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Maybe Head Form

Posted in constructions, cute, projects with tags , , , on August 20, 2009 by darcyarts

Today I am getting to the papier mache project that I first dreamed up last year.

I had envisioned making papier mache busts of females and males and inbetweenies.

I was swept downstream by other projects, custom orders and never had the time but today I am starting a bust, a head form, because necessity is the mother of invention.

I have hats and I think I need to have a head model for them.

I spent time browsing through head forms on line yesterday. Some are lovely, one, from eBiz Display, even had a rotating head. Not like Exorcist rotate.

It swivels into different positions and that would be really cool for photos but I have the darndest streak of DIY that rises up every time I look at a $26 postage charge.

I know that that charge is not exorbitant. I mail things and I know the heads are heavy. I should stop being cheap and just get one. I’d probably have it before I finish the homemade version.

She’s cute even without her wig. I’m not sure I see my cap wearers like this.

Maybe with this wig. But looking at this wig I wanted this model’s face but could not find it on the eBiz site. The more I looked at all the model faces the more I disliked their far away looks.

The bald model is cute and seems nice but really, doesn’t she look like she’s remembering something a little unsettling?

I love to paint faces and I think it will be fun to try to make an attractive head form.

Shall I buy it a wig?

Maybe. You can get a nice fakey one for $20.

I like this wild haired wig.

I get to play with starchy paste and paper strips today. We’ll see if I can bring it off.

The model heads are a bit small at 21″ and 22″ head circumference. With a wig that size would be fine.

Will I build in long locks on my head form?

I’ll need to let the papier mache dry thoroughly, then I’ll paint, then I’ll Mod Podge. I found two whole bottles of the crafters creamy goop at the Discovery Shop craft sale last month. I hope it’s semi-fresh.

I am also planning on making the first print from my new Marc Bolan silkscreen.

MBScreenA1The image is destined for a Big Fat Top Hat.

I decided I could make top hats from fleece if I had a ribbing type structure to help hold the band upright.

In the absence of whale bone I came up with a more eco-friendly substitute: nylon ties.

NylonTiesI bought a bag of 25 of these 36 inch ties at Home Depot. They cost about $10.

I will probably use only one tie per hat. Six, six inch strips should be perfect.

I’m not sure what the builders do with them. Bundle items of some sort?

TieBagThe bag hangs neatly on my material shelf.

I can’t wait to try this. If I have time I’ll try it today.


With Frank is school I will now adjust to our new schedule. No more long days. I’m back to built-in interruptions in my work time. I need the breaks though and I can combine the taxing trips with errands.

Today, I’m good until about 2:40 p.m. That means I’ve got to get to work right now. Have a great day, chil’ren. Reach for the stars.