running.

Did you know that mushrooms/mycelium were the first plant on the planet earth, that they came from star material? I guess we are all star material, really.

I cant wait to read this book.

I have been somewhat obsessed by mushrooms and have created some fantasy versions in cloth.

Tremendously fun to blend the textures and colors.

Learning everything about this early visitor would be so cool.

The Mayans were into mushrooms. Terence McKenna, too. Aldous Huxley, etc.


Just Before Sunrise

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Low light picture experiment with my $2 thrift store Canon Powershot A520:

I was trying to take it easy after my four or five-day return to evil caffeine. Man, it had been so long since I had the java juice it moved through my system like meth.

Let’s just say I over did it. You’ve seen that I’ve rearranged my living room and adjacent work space. I also sawed an old cheap couch in half. I thought I’d cut it onto small enough pieces to fit, bit by bit into our garbage containers. Crazy? Maybe. I still have some sawing to do.

Caffeine had allowed me to accomplish many things this last week.

I made a new mushroom.

I think the ruffle is a little stiff and a little too large but I love the colors.

Fancy, Punky ‘Shroom

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If the materials are visible I will make something. I have placed cloth that currently fascinates me right on my work table.

Here are my two latest creations:

The Pirate shroom is small and dark.

This is what comes of playing with last year’s Halloween material.

Spider web see-through cloth makes a strange punky mushroom.

The ruffle is made of pink gauzy stuff, soft shiny pink material and purple and black striped jersey.

I am obsessed with making ruffles because they can combine such interesting colors and textures. I love them as a stand in for complex organic shapes.

I think the little mushrooms like these pretty skirts. My mind dances with images of combined cloth. Closets and drawers are full of possibilities.

Slow Dolls

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It seems like the right time to cop to the fact that I have been slowed in the last few months by sickness. My blogging has suffered and my doll production, too. We (my doctors and I) are still in the process of identifying the invasive bug and I am resigned to this go, stop, sit, rest, sleep routine in place of my usual plow through eight hours work shifts here at DarcyArts.

It has been four days since I took the last pill in my latest round of antibiotics and I am starting to feel human again. The last two days have been good and I have been productive.

This new model doll came out a thinner, winsome Mae West, dressed in an Empire gown. Her facial expression is oddly reflective of how I have been feeling. I don’t take down time easily though I recognize the spiritual need to roll with it in the most graceful way.

Everything is a process which will teach us something. I know I’ve got quite a few miles on my odometer. I’m not complaining. It’s been a swell bunch of trips.

Soon after entering this life I was laid low by tuberculosis. Luckily, after a lengthy treatment, I joined my grandparents for a bit more isolation from siblings and started drinking in the joys of life. Sunshine, the sweet near-constant light of southern California, a loving, empathetic flock of grannies and grandpas, apple trees ans music, music playing everywhere. That’s the long way to say it’s my lungs again.

Tuberculosis,  reoccurred? Pneumonia? Some strange bacteria that is reluctant to let go? Or the Big C. They are all on the table at this point. Now  we journey through this spotty forest until we see the next field of light.

I’m making inventory for DarcyArts as I can. I’ve got eight donut bodies stitched up.

Today I am strong. The bad-ass antibiotic helped a bit and now that it is pretty much out of my system I’m engaged and full of ideas.

[Dang, the classical station is playing  O Fortuna, Carmina Burana. What’s up with that?]

I’m still obsessed/entranced by fanciful mushrooms and will make them as I can. I will definitely indulge my desire. I thought I was being fanciful until I put the phrase “beautiful mushrooms” into Google. Maybe not.






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Rolling out the projects and delighting in construction, composition, design of all kinds!

It’s been hot as Hades here in the north country. It was close to 100 degrees yesterday. I worked inside all day until getting word that my donuts were okay for shipping to North Carolina. I went out the car to find the battery dead. Disaster was averted thanks to AAA. They sent out a battery fixing unit and we soon had a new unit and I was off to the post office. The battery dude was really nice.

Here is a picture of my little soft sculpture tableau. I call it “Hello Bliss.” It includes (in my mind) the muslin paint and glitter testing strip to the left in the picture. I made the hand stamped follow your bliss flag and the yellow mushroom ( I will make mushroom, I will make mushrooms!). I did not make the Hello Kitty.

Seeing this little assemblage makes me happy.

I’ve got the Bellatrix face going on, y’all. It’s coming together very well. She will look great when she has her curly long hair. Tune in next week for the reveal.

I’m working and trying to breathe deep in the summer air. It seems harder to do in the last few years. It seems my on again, off again asthma has been persistently dogging me since last fall. Please, lord, don’t let there be any fires despite how desperately the city editor at The Record Searchlight may pray for them.

Errands this morning will prevent me from sharing the wasp/spider story until tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Beautiful Day

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Today was a very beautiful day. The last of the stormy rainy weather left its imprints. The earth was soaked and the sweet odor of vegetation filled the morning air. After a few quick errands, the Frank and Connie tag team shambled back to the shack and to our respective projects.

Frank is making some beautiful black ink drawings. His work is really captivating. Such great use of  negative/positive space.

For me, the end of June is all about donuts. Currently there are four on the table, three in this picture. I’ll make another tomorrow.

I started making ruffles over the last few days as part of my fancy mushroom project.

The ruffle is made to fit on the underside of the mushroom head. These ruffles will need a big mushroom.

I made a smaller ruffle for mushrooms constructed from donut hole pieces.  Or more exactly the material left over from cutting the holes.

I added lilac dots to the smaller beige  head. Soon I’ll add tiny this ruffle.

Oh, to see a tiny forest of fancy mushrooms soon.

I’m hoping to stock DarcyArts with a glorious selection in the coming months. Does this mushroom remind you of a delicious cupcake? I want one.

Apple, Snail, Frog

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An apple cut horizontally reveals a pretty little star.  The apple looked especially nice on this orange trivet.

The star points are highlighted by a circle of little dots.

Nature is my favorite artist.

We humans are driven to stitch together pretty little things.

I have put up a pair of embroidered works in the DarcyArts shop.

These little vintage wall hangings have all a very 70s sensibility. The avocado, orange, yellow, beige colors and the homegrown, hand sewn beauty. The ever popular mushroom form is found in these dainty nature portraits.

One piece has a snail.

One piece has a tiny frog.

I love these pretty embroideries and secretly hope they don’t get chosen from the goodies in my shop.

I can’t keep every lovely think I find. Can I?