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More Pix and a Dream of Irritation

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More examples of the really nutty design sense on display at the magnificent S.F. Nordstrom circa 2007.

The mysteriously flat-toed ankle boots for men. Obviously the work of mad Vespa-riding elves.



Here is one of the last remaining pieces of rusty metal from my days of collecting “gems” along side the railroad tracks. 

This is just one of the most beautiful of the rust finds. I did nothing to it. It looks like part of an old large can that has nearly split in two.

I made a lamp out of it by fastening one of those free hanging light devices in side it. You know, the type meant to go inside a paper lantern. They used to sell them at Pier One before they went all “uptown.”

Time, happenstance and the weather created this gnarled, beaten object d’art.

I’ve been thinking about a dream I had a few mornings ago. I was beginning to wake but had slipped back into the dream world. It seemed I’d been sleeping in a car. It had a comfortable mattress and big windows. It didn’t seem an unusual place to slumber. I sort of moved off the mattress and down onto the pavement beside the car, still half asleep. Then a car drove toward my spot on the street. It passed, close to my car, but traveling in the opposite direction.

For some reason the proximity disturbed me. It was not only the proximity but also the speed with which the car passed. Though I remember thinking that I wouldn’t be run over it seemed an intimidation.

It was a small car driven by a woman. There were about a half-dozen small cars, all driven by women, gathering at the end of the cul de sac. It seemed to me that they were part of a religious group. They wore long-sleeved cotton shirts. Vaguely Hindi-Indian designs were printed on the sleeves. The women also demonstrated a certain aggression or intent to disturb.  

There was a certain amount of drapery and decor in their automobiles. Noting as elaborate as these Punjab trucks.

What seemed to disturb me was:

a.) Their banding together in a semi-religious group wherein they did not think for themselves.

b.) The fact that they purposely went buzzing around in their cars annoying others.

My home seemed, in this dream, to be in a different place than the car.  My partner Frank was there waiting for me. I noticed when I entered a main room that he had arranged two bright red lacquer chairs for us to sit it. They were side by side. It seemed a very romantic and thougtful gesture.

I knew that I should let go of my aggravation and not pollute him with my irritation over the buzzing, religious auto-wielding women. I think that is love.


She Just Stared

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There were some strange critters at the San Francisco Nordstrom’s the last time I was there.

The mannequins were haunted, shiny and captivating. The lighting in the store, always one of my favorite elements of the Nord’s experience, was very theatrical. I wanted to be in the strange, hypnotic atmosphere once again.

I’d missed these palaces of consumerism living in Redding so long. None of the department store here have good lighting. Not one is even close to a big city blowout of dazzling interior lights.

The Nordstrom’s in downtown Seattle was great. They had the best boots anywhere.

The Nord’s in the super mall in Orange County was hypno-spectacular. I remember becoming transfixed there by a strand of grey gypsy pearls, while nearby, women lined up at the makeup counter to shell out $75 on a tiny jar of eye cream. I’ll admit I loved Shishedo. They had the best lip gloss. I could afford lip gloss on a waitresses salary and croissants, chocolate croissants, from the Magic Pan. Evil. That was before I managed to completely exorcise the last fragments of the advertising-imbedded notion that I could buy my way to beauty and wholeness.

Trippin’ on the pastels last week I combined these three photo images for a potential girlie, cutesy post card set.

I took the photos of the gummi fruit snacks boxes at Food Maxx.

The rose is from my yard. In addition to the roses that were already here we have large pots of veggies growing. We’ll have everything we need to make salsa for days.

I watered early this morning before the wind shifted and pushed the thick smoke back into town and me into the safety of the air conditioning. I hope everyone in the outlying area is safe.

Pastels will make us all feel better.


 Maybe I should make a postcard from my “dick” matchbox.

Maybe that will make us all feel better.

I made a series of decorated matchboxes about three years ago or has it been four now.

I was easing my way toward trying my hand at painting. I think I’m too lazy to attempt anything that I do not have a burning desire to see through the filter of my own perception.

 The “dick” matchbox contained a thoughtful and handy gift inside. All my matchboxes did but this was probably the most practical and theme oriented.

I imagined selling a batch to a quirky store on Castro Street. I’ll keep refining the idea and make it happen some day. A girl has to have a dream.