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In the Pink

Posted in nature with tags , , on March 12, 2009 by darcyarts

img_6764Sunny day today. The camera will go out to record more color and light.



Carrots Can Be Sparkly, Too

Posted in Art, nature with tags , , , on February 13, 2009 by darcyarts

It’s a beautiful rainy day in Redding. The earth is wet and muddy. The plants have had their thirsts quenched. There is a fresh dusting of fresh snow on the western mountains.

I am nearly done with the vagina project. It’s good. Frank helped me with the exact placement of some of the details.

“It goes like this,” said Frank of the hood over the clitoris. It made all the difference.

See the finished love pot here Saturday morning.

Many moons have passed since I giddily blogged about last season’s vegetables. After a trip to Grocery Outlet yesterday I have a new foodie miracle to share.

cupochipsa Do you love chips? These flaming orange chips are sweet potatoes and carrots.

They are delicious.

I was so pleased with them that I had to pile them into a cup and take photos.

Orange veggies are full of great nutrients. Vitamin A and protein.

The carrots look fab.

Their texture is fascinating. They curl and snake.

Wonderfully fun and healthy at the same time. Forget the Doritos, boys


Oh, the cup? It’s my favorite, impractical Starbucks vessel. No, I don’t take it to Starbucks for a mondo refill. It was an impulse purchase two Christmases ago. It was so beautiful and red and looked just like the shiniest, most perfect tree ornament or like those 50s metallic aluminum tumblers. I guess I was way-laid by nostalgia.

Since the shiny red cup is metallic it cannot be heated in the microslave. So, I never use it. Heating water in a glass and then pouring it into the cup isn’t all that hard. The real problem is. The cup is too big for tea. By the time you get to the second half your tea is cold. Brrrr. I need hot tea.

chip-enisartaCarrot chip assemblage art.

I know, I know.

Terra is the maker of these wonderful  chips.

A division of the old-school Hain Co. They’ve been at the health food thing a long time.

bagHere’s the packaging.

I am fond of their sweet potato and beet chip combo. Beets are nutritious, too.

I noticed something called “exotic vegetable” on their chip list. Hmm.

I purchased the Spiced Taro chips. I’d call that exotic.

“A native to southeast Asia,” says the manufacturer. “It was first cultivated over 4,000 years ago, and introduced across the Pacific by the ancestors of the Polynesians.”

chippenisartcThe taro chips are spiced with lemongrass, Thai chilies, ginger (just a hint) and coriander.

They have lots of iron. Well lots for a snack food.

10 chips give you 4 percent of your daily requirement of iron.

No MSG or preservatives. Dig it.

bagtarochipstarochipsAre you hungry for a healthy helping of Bay area beauty? You can get all you want over at chuck b.’s blog, My back 40 (feet).

It has given me such visual pleasure since I discovered it. The environments he shares are the places I long to spend time. Cool northern climates, wonderful flora and fauna, yard sales and kitties.

You will love visiting.

Time to get back to the big project.

Thank you all for your love and attention.