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Corey Miller’s Owls

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This is an image of a Corey Miller owl tattoo is from a tremendously cool blog out of Nottingham, UK, that posts pix of Owl Tattoos!!

If you ever considered getting an Owl on your bod this is the place to check out. There is a serious gallery of good photos of tattoo artists, owl by owl, from all over the world.

Corey Miller did another owl tattoo for Amy at American Electric and it was so cute. It had sweet girly eyes, perfect for Amy. Here’s a link to that photo.

Corey Miller is so very talented. Here is a link to his shop Six Feet Under.

I am watching LA Ink but I am watching it a week late to catch it at 9 p.m.

Still getting up really early. It’s so nice and quiet before the sum comes up.

I still can’t stand some of the high jinx on the “reality” tv show. Rooftop sucks. I hope Kat got really tired of his crap. I wondered if he really stayed at her house or if that was faux reality TV bullshit. I hope so.

Kat seems to be maturing and damn, she really tries to get her thing going on in a major way. Gotta respect that, for reals.


Start Growth

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img_6885They took their place in this year’s garden on a gray day in March. Then three days of steady rain and in the last hours of the storm, a real pounding that left a small lake in the low spot on our long driveway.

Frank always reminds me that plants are made to  withstand wind and rain.  I still flinch remembering the ranuculas (renuculae?) that got hammered by an April hail storm.

After a good few days of sun the veggies are just fine.

newgarden09They are now girded against invasion. The first bucket that received the chicken-wire fix was the catnip.

Big Orange, a talkative feline with a goofy face, was getting too friendly with the new plants.

Then the squirrels began hiding their nut-stash in the pots. Sloppy little diggers abused one tender Early Girl tomato so we did all the pots in chicken wire.

This morning, on my way back to the computer, I took ghosty shots in the window glass that reveal the layers of domesticity in which I exist.

meinkitchenwindowglassInside and out blend together. The kitchen curtains, the hedge, the blue pots, the sky blue material I used to make the chimp hat, candles, the green fuzzy leaves of an african violet and the radio antenna that cuts a diagonal across the image, are all elements of my current experience.

Near my heart, through the glass, you can see part of a picture on the kitchen wall.  Above a folk-art image of a flying  angel it reads “Bless this Home”.

toysinkitchenw16jessWe have been at this river house  for three years.  Frank and I have grown together and feel settled. We  have done good work here. We feel safe and calm.

There are unseen elements in every life that shift and change and eventually necessitate a rearranging.

Change is relentless. Still, I know that feeling of safe and calm is  internal. The waters can be stirred but they always settle back to placid.

A trip to the Beadman, to pick up sage oil and amber resin, gave me a chance to slip into the Discovery Shop.

I try to remember, while spending the days enjoying the things that take up physical and psychic space in my life, that life can and does eventually come to a sudden halt.

I am always reminded of this fact when I find treasures and trinkets in my favorite thrift shops.

You will see, on certain days, a new influx of items that have an stylistic unity. They represent a particular taste. It becomes clear that these are things that once filled the home of someone I’ll never know. When their time here was over, family passed these trinkets on for others to find.

I found these kitchen wall plaques. They are probably from the 70s.

The back-to-nature, avocado aesthetic is evident.

fourI listed them at DarcyArts.

I imagine a long-haired woman creating simple still life sketches in her kitchen. She worked up nice backgrounds for each in checks, stripes and paisleys.

Each basket is different. I like them and thought others would, too.

I also found owls at the Discovery Shop.

fullgreenowlCute speckled owls.

They have holes in the top of their heads. Something to do with the firing process? So they don’t blow up?

The bigger green owl has a face on each side.

img_6940img_6941I may list these on Etsy tomorrow.


I am enjoying this “free” time, after finishing the proto-chimp, and before a response comes requesting one or two more. I’ve been sewing since December on one project or another.

It’s time to paint!

Rich Texture

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When I think about how much time I now have to pull together my creative ideas it feels like a thick blanket of stars in warm night sky.

A sea of possibility, as Miss Patti Smith once said.

All the shiny things I’ve thought of bringing into the world may find their way into 3-D.  I just have to play my cards right, keep my eyes on the prize, and do the work.

I’m pretty dang good at doing the work. Frank says I’m the most industrious person he knows.

Etsy has made it possible for me to get my feet wet and as my creations continue to be called for, here and there in the first few months of this year, I am heartened and will continue to expand my galaxy.

It also gives me a great excuse to go to the thrift store.

owlduoI found these two lovely vintage owls yesterday. They are dreamy.

The white owl has two inscriptions carved into the bottom.

“Elna Roberts” and “made by Aretha, 1962”

As I stood in the funky little store, holding the owls, I fantasized that a young, black and gifted Aretha Franklin might be the creator.

Occasionally, I’m a fabulist but I never, never lie.

These are going into my shop.


Athena, Merlin and Harry Potter all grooved with the owl.

Creatures of the night, they see in darkness, they are able to pinpoint their prey and swoop in to scoop it up.

I want my focus on art projects to be that powerful.

Pinpoint creative vision on the objects of my imagination, have faith in my ability to manifest them gracefully, practice doing so, share them, those are the goals I hold in my heart.

yellowblueclearHere is the evening sky.

The blanket of stars is out there at this moment. It just hasn’t come fully into view.

Today is my last day perfecting the dragons. they’ll be boxed and shipped tomorrow.

I’ll miss them.